So, here's another new series. It's based on the Mark & Mindy series, which you don't have to read if you don't want to, seeing that this doesn't tie in too much with it. This is also the first time I've written a story on robots and the second I've written about Sci-Fi, so if you have any feedback for me, not counting one-word or one-sentence comments, that would be great.

Statera... hmm, I find it comical that such an American city filled with violence, chaos, and total obscurity would be named after the Latin word that least represented it: balance. It's difficult to remember the last time this place has ever been peaceful; the animosity carried on for well over a thousand years now. How did all the commotion commence in the first place? Has anything or anyone attempted to assuage it? Would anyone be courageous enough to step up and rid Statera of its dilemmas? To be quite frank, I don't have a clear answer to either of those questions, but I am fairly confident the city shall return the tranquil land it claimed to be centuries ago.

You're probably wondering, "Who is this guy and what is this nonsense he's rambling about?" I'm Prometheus Produco, Statera City's well-renowned scientist and professor, seeking to change the corrupt city for the better. When I'm not mulling over its safety, I give seminars to many aspiring engineers at the local college. I've helped build a handful of new laboratories, including a "homeless shelter", if you will, for robots abandoned by their owners. You would figure a scientist would excel in merely one or two branches of the science world, but I can confess I've dabbled a bit with a handful of them. I'll admit, I grow bored rather easily when focusing on one subject at a time. Heck, it took a bulk of my freshman year in college just to decide on a major. Chemistry was a marvel, but I could never form a covalent bond with it. I had a fondness for astronomy at one point, following an insightful lecture from O.S. Montgomery, an astronaut since his prime, but not even that was could peek my interest. Why, I also thought about studying sociology, but it was a lost cause considering I was an awkward young college student in his twenties. However, what bits and pieces I've gathered from my period of indecisiveness aided in my contributions to science. Medicine for seemingly incurable diseases were discovered, cloning technology was now designed for humans, everyday appliances such as ovens and bathtubs catered to making tasks simpler, the list goes on. And as I muse about it, I've dedicated my time and energy into altering the city's ways of living that I barely considered doing something to fix its crime-rate. As of now, however, that will not be the case.

According to legend, Statera used to be blessed with two vigilantes, often twins, to fend it from harm. And naturally, the citizens were so grateful they addressed the pair as "Statera's Saviors" as if they had flown in from the heavens. Of course, all blessings had to depart from the world at some point or another, and in the year 2112, we're still searching for two more individuals to fill the roles as the new heroes. But, no such luck. There was one young man who acted as a samurai of the future, slaying his unfortunate victims with a plasma katana. As much as his heroism was appreciated, I felt his aid alone was nowhere near enough. That was when I spent sleepless days and nights conjuring up my latest creations, a pair of robots modeled similarly to the first two twin defenders. If the saviors couldn't be born in this day and age, then, they had to be built and I took extra precautions to make sure they were just as, if not, more glorious as their former predecessors. Many say I'm capable of a plethora of amazing feats in the science world, but will I be capable of providing the city with the saviors it deserved? Only time will tell.

In the laboratory of his clean, rectangular house, painted a porcelain white, the lanky, slate-haired scientist put the final touches on the twin robots before he sealed them in glass containers. Produco stepped over to a control panel; countless weeks of sketching designs, programming AI, and constructing their frames had all come down to this. Time to determine if all his arduous work paid off in replicating the former saviors of the town-turned-city. Typing commands onto a screen, Produco gave a few anxious glances to the robots lying in sealed containers. He flipped a switch to surge a white-hot jolt of energy into the androids' bodies for a few seconds, lifting the glass away from the containers. As thick smoke had risen, the robots slowly peeled their eyes open and rose from their chambers.

Peculiar. Everything seems to be running better than I assumed, the robots were activated with no issues, but why did they appear so hesitant? I can understand that they're placed in an unfamiliar environment, yet, why are they acting as if there's a serial killer in the lab? Wait, am I the serial killer they're suspicious of?

