"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory."

One voice among thousands began the song almost immediately after the sun rose in the East. The gentle, almost silent beating of tender wings seemed to synchronize as the remainder of the seraphim took up the call of their leader.

"Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Power and Might! Heaven and earth are full of Your glory!"

Jehoel carefully lifted her gaze so that she might see Seraphiel, but not God Himself. Without fail, every morning and throughout the day as long as he deemed necessary, Seraphiel would begin the song of praise and adoration for God, and the rest of the seraphim would follow. Their voices individually, though delicate as the fleeting clouds below, could grow into a heavenly chorus if joined together, powerful and filled with joy. Until Seraphiel ended the song, the seraphim would not stop.

Looking at him now, Jehoel admired Seraphiel. His expression was stoic and serious, though his eyes were filled with love and honor to be singing for their Lord. However, none could look upon God. If they were to do so, his glory would be too powerful to behold, and they would be no more. So Jehoel, and all the rest of the seraphim, covered their eyes with one pair of their six wings to protect themselves. The other four wings were used to fly and to cover their unclean feet from touching the realm of their Lord and tainting it. Undoubtedly, Seraphiel knew Jehoel was watching him, but did not show any indication of it.

Returning her gaze to the soft feathers layering her wings, Jehoel continued to sing. Her mind, however, strayed to her other duties, and her beloved sword. It was wreathed in flame, as was fitting for Jehoel's domain of power, and engraved on the blade were the words "Holy, Holy, Holy," just as she repeated day after day in her praises. Repeating the word three times was important; it showed that something was the epitome of itself. And so Jehoel took great pride in her sword, and the power she could wield with it. She knew, though, to betray any semblance of her thoughts would be heavily punishable, and she risked another glance at Seraphiel.

He was staring directly at her.

Jehoel's focus instantly snapped back to her wings, her voice rising and falling with the other seraphim in perfect pitch. She had always had the most talented voice out of all the seraphim. Seraphiel had not stopped singing, and the cherubim below her as well as the archangels above her showed no sign that there had been a disturbance of any kind due to her thoughts, so she could relax for now. Letting her mind stray had always been a weakness of Jehoel's.

"Holy, holy, holy is the lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory…"

After Seraphiel ended the praises, Jehoel was free to begin her other duties. She bowed low to her Lord and respectfully took her leave from her position hovering above His throne. From the throne room, she entered into the Grand Hallway, a vast, white marble path which stretched to the very edges of the Universe in a straight line. It lead to all the other realms of Heaven, and here Jehoel was allowed to stretch her wings, remove them from in front of her eyes and under her feet, and alight on the cool marble floor. Along the edges of the Grand Hallway were endless columns all aligned, and beyond that, a world of multicolored clouds where one might watch over Earth, if they had time.

Time was something Jehoel rarely had. As a master of fire and a fiercely dangerous warrior, she was second in command under Seraphiel, the most powerful of the seraphim. Due to her power, she was tasked with one of the most important jobs in Heaven: restraining Leviathan.

Though Leviathan, despicable creature that he was, was trapped deep in the pits of the Underworld, he was only kept there by the constant maintaining of Jehoel. Without her flames keeping him down in the prison where he belonged, Leviathan would reap destruction upon the earth in his enormous whale form, eliminating life on the surface of that planet. Sometimes, Leviathan would remain in a general state of peace, taking on a human form and accepting his position. Other times, trying to catch Jehoel off her guard, he would change shapes and rage against her barricade, and during those moments she would be forced to use every ounce of her strength to maintain it.

Jehoel spread her powder-white wings, breathed in deeply, and stretched her human arms high above her head. Exhaling, she relaxed and pushed off from the marble floor, gliding between two columns and hovering over the pink-and-orange clouds. With her hands, she cleared away a small section of the clouds and beheld Earth far below her. Focusing her attention to a single point on Earth, not allowing herself to be distracted by the activity going on there, she zeroed in on the very core of the planet, where Leviathan dwelt among the rest of the seven deadly sins. Leviathan represented the sin of envy, but today he didn't appear to be particularly envious of anything. Rather, he paced about in a human form. It was always hard to tell what mood he was in due to the raging undulations of his hair, like dark ocean waves crashing against the shore. Jehoel continued watching until he turned towards her, raised his face up, and presented her with a rather impolite and obscene gesture that Jehoel didn't quite appreciate. Leviathan couldn't see her like she could see him, but he could certainly feel her presence somewhere in his vicinity.

With a huff of frustration, Jehoel made to cover up his image with the clouds surrounding her, but was jerked up from her hovering position by a strong gust of wind. Startled, Jehoel swiftly materialized her flaming sword, her whole body flaring with newly woken embers, until she realized her attacker was none other than Seraphiel.

Jehoel barely audibly groaned, but relaxed and tempered the flames surrounding her body until she simply glowed red around the edges. "You might announce yourself first, Seraphiel," she said with a grin, despite her growing nerves. With every sentence she spoke, a slight puff of steam escaped her lips.

"I hardly need an announcement at this point." Seraphiel's voice was quiet, but certainly not weak. If anything, the hushed tones of his voice made him all the more intimidating. Additionally, though his face took on the form of a gorgeous man, he preferred the body of a swift, strong eagle. Seraphiel was known as the Angel of Silence, and for good reason. Sometimes his intentions could be clearly guessed even if he spoke no words.

Jehoel could anticipate a lecture from her leader. "Well then, may I ask why the abrupt interruption?"

Seraphiel gave her a stern glare that plainly stated, You know very well why. But when Jehoel remained silent, staring at her leader with patient green eyes, he released an agitated sigh. "You are a distraction, Jehoel."

"I?" Jehoel feigned ignorance. "What have I done now?"

"I'm aware that keeping your power in check can be difficult," Seraphiel said calmly, though Jehoel could tell his patience with her was wearing thin. "however, you need to keep your thoughts on the current task that has been assigned to you. You are seraphim, and my right hand, which means that you must keep your focus on my songs when it is time to sing. If your thoughts had grown much louder, one of the cherubim or, God forbid, the archangels would have heard you and disgraced you right in front of our Lord. He would not have been pleased."

Under Seraphiel's stare, Jehoel could no longer find levity in the situation. Ever obedient to the chief of the seraphim, she bowed her head in submission. "I am truly sorry," she murmured. "I will try harder to not let my thoughts stray."

Though she did not initially meet his eyes, Seraphiel paused until Jehoel looked up for a confirmation of her words; that she had been heard and forgiven. Seraphiel gave her a small smile; though she was a fearsome warrior, the fact was often hard to forget when exposed to those gentle eyes of hers.

"I trust you, Jehoel," he assured her, stretching his eagle's wing out in place of a hand and resting it upon her shoulder. "And if it makes you feel better, I have had my fair share of wandering thoughts."

Now forgiven, Jehoel allowed a grin to spread across her face. "Really? One would never expect the mighty leader of the seraphim to have an imagination."

With an incredibly un-leaderlike snort, Seraphiel curled one of his wings around Jehoel's shoulder in a supportive gesture and led her back to the comforts of the Grand Hallway.