Chapter 5

Lynnie broke the kiss and she looked embarrassed. "I smell like bacon grease and the deep fryer fat," she groaned.

"You can take a shower if you'd like," Denis offered.

"That would make me feel better," Lynnie decided.

Denis showed her to the bathroom and he got some clean towels from the linen closet for her. She thanked him and he closed the door behind him and returned to the living room sanctuary, peering out the large windows at the mountain's view.

Lynnie was his first guest and it didn't feel all that odd to have her as a visitor even though she was the last person he expected to show up at his place. In his profound loneliness, The Retired Sailor was hopefully encouraged and suddenly ready to move on after two years of grieving and missing Kim.

Denis was still standing in the window lost in thought when he heard Lynnie's voice behind him. "Happy Veteran's Day, Sailor."

He turned and laughed when he saw Lynnie standing not far from him, totally naked except for his Navy Retired ball cap sitting perfectly on the top of her head. It was the sexist sight he had ever seen.

"Thank you for your service," she grinned.

"I like your service better," Denis replied and Lynnie laughed as she ran to him, jumping into his arms and kissing him madly.

They made love on the soft rug in front of the picturesque window until the afternoon delight sun began to disappear in the western sky a few weeks after falling back with the return of daylight standard time.

"I broke all the rules," Lynnie giggled as they cuddled naked on the rug watching the sun set.

"I'm not complaining," Denis smiled in return.

"There's a protest at Green College on Sunday," Lynnie told him. "Will you go with me?"

"I served for free elections, the right to vote, and the right to protest" Denis reminded her.

"We're not protesting the election," Lynnie said quietly. "We're protesting who was elected."

"You can't wear the hat," Denis said gesturing toward the Navy Retired ball cap lying on the carpet not far from them and his clothes.

"I wouldn't dare," she said knowingly, kissing him on the cheek.

"Maybe I'll wear the hat," Denis decided.


"I don't discuss Politics because people either automatically assume because I'm ex-military my politics are in-line with them or they consider me unpatriotic for not sharing in their politics," Denis sighed as he held her tight. "There's nothing more offensive than being retired Navy and having my Patriotism questioned by those who never served.

"Thank you for your service," Lynnie whispered, kissing his chest.

"God Bless America," Denis replied, nibbling on her ear.