When the whispers are so loud it's blinding,

I can't scream quiet enough for you to hear me.

You've want me here for comfort?

You've chained me here for your comfort.

Even when I try to get a little closer,

I feel as if I have to win you over.

Is it ever enough?

It's never enough.

I'm finished with this,

But I'm not finished with you.

I'll never give up on what I believe in.

I'll never accept your saying that you are too broken to move on.

And I have a say in this matter.

Because I've been your crutch for far too long.

If you've lost all hope, I'll hope for you.

If you've lost all drive, I'll drag you to safety.

Because this place you call your home is burning around you.

And the comforting warmth you feel are the flames about to consume you.

You've dealt with nothing.

And I have allowed it.

Never again, Brother.