Heyyo Oreo. Hope you enjoy my little comedy about how to screw with a figure of authority when freedom of speech gets banned... GO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, GO. (when I say go I mean stay... but also go as in keep on being.) And if this crosses boundary on copyright than my defense shall be that I didn't know... So still enjoy!

Friend 1: You not make any pie?

Baker: I need none of that trouble.

Friend 2: The fun that be with many query folk may not stop till you do.

Baker: Yet not much there for me to bake a pie. Though it be an end for worrisome block grass.

Friend 1: Why not end their idiocy? Make a pie, yet better it be we help.

Friend 2: Insult us both with truth yet still both be you with janus like knowledge and intent.

Baker: Halt your hope for it not land on his planet.

Friend 2: That planet be of sloths or of bladed fools. Care you must take in your perception baker. That I warn.

Friend 1: Agreed. Need one sharpen talon we for food, more for luxury.

(all leave. Now enter town fool.)

Fool: Pie? Pie be he makes for who? Be for teacher? For leader? Maybe trader?

Fool dance drunken like.

Fool: Many leads their be. Yet it be of not or full? Of what thou lead to believe, lie for our contempt or from our tempt?

(Fool leaves.)

Bakery. Baker and friends baking.

Baker: Thou not explain the veil of pie.

Friend 2: Rude it be to thumb it. Stay from it. May you...

Friend 1: Fool not you be. Hold type must we all, exempt none.

Friend 2: Yet exempt none of none I did. Luck or...

Baker: Quite must for design not fated yet near it.

Friend 1: Increased the recipe had you? Or a chicken be still you?

Baker: Not ever. Cease thou quarrel.

Friend 1: Fun only, no resentment stay long. Unless that which involved greedy pretense. Luck that pretense is feared by you.

Baker: Pretense a lonely creature while seeking of it unknowing be all that chase virtue. For that I fear thine own resulting goal.

(King enter)

King: Thou bakery excrete good scents. How your cakes be? Empty my hopes are.

Baker: Uh yea thou right hand struck well. Though it be private I hope most not with you?

Friend 1,2: We leave on our candles in homes. Leave now must we.

(Fool enter now.)

Fool: Certain not, purpose filled for block headed ways king. Assert facts we must.

King: Block head or are not maybe it sloth? What three say here.

Friend 1,2 Baker: RABBIT!?

King: loss all races rabbit doeth. Mind not no more. Cake? Pie?

Baker: Cape.

King: In your edibles? Odd, looks pie to me.

Fool: sure yet type it be?

Baker: Edible.

Friend 1: No it be... yes edible.

Friend 2: Now bladed fool I think.

Friend 1: See it. Know I not be wrong... no mean I no need see it. It is as is.

Friend 2: Silence before no return we see.

King: Late you are.

(king checks pie. Finds hidden message.)

King: Here it not is be is it seemed... not what thought... Know what meant?

All: Yes...?

Fool: Read the words for right for reading we have.

King: See it thouself. It be a joke.

Fool: Yes thee right.

Message: The king will read this message... or queen not a bias.

Hope you enjoy and sorry for the mistakes... not that well versed in Shakespearean language.