On a silent and rainy mountain range, a sense of ominous foreboding could be felt. The clouds overhead were pitch black, and thunder boomed shaking even the mightiest rock on the mountain. Lightning lit up the entire sky with one single strike that seemed to come quite close to striking some of the tall trees on the mountain.

Upon a path to the peak of the highest part of the mountain strode a figure in a long dark rain coat. Although the rain seemed to not even touch the person, a black hood attached to the red and black rain coat covered its face.

The tall figure strode into a cave, it was pitch black at first, but with a snap of his fingers, the whole cave lit up. Seemingly, the cave was empty as the person walked over to a small pile of rocks on the floor nearest the far right corner. Picking one smooth rock that had been gathering moss on the top of it, he walked to the center of the back wall.

At the base of the wall, was a small hole, barely noticeable unless you were paying attention. And even then it was very small and seemed insignificant. The figure proceeds to put the stone into the hole.

"Azaro Tini Rova." A very muffled and barely audible voice said as it escaped the figure's mouth. The room seemed to shake as a hole opened in the wall revealing a long swivel stair case. Small lights lined the walls providing little light, but enough to see where one is going. As the person proceeded down the staircase, the hole in the wall proceeded to close. The figure didn't even look back as he continued his dissent deeper into the cavern.

At the bottom of the stair case was a wooden door with a sign above it. The sign read:

"Those who seek power and the knowledge to control it, come inside. But know there is a price to pay for every step you take afterword." The figure scoffed at the sign and placed a firm hand on the doorknob, and without hesitation, opened the door to a pitch black room. Upon closing the door, a light coming from the ceiling shone down on an empty stone throne.

"You have come seeking power and knowledge! State your name and show your face." A disembodied voice boomed from the throne as a black cloud darted from the far wall to the throne.

"Oh Great and powerful Lord Amagiolo, my name is Adrian Tinedo. And I am here to gain the power I so deserve." Adrian said removing his head showing messy black hair tied tack into a short ponytail. He was quite pale looking, as he moved his bangs from his red eyes.

"You say you deserve the great power of the Lord Amagiolo?! What have you even done to deserve anything from me?" The voice boomed back at him.

"But I was able to see all the signs, I was able to get here all on my own. Doesn't that count for anything? You led me here for a reason, my lord. As the prophets say, those who he reaches out to will obtain great power and knowledge." Adrian said sounding desperate to some extent. The voice at this point darkly chuckled.

"Yes, I suppose you are right to some extent, but nothing I give you comes for free boy. I require a few things from you first. You see, I am currently much too weak to work any of my powers. I require some objects from around the Sonada Archipelago. There are five islands and seven artifacts. I can provide a simple list and the rest is up to you." Amagiolo said as a list appeared in Adrian's hands. It contained the images of seven objects: A spell book, a silver goblet that was used by kings of old, A black star tree topper, A river stone from the River Roneda, A flask of water from the Oneida Mountain Range, A diamond from the mines of Oliera Island, and finally the blood of a pure soul.

Next to that list were the islands they were found on, Miotonga, Riacisco, Asialago, Oliera, and finally Oneida. Oneida and Asialago both had two items on them.

"You have until September to find all seven objects and prove your worth to me. Do not dilly dally."

"That's only three months away, how can I go and find all of these in three months?" Adrian asked as the voice boomed again.

"If you really deserve my gifts as you say, you will find a way!" Amagiolo said as Adrian disappeared from the room in a puff of smoke. Ending up outside in the rain again. Wondering how on Sonada he would pull this off. Eventually realizing that the rain was coming down harder than before, he muttered pulling his hood back over his head.

"Protecio!" He said as a small shield appeared over his head stopping the rain from hitting him.

"I can't believe I wasted all that time, traversing the mountains, crossing the rivers and seas, going to EVERY single village and town, just to get here and for what? To get a new stupid quest!" Adrian said looking at the list with a mix of anger and frustration as he contemplated just ripping the paper in half and going home.

"No I have to do this, I'll never hear the end of it if I don't come back without being successful. Pull yourself together Adrian, you can do this." He said taking a deep breath and once again starting down the path down the mountain. He pulled out a small medallion with what looked to be a large bird flying away from a setting sun.

"Yes I have to do this, I must make my family proud. No matter what it takes. That is all that matters. First stop, Oliera Island." Adrian said putting the medallion containing the family crest back into his jean pocket as he walked silently into the rainy night. Disappearing into a puff of smoke.