Produco blinked back at the robots hiding at the pitch-black area beside their chambers. The air was silent, neglecting the hushed hums of his mega-computer, which was about the same size as a ninety-inch widescreen television. Perhaps the two were shy and not used to their surroundings yet, but that wouldn't stop the scientist from making them comfortable. Giving the robo-twins a friendly wave, Produco spoke in a gentle, husky whisper.

"Now, now, there's no need to be timid with me. I'm your creator, I only want to help."

As he resumed his coaxing, the gray-haired man was oblivious to one of the robots scanning him to see if he was an actual threat. The scan detected a few personal details about him, but nothing that indicated he wanted to harm the bots. Afterwards, the same robot squatted down on its knees, about to leap like a frog while eyeing Produco carefully... carefully...

"There really is nothing to be afraid of. Well, aside from lethal chemicals, complex machines, and-oof!"

Swatted down like a fly, the robot pounced onto Produco with a blinding tackle, tumbling into the other side of the laboratory.

"Rarrrgh! You're no match for me, you wrinkly, old human!" cried the robot.

When the scientist took a better look of it, he realized it was the female of the two. Her synthetic hair was chocolate brown, flowing just above her magenta metallic legs, matching along with her dress-like torso. An apple-red bow adorned her head as it held up a chunk of her hair in a spiky ponytail.

"Goodness, child, you scared the living daylights out of me!" panted Produco, staring at the fembot still sitting on his chest with a smug expression.

"Hah, I knew it! I knew I would! It was all a part of my plan! Operation: Old Guy Grapple was a complete success!" the robot shut her vivid violet eyes for a moment, pumping her fist in the air.

Ugh, this robot. I programmed her to be outgoing and boisterous like most children, but I had no idea she would turn out to be this spontaneous. She came off as impulsive, yet she possessed a loving side deep down. There was something remarkable about her, though. The second she tackled me like a football player, I felt like I was electrocuted. And it was nothing to compared to the time Benjamin Franklin was struck down with lightning. When he was subjected to a jolt of stinging pain, I was subjected to a jolt of radiant energy. A last minute shot of adrenaline, if you will, and it honestly felt rejuvenating.

Moments later, the other robot, a young boy, walked up to Produco. The bot had a face much like a typical thirteen-year-old, excluding the bright violet eyes and sea blue, circular speakers for ears. He also had brown hair, but it was spiked up and held with a light blue headband with an orange zig-zag pattern. Reaching out a hand created with artificial skin of a creamy palette, the boy spoke with a voice that sounded like any boy's when altered during puberty.

"Are you okay, sir? You really took a blow right there." he pouted a bit, feeling sympathetic for Produco despite the fact he wasn't gravely injured.

"Why... y-yes, I'm fine. Thank you, young man." the scientist took the boy's hand and gathered to his feet.

"You're welcome, sir."

The boy robot seemed strikingly different from his counterpart. He lacked her passion but compensated with a gentle, kind warmness, which was rare in children these days. Observing the softness in his eyes, I imagined myself on a beach, feeling the soothing, calm atmosphere of the waves crashing by. I was pleased. Aside from the saviors having to be twins, they also had to be opposites. To complement and complete one another and help them fight as one. That alone was what made the Saviors of Statera so wondrous, not only because of their fighting ability but their immortal chemistry. And I didn't think it was possible to create two contrasting personalities in the form of AI.

"So, uh, I got a bunch of questions for ya, old guy. And bear with me 'cause I'm super confused right now." the female robot said.

"Sure, what would you like to know?" Produco nodded.

"Okay, but I gotta warn you, it's kinda a lot. Who are you? Where am I? What am I? Who's this guy?" the fembot pointed at the male robot with her thumb. "And why are you wearing goggles?"

At this, the scientist chuckled, "I'm Professor. Prometheus Produco, I've created both of you right here in my laboratory. The reason why I wear these goggles is, as you can probably tell, I'm a scientist. You are a robot modeled after a teenage girl and the boy standing next to you is also a robot. Since you were created together, I suppose you can say he's your brother."

