It was the day Adriano turned nineteen that he applied for servant training, and the week after that he received a letter from the council.

To Adriano Moreno,

In response to your eager application for our training programme, we would like to invite you to join us today. Today's session will begin at 4 PM, and end at 2 AM, and will be held in the Bridge Inn north of Lumbershore, across the bridge. It is We await your arrival, and do hope you will attend, as we have not many male students and you will be a welcome presence for both your colleagues in training and those looking to hire. Please note that this is your only and final chance to join this programme through your application. If you miss today's training, you will have to apply again and we do not guarantee that your application will be accepted another time.

Sincerely, the Council of Phoenix Valley.

He grinned at the letter in his hands, his body shaking and eyes wide. The time he'd been waiting for had finally come! He'd wanted this for a whole year, but wanted to know that it was not a fleeting dream.

He ran into his bathroom and filled the bathtub with warm water, before stirring a few handfuls of rose petals into the water and throwing his clothing to the ground. He stepped carefully into the water, feeling the tingling of his skin as the warmth engulfed him. When he took a deep breath, the scent of the rose petals found its way to him and his shoulders and neck loosened up. His eyes slowly closed, and his grin became a smile.

His fingertips glided over the ball of his foot, his insole, his heel, and up to the skin of his calf. As his hair floated in the water he ran his other hand through it, removing the tangles and allowing the water to moisturize the close waves. When his hair and body were clean, he allowed himself to just soak in the rosewater for a few minutes.

Once he arose from his bath, he dusted off a few rose petals from his body and made his way to his bedroom to dress for his training. On his way, he looked out of the window and towards the shadows outside. He still had quite a bit of time.

From his wardrobe he picked out a loose silk robe of a deep navy color and a matching belt, together with a light pair of oak sandals. He swept his hair to rest over his shoulders, parting his fringe in the middle. The robe was ankle-length, allowing an area of his calves to show, while being loose enough to bare his collarbone and the line of his pectoral muscles. He wanted to look his very best for his first training session.

After all, this was no mere butlering or cleaning class, but he had chosen an area of servitude he felt he would much prefer to enter as a career.

Sexual servitude.