How could this happen?

How could this be?

How could he choose,

him over me?

I'm his first born.

His precious crowned jewel.

So, why doesn't he spank me?

It's really quite cruel.

At first I was scared,

he gave me a fright.

My dad lost his patience,

and spanked my brother last night.

My brother came home late,

and didn't even call.

I've done that a thousand times,

but dad didn't seem to mind at all.

My dad, in his chair,

pulled my brother over his knees,

spanked his little rear,

then pulled down his jeans.

My little brother wailed,

as my dad continued to spank,

my brother's now bare bottom,

as his underwear went down in my one yank.

I just stood there in shock.

My dad said he would never

use that type of discipline.

He must think he's clever.

I guess he's really mad.

Still, that's unfair.

I always wanted him to spank me.

It's like he doesn't care :(

I've been curious for as long as I can remember.

It's almost like a feeling I lack.

It's actually quite hard to explain.

Oh, how I would do anything for just one smack!

He spanked my brother long and hard.

When it was over, he was sent to his room.

He cried all the way there,

but I was the one who was gloom.

I felt so betrayed.

I'm his little girl,

his first child, his favorite.

I was his world.

He knew I was watching,

completely aware.

I thought for a moment,

he would spank me on the bare.

All he did was give me a look.

So, I knew not to speak.

He walked passed,

and kissed me on the cheek.

I was clearly deserving.

I couldn't believe,

and, so, I didn't understand,

why he never spanked me.

How could this happen?

How could this be?

How could he choose,

him over me?