"Brother, huh? Hah hah, I haven't been around for an hour and I already have my own bro, how cool is that?!" giggled the female bot, grinning at the male who frowned a little before smiling back. "But if you have a name, what's mine? It better be something cute."

"Uh, that's a good question... hmm," Produco's eyes zipped to a magazine featuring a young actress posing on the cover. "...Kelly?"

"Kelly?! Oh, my gosh, that name sounds too cute for words! Ahh! Whew, I was worried I'd have an old lady's name like Gertrude for something. Yuck!"

"What about me, what's my name?" asked the boy bot.


"Is it Kelly too? It better be. Kelly's such a perfect name, everyone should be named Kelly, am I right?" the female bot, now named Kelly, latched an arm around her brother's shoulder.

"No, no, it will be," Produco turned to a poster with a male athlete. "...Kevin?"

"Kevin? ...hmm, I like it." the boy bot nodded.

"Me too! It's not as cool as my name, but it's still cool though!"

"Wonderful," the professor spoke before he muttered. "I should've named them beforehand, I'm horrendous with naming things on the spot."

"What did you say, sir?" Kevin asked.

"He said he's terrible at naming things," Kelly replied. "But that's not true! ...well, it is, a little... anyway! Kelly and Kevin, got a nice ring to it, don't ya think?"

"Yeah, it sounds like something you'd read about in a comic."

"Kelly and Kevin, the dynamic duo," the female bot spoke in a triumphant voice. "On an epic quest across the country to kick butt and take names."

"Never looking back," Kevin continued in that same heroic tone. "Doing what they can to put a stop to the sinister forces of evil... or something like that. Heh, it's a nice thought, but I can't see us being superheroes, though."

"Er, about that... uh, on second thought, how about I show you around the house? Since you'll be living here, might as well give you a better sense of your surroundings." Produco suggested.

"Whoo, house tour!" Kelly leaped onto her brother's back to be held in a piggyback manner. "I like the sound of that, yah! Yah! Onward, my brother! Yah!"

Observing the twins as they left the laboratory, Produco couldn't help but chuckle fondly at the moment.

Quite astounding, indeed. It has been minutes upon activation and the robots are bonding like they've known each other in a past life. Perhaps I might be on the right track in creating the new Saviors of Statera, but then again, it's too soon to judge.

Produco decided to begin the house tour while he and the robots were still upstairs, guarded with a coal-colored steel banister to separate from the living room downstairs. Guiding them south of the hallway, the scientist showed the two one of the sliding doors.

"First and foremost, I'd like to introduce the two of you to your room." he presented the twins with a bedroom containing two pod-shaped beds; adorned with either baby blue or hot pink covers placed on the left and right side respectively.

On Kevin's side, there were more sports posters and photos of hovercars plastered on the white wall textured with light crackles. The wall on Kelly's side was decorated with posters as well, but hers showcased baby puppies and kittens and flowers floating around a psychedelic, rainbow pattern. There was a metallic chest off the side of the door, acting as a receptacle for board games, handheld games like a paddle ball and a yo-yo, and other toys.

"No way, this is ours?!" Kelly scrambled to a fluffy teddy bear lying on her bed. "This thing is so fuzzy, I love it! Who's a fuzzy widdle cutie bear? You are, that's who!"

"That's nothing, Kelly, check out the view! You can see the whole city from here!" Kevin pointed at the long rectangular window that lacked curtains, showing off the view of the futuristic city.

Contrast to its poor reputation with crime, Statera City appeared tidy and organized, even the buildings were arranged in a way similar to a collection of multi-colored block towers. Cars, bikes, buses and other sources of transportation ran on mechanical energy and hovered instead of relying on wheels, swooping through the streets and looped highways that swirled around the city like a toy race track.

"You can see part of it, but not all of it," Produco chortled at the twins huddled by the window. "But yes, I took the liberty of preparing a room just for you two. If you'd like, we can go out and find more items to better suit your interests."

