A companion piece to A Golden Crown

Two Brothers Two Twin Blades

Two Silver Blades

The clanks of the wooden swords

Sounded as they clashed in the deep night.

Two boys fought

The master silently watched.

And down they went.

Hours they had practiced

Hours they had spent

Only to be gasping for breath

The splintered swords

Forgotten to the trampled ground

Two swords flashed in starlight

Two youth clashed in a fight.

Struggling against the other

As the master silently watched.

The earth trampled and scared

With years of practice and play wars.

They sat gasping for relief and breath

The two dull blades grasped in hand.

Swung in an arc

Only to add a new scar to the ground.

Two silver swords cut in the night

Two men locked in fight

The master hidden out of sight

The old repetition of this ageless fight.

A constant tie

The master had watched these endless nights

They unaware of the watching eyes all this time

Saw them grow with strength and might.

Their bodies moving with angelic light

They have fought all this time