The hallways were unnaturally quiet when I left my room. The walls reflected a putrid looking yellow that shined from the small light above me, the sound of my room heater called out to me in its ghostly voice from behind me. The usual thumping of music that came from the door across from me was silent, the heater sounded slightly louder than it usually did. As I reached for the door handle that led out into the cold, dark world outside, I suddenly felt alone. I could only hear the gentle white noise that the building heaters emitted and the rustling of my clothes against my sweater. As I turned around to listen to the quietness, my plastic laundry basket brushed against the metal frame of the door letting out a dull thump. It echoed throughout the empty stairwell, sending an unholy shiver down my spine. I felt strange this night, to say the least.

The wind hit my face with its stinging vigor when I walked out into the cold night. My eyes watered as the orange glow of the streetlight across the street lit my path. The snow beneath my shoes crunched, the distance sounds of vehicles filled the air, the wind howled in my ears, and the rustling of my undone jacket flapped in the cold. As I crossed the lonely street to walk on the dimly lit sidewalk I listened for any sound to come from the other buildings around me. Nothing but the ghostly voice of winter's wind answered me, the university felt unnaturally empty. Each window I passed along the sidewalk was empty, the light from the kitchens shined for no one. The student's rooms were covered by a closed curtain, blocking any light that attempted to make their way in. I searched the snow-covered landscape for the usual shadows of rabbits, each nipping away at the few exposed blades of grass that survived winter's onslaught. I only saw the snow glisten in the orange light, sparkling onto nothing. Where had everyone gone?

As I walked up the stairs to the laundry room I saw a shadow move at the corner of my eye. There was a silhouette of a person leaning against the light pole, staring down at their hands. Their dark hoodie reflected the light above them slightly and their shadow blocked the sparkling snow beneath them. The door opened slowly when I hit the button, I disregarded the shadow thinking they were just waiting for someone.

The laundry machine's roared in the small, yellow covered room. The dryers tumbled each resident's clothes as they soaked them in their warm heat. My clothes still felt damp as I took a load in my hands, they had not gone on long enough. Sighing I placed them back into the dryer and closed the door with a thump. Behind me, I heard the door slowly open again and wet footsteps walk in. I looked back to see a girl dressed in an oversized hoodie walk in, she was also carrying a plastic basket. For a second I observed her, her yellow hair shined like the sun under the laundry room light, her cheeks were flushed with a red tint. As she glanced at me her blue eyes seemed to strike me with a crippling blow, her beauty made me feel uneasy. The way she casually-yet-predatory looked at me, or the way her hips swayed as she walked into the laundry room was bewitching. Just as a siren would do to unsuspecting victims.

I looked away without interest, only giving a hint of a casual smile to her. I could feel her eyes on me as I turned the dryer back on, I shivered just as I did out in the cold. As I walked past her I glanced in her direction, she was standing at the laundry machine. The black eyeliner around her cold, blue eyes intensified the look she gave me, even though she didn't speak I could tell her intentions had spelled trouble, to say the least. As I walked back out into the cold, lonely night the intense atmosphere that she emitted disappeared. The hairs on my neck died down as the cold wind hit me again with its stinging punch, I felt alone yet again. I glanced back into the yellow-lit laundry room, I could see her blue eyes still staring at me. If it wasn't for the biting cold nipping at my face I would have gotten the unholy feeling I had felt before. Shrugging it off as nothing I took my laundry basket's handles in each hand and carried nothing down the small set of stairs. The street still had the lonely, dark look to it. Only dimly lit by the orange streetlights that lined the sidewalk.

The wind sang along with its ghostly voice to the beat of my feet hitting the pavement. The sounds of a spectral choir sent a cold shiver down my spine as I watched my feet hit the wet pavement below me. The intense blue eyes danced in my mind as the orange light glittered on the pavement, she reminded me of a Siren. Luring men to their deaths with a promise of a night of beauty, her hair had been done in a loose ponytail and she had been wearing a set of black jeans. She didn't look like she needed to try to look ravishing, but the look she gave me had made me shudder.

I thought about her jeans, why was she wearing black? I also noticed that her hoodie was black, was she the silhouette that I saw standing against the light pole? I shook the thought out of mind as I put my hand in my pocket, the bitter wind gnawed at my bare hand.

Just as I had walked out of the streetlight glow I heard the rush of feet behind me, bumping the pavement with a flurry of steps. Before I could turn an arm had wrapped around my chest and a feeling of cold steel had been pressed against my neck. I hadn't had the time to react to what had just happened, the action had just been too fast.

"Wallet and phone." A feminine whisper said behind my ear. I could feel the wind from their breath brush my ear. I flinched at the voice, the slight movement from my neck pressed against the steel. The tip was sharp and the metal was cold, at that moment I had concluded that it was a knife.

"Ok…" I said back in a calm demeanor. Inside I had felt a fear rise in my chest, my heart skipped as I sucked in the cold air. I felt my hand holding the basket go loose as it fell from my limp grip, the voice behind me took a rapid breath in as they are startled by the dull thump of the plastic basket hitting the ground.

"Just take it easy, everything's fine here." I calmly said reaching into my jean pockets. I felt in my left pocket for the leather finish of my wallet, but I only felt the cloth of my pants brush against my hand. I left my wallet in my room.

"Hurry up!" The feminine voice said louder. Her grip on my chest tightened and the blade pressed harder against my neck, the slight pain of the sharp, cold steel made me wince.

"It's fine…" I said as I pulled out my phone from my right pocket, I put it over my shoulder handing it to the eerie figure behind me. "Here you go."

"I said wallet and phone." The voice echoed in my ear, I noticed a slight shake in their voice.

"I only have my phone." I heard my own voice shake as well, the shakiness in my hand had intensified. I could feel my legs start to give out underneath my weight. For a second, I remembered the intense look that she gave me. This person seemed to emit an unholy atmosphere, just as the girl with yellow hair did.

The voice grunted as their grip on my chest let go, they quickly snatched the cold phone from my hand. I felt the blade loosen its pressure on my neck, just as fast as the action had started it had ended. The figure lets me go as I hear the flutter of footsteps hit the pavement. I looked back and saw a silhouette of a person running off into the darkness of night. Underneath the glow of the orange street lamp the person glanced back, making sure I wasn't following them. A hint of yellow hair shined in the light from underneath the hood, intense blue glowed underneath the hood. For that brief second the hairs on my neck stood up as I felt their harsh blue eyes stare me down as they ran into oblivion.

I stood in silence, trying to comprehend as to what had just happened. The snow beneath my shoes crunched, the distance sounds of vehicles filled the air, the wind howled in my ears, and the rustling of my undone jacket flapped in the cold. The spectral choir that danced in my ears had sent an unholy shiver down my spine. I felt strange this night, to say the least.