"Eh, it looks fine to me."

"I can't say the same. Not gonna lie, old guy, but your interior decorating skills are lacking. Horribly." sneered Kelly.

"To be fair, it's been a while since I was a child that I've forgotten what makes one tick. Anyway, you can return to your room later. Time to show you the rest of the house."

The next room on the professor's tour was the restroom, featuring an entirely white bathroom in shades of blue and gray; there was a bathtub shielded with a tinted glass divider that served as a makeshift shower curtain. Across from the tub was an angular toilet that lacked a lid, capable of flushing by itself with the help of an installed AI. Same with the sink, which was neat and polished white as well, but could also manipulate the faucets with a simple swipe of the hand.

"Here is the restroom, which neither of you can use for obvious reasons." Produco stated.

"What do you mean, sir?" Kevin questioned.

"It's complicated to explain. You see-"

"Because we're robots, duh! Same reason why we can't eat or breathe or-"

"Actually, you're capable of consuming human food. As for lacking the ability to breathe, that's a given." interjected Produco.

"Really, we can eat? How?" the male bot asked.

"Just follow me and I'll show you the kitchen and dining room in the meantime."

In the kitchen, Produco went to the refrigerator and retrieved two red delicious apples. The room itself had a simple design to it; a checkerboard of triangular tiles made up the flooring. Standing on opposite sides of the kitchen were the stove and computerized refrigerator across the sink and dishwasher, accompanied with burnt orange cabinets, arranged as if they were about to be pitted against each other in war.

"This is the refrigerator where chilled food is stored and to test out your ability to eat, I'd like you to consume these apples." the professor tossed the fruits at each of the robots.

"Old guy, are you sure we can eat these?" Kelly looked over her apple before staring back at Produco.

"Affirmative. This may be a shocker, but you two are the first robots to be built with a unique digestive system that can convert food into mechanical energy."

"A what that does what now?"

"I think he means it can turn anything we eat into fuel we can use... right, sir?" replied Kevin.

"That's correct, Kevin... Huh, smart boy. No need to be hesitant, try it!" Produco coaxed.

"I don't know... I'm going to scan this for toxins or other harmful substances." the blue bot scanned the apple with his eyes.

"Aw, don't be silly, Kev. It's just an apple, it can't be that bad." giggled Kelly.

"I know, but you can never be too careful."

"Well, you're being too paranoid. As for me, I'm gonna send this thing down the hatch!" the female bot took a bite of the apple and munched it with caution before she squealed. "So sweet, so crunchy, so yummy! Yep, this apple's A-OK with me! Come on, Kev, try it already!"

"Alright, here goes..." Kevin bit into his apple as well and took a moment to chew it carefully before he came to a conclusion. "Mmm, you're right, this is pretty good."

"Glad you both like them, please eat your fill," Produco watched as the robots finished their apples. Once they ate most of the fruit, he noticed the two were about to eat the cores. "No, no, no, don't consume the core!"

The room west of the dining and kitchen area was the living room, with a widescreen television that took up most of the wall and a couch that appeared similar to one found in a bowling alley.

"This is the living room. Here you can read, watch television, do whatever you wish." Produco rambled briefly as a small purple-furred puppy with golden eyes and a wispy tail floated by the twins' feet with a bark.

"Oh, my gosh, a puppy! It's so funny-looking but it's so adorable! Aww..." Kelly leaned down to the puppy's level, scratching its ears.

"And this is my good pal, Gypsy. She never misses the opportunity to make a friend."

"Sir, no offense to her, but she looks kinda weird for a dog. Why's that?" asked Kevin, petting the puppy as well.

"That's because Gypsy is an alien I've discovered from one of my space excursions years ago. I'd love to tell you more about it but I wouldn't want to bore you children with my past." answered Produco.

"Yeah, it does sound kinda boring." replied Kelly.

"I wouldn't mind hearing about it." Kevin spoke up.

