After chatting with Ron, Mary and Ari went into the OAT house. Claire entered a few moments after and headed for the living room where Amy was sitting on the sofa.

"Claire, what was your dad doing here?" Amy inquired.

"He heard about what happened and he supports my disowning her," Claire admitted. "He also plans to file for divorce and leave her with nothing."

"Sorry about what you have to go through," Mary said sincerely.

"We're here for you," Ari chimed in.

"I appreciate that," Claire said gratefully.

"We're having a party celebrating the new pledges," Amy said.

"Tex and I have a date tonight but I'll see if we can make it," Ari said.

"No problem," Claire said.

"I'll be there," Mary agreed.

"Sounds great," Amy said.

"Mary, Ari, just so you know, your room is available," Claire pointed out. Mary and Ari thanked Claire and rushed out of the room and up the stairs.

Later, Mary and Ari were in their dorm room packing. They decided to move into the sorority house as soon as possible since they were impressed with the layout of their bedroom over there.

"You all right with me going to the sorority party without you?" Mary asked.

"It's fine with me," Ari replied with a smile.

"Hope you have fun on your date."

"That's the plan."

"You still have time to move our stuff over to OAT?"

"That I do."

The two girls continued to chat while they packed. When they were done, they took turns moving their stuff out.

That evening, Ari and Tex were on a date at an Italian restaurant. They were both having spaghetti with meatballs and white sparkling grape juice.

"How does it feel to be an OAT?" Tex asked.

"Very exciting," Ari replied.

"That's how I feel about being a DBG."

"I'm also glad Mary and I still get to be roommates."

"Do you also consider Mary a friend?"

"I do and she also considers me a friend."

"There's something I want to ask you," Tex said.

"Ask away," Ari prompted.

"Arizona Winterfall, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, Texas Yinderson, I will be your girlfriend."

Ari and Tex stood up, wrapped their arms around each other, and kissed on the lips. Then they released each other, sat back down, and continued to chat while eating.

To be continued…