Chapter 1: Confusion

I woke up with a fish tail. You heard me, a fish tail in all of its green, scaly glory. I was lying in an oyster (or clam?) bed against a wall in a bedroom that looked fit for royalty. Where was I!? I slipped off the bed and fell on my butt when I tried to get off of it.

"Ow," I groaned, and noticed a huge armoire in the corner, and a vanity next to it. I got up from the floor and swam over to it. When I opened it, I was instantly enveloped in very colorful clothes.

"Who needs this many clothes?" I muttered, with a few choice words (first falling, and now this? How could you expect me not to?), and tried to escape from the mountain of various items of clothing. Then it hit me. How did I know what everything was, but not know or remember anything about me!? That was so weird that I started thinking about it and almost forgot about being tangled in a pile of clothes on the ground.

I tried to get up to pace-well, as much as I would be able to pace, having a tail and all-and promptly fell over because the end of my tail was still caught in the clothes. Grumbling, I finished untangling myself and started to swim-pace around the room, thinking. I started to shiver, and realized that I only had a tank top on, and I could see where my tail merged with my human half (fewer and fewer scales until it was just my skin).

I glanced over at the pile of clothes. Something in there should fit me well enough. I swam over and started digging through them. A while later, I found a simple top and a matching skirt that would cover where the two halves of me merged. It had gotten dark by then, because I had taken so long pacing and digging through the clothes, so I couldn't tell what color they were, but I could tell they were the same color. I realized I was completely exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open, so I swam over to the oyster (or clam, I still hadn't decided which one it was) bed and sleep quickly overtook me. Just before consciousness almost left me, I resolved that I would try to find out everything I could about where I was and who I was. The world was just about to fade into darkness, and I suddenly felt someone else's presence in the room, but I was too tired to care.

"Sweet dreams, little girl," a voice whose gender I couldn't identify said softly, yet loud enough to not be considered a whisper, as the last shred of my consciousness fell away...