"Then, I'll tell you later. I guess that wraps it up for the tour of the house, any questions or concerns you have?" the professor asked.

"I have one. You told us that you're our creator and the way I see it, it makes you seem like a father to us. So, that being said... would you mind if we called you dad?"

Produco's mouth dropped for a minute. These robots have existed for less than a day and they already considered him a father figure? The scientist didn't have children, let alone, a family of his own and that was enough to tug at his heartstrings.

"Sir, what's wrong?" Kevin called out.

"N-Nothing... just a bit flustered that you consider me a father figure is all. I don't consider myself the fatherly type, but I suppose I'm fine with being addressed as one." Produco said.

"Meh, I'd say grandpa suits you more. You look way too old to be a dad," Kelly chimed with a smirk, much to the scientist's chagrin. "But jokes aside, I'm gonna call ya Professor P instead! Whaddya think? It's cool, it's hip, it's happening! It's everything and more!"

"Hmph, it's odd but alright. Professor P, it is."


"Now, if you'll excuse me, your Professor P has to finish his work in the lab before dinner."

"Whatever ya say, Professor P!"

"Okay, Professor dad, er, Sirfessor P-aaagh!" Kevin snapped as his twin giggled again.

"Got ya tongue-tied, huh?" Kelly folded her arms smugly.

"What do you mean, my tongue doesn't feel tied."

"I know, silly, I was just messin' with my brobot."

"Your what?"

"Brobot, it's like the shorter, cooler way of saying 'brother' and 'robot' since you're obviously a bot and you're also my bro, so..." explained the female bot.

"Oooh, I get it now! Does that make you my... sisbot?" grinned Kevin.

"...sure, Kev. Whatever ya say, bro."

Hours later after the robots were left alone to explore the house, Produco was behind his computer in his lab, typing his observations from earlier. He heard the automated doors open with a whirl but this didn't disturb him until the whisper quiet footsteps turned into pounding tin against the cold, petroleum floor. When he felt something tap his back, Produco yelped and whirled his chair to see Kevin standing before him with an equally frightened expression.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, professor." the male robot held his hands up in defense.

"No, it's quite alright. I suppose that's karma for being so immersed in my research. Enough about my workaholic tendencies, what brings you here, Kevin?" a relaxed expression appeared on Produco's face.

"Nothing, just wanted to check out the lab and see what you're working on."

"Well, I'm taking notes of you and your sister's systems following your activation."

"Oh, what kind?"

"Ah, it's mainly to record if your functions are working properly and, for the first child-like robots I've built, you're both running fine with zero bugs." informed Produco.

"B-Bugs? You mean like the ones you find outside?" Kevin perked a brow.

"I mean technical glitches, the kind that could've hindered your AI. Again, it may be a little difficult to understand and I'd rather not bore you with this kind of mumbo-jumbo. But you're free to explore the lab, just don't touch anything."

"Okay, I'll try. I'm sure you wouldn't want any fingerprints on your stuff... wait, can robots make fingerprints?"

The scientist chuckled, "I believe they can."

"Then, I'm not touching a thing... but, can I still make oohs and ahhs?"

"Yes, you may-"

"And can I-"

"Kevin, you can stay here as long as you like, I don't mind."

"Oh, thank you, professor! Well, I'm off to check out your work in awe. You keep making those observations, okay?"

"I will, Kevin. Enjoy yourself."

"I think I'll enjoy these contraptions instead!" Kevin jogged over to an engine that belonged to an early model of a hovercraft as a chunk of it fell off. "That wasn't me, I swear..."

About an hour after Kevin explored the lab, Kelly stopped by and found Produco still hunched over at his computer.

"Professor P!" shouted the fembot to startle the scientist. "Uh oh, did I scare you?"

"N-No," Produco caught his breath. "No, Kelly, you didn't."

"Oh, goody, 'cause that totally wasn't my intention. How long have you been down here? I was just chatting with Kev and he said you're still here."

"For a few hours, I assume. Time does fly when you're gathering observations on your latest creations, doesn't it?"

"I wouldn't know, I haven't made any robots myself!"

"Heh heh, quite the sense of humor you have."

"I know, I'm hilarious. But you've been working in this musky lab for way too long, Professor P."

"It's the only thing that can keep me occupied these days." Produco retorted.

"Yeah, well, there's a bunch of other things that can keep ya 'occapeed'." huffed Kelly.

"It's occu-"

"I know what I said! Anyway, this calls for a dance party break!" the female bot pulled her creator up from his chair.

"Kelly, I really need to finish my work-" began Produco.

"Not until you dance with me. Now, how do play music on this thing?" Kelly shoved him aside and typed on the computer.

"Kelly, what are you doing?! That computer is designed for scientific purposes, not entertainment!"

"Yoink!" the bot pressed one more button and the computer started to play electronic music. "Let's get this dance party started, shall we?"


"Uh-uh, less moanin', more movin'."


With a reluctant expression, Produco swayed his arms above his head and bent his knees while Kelly twirled around and pumped her fists to the music.

"See, isn't this fun, Professor P? It doesn't hurt to have a little break when you're working. What's that quote? Something about a man going dull over plays? Eh, doesn't matter." the female bot mused.

"I see your point, but I really need to get back to my work." the scientist turned back to his computer.

"Professor, come on! Can't you admit that you're having fun?"

"Hmm... alright, I guess I kind of enjoy it."

"Kind of?"

"Okay, I like having this impromptu dance party! Can you please let me resume my notes? I don't know if I can keep waving my hands like this for another minute."

"Fine, ya big ol' baby," giggled Kelly. "But rest assured, there's plenty more where that came from."

As Kelly turned on her heel, Produco shut off the music and reverted the computer back to its former state before he glanced at the robot.


"Hmm, what's up, Professor P?" responded the fembot.

"...thank you."

"Uh, for what?"

"Making me realize that I need to stop getting caught up in my work. And if that means I need to take more dance breaks... I guess I can't argue with you."

"Nice, that's what I'm talking about! Glad I could help out, professor. When you think about it, everyone needs more dance breaks in their life. They're just as important as water and air combined."

"I'm not even going to argue with you on that." chuckled Produco.

"Good 'cause you know I'm right." grinned Kelly.

The first day for the robots at their new house was about to come to a close. Lying in their beds, Kevin and Kelly were about to sleep as Produco came in for a quick word with them.

"That was quite a day for the two of you, wasn't it?" observed Produco.

"It sure was." nodded Kevin.

"Yeah, today was just awesome. Why do we have to sleep right now? The night's still young." pouted Kelly.

"Because like all growing children, you need your rest. Also, it helps charge your internal battery." replied the professor.

"Oh, right. That makes sense. Uh... where exactly is our internal battery, anyway?" Kevin scratched his head.

"I'll tell you another time. As of right now, it's time for you to sleep. Good night, kids."

"Good night, professor."

"Night, Professor P. Don't let the bed bugs bite!" chirped Kelly.

"Yeah, the last thing you need is glitches in the middle of the night." added Kevin.

"Yes, we... wouldn't want that, would we? Okay, enough chatter, sleep well, you two." chuckled Produco.

"Good night!"

The next morning, Kelly peeled her eyes open to the bright blue sky from her window. She stretched out her arms and legs as she stood on the bed, shutting her glowing LED eyes briefly before she laid them on a snoozing Kevin. An idea brewed in her head, or hard drive in her case; she pulled a sneak attack on Produco so why not do the same to her brother? Bending her knees to a squat like she did yesterday, Kelly curled her lips into a smirk and launched herself at her sibling, who woke in time to the tackle that sent him crashing through the bedroom wall to the bathroom. There, they had the surprise of finding their creator at the sink brushing his teeth.

"Uh... sorry, professor." scowled Kevin.

"Eh, heh heh, morning, Professor P. I could be wrong, but aren't you supposed to remove your dentures before you brush them?" Kelly tilted her head innocently.

"...just go eat breakfast." grumbled Produco.

Following breakfast, Kevin was in the lab with Produco once again. As the scientist took notes from his computer, the male robot sat at the table looking over a stack of old schematics his creator left for him.

"Wow, you sure have a lot of these, uh... what are these called?" Kevin asked.

"They're schematics, drawings used to plan out designs for inventions." described Produco.

"Oh..." the spiky-haired bot examined the detailed diagrams, finding it hard to believe his creator designed multiple ideas for machines. "Have you made anything with these designs?"

"Only a handful. Most of them were made out of boredom. That, and it was difficult for me to stick with just one idea at a time, I was quite indecisive back then."

"Huh... but if you could, would you make something from one of these schematics?"

"Maybe, if I don't have much work to finish."

"Then, how about we make something right now?" insisted Kevin.

"Now? But Kevin, I still have to supervise your and Kelly's systems and that can take some time."

"But you said we're doing fine, right? All the more reason to build something to pass the time."

"Kevin, I-"

"Professor, I know you think all this technical stuff is too hard for a kid like me to understand, but I'm still interested in it. I want to see what it's like to make something, experience the hard work and satisfaction that comes out of it. Please, professor?" pleaded the male bot with twinkling grape-colored eyes.

"...oh, don't give me that look. It's more fitting on your sister, not you," chortled Produco. "Okay, if it'll make you satisfied, let's build something."

"Really? Thank you so much, professor! This is gonna be so fun, I just know it!"

"Don't get ahead of yourself, young man. Before we begin putting everything together, there are a few things we have to get out of the way."

"Of course! What do we do first?"

"Well, first and foremost..."

And so, the professor and his robot spent the morning building a machine the size of a lunchbox. It didn't do much except light up in several colors, but Kevin was beaming throughout the process. Designing a schematic, finding the proper parts to build with, programming the AI, it was quite a learning experience for the bot. As he worked alongside him, Kevin couldn't help but imagine Produco taking the same steps to create him and Kelly. Almost noon, the two watched the light machine in amusement, amazed it only took a few hours to create. For Produco, it would've taken about two-three days to build such an invention without his robot's assistance.

"And there you have it, our very first, no, your very first invention. Now, do you see how much work goes into engineering?" asked the professor.

"I sure do and I had a blast. What really made it fun was working with you, dad." Kevin smiled.

"Nothing I wouldn't do for my son."

"You... you called me son..."

"Well, you addressed me as your father, why not? Wouldn't be fair to simply call you my creation now, would it?" Produco ruffled the boy's hair, Kevin flinched a bit at first but smiled back warmly. "What time is it, few minutes 'til lunch? Guess it would be wise to grab something to eat and see how your sister's doing."

"Yeah, last time I checked she was in the living room with Gypsy."

Speaking of whom, Kelly was in the kitchen with a raw slab of meat sitting in a tray. A cooking show featuring a middle-aged woman with a peculiar voice played in the background.

"Now, I'm going to show how to make the perfect rump roast which I'm sure your family will love from the first bite. Let's begin!" crooned the woman.

"Yes, let's begin, weird voice lady." Kelly mimicked the woman's distinctive voice.

"First, we will take our roast and season it with salt and pepper. Nothing too fancy." As the woman demonstrated, the robot followed suit and sprinkled a coat of seasonings on the meat.


"We'll take our vegetables-"

"Wait, vegetables?! You didn't tell me we needed veggies, weird voice lady!"

"You can't have a succulent roast without a symphony of vegetables. We'll just chop them up," the woman spoke as Kelly cut celery, carrots, and potatoes into bite-sized chunks. "Place them in the tray with our roast, sprinkle them with salt and pepper so they won't miss out on the seasoning fun. Drizzle a bit of olive oil over the roast and pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for a little over two hours. I already have one finished to show you what it should look like."

"Hey, no fair, you cheated! Not cool, weird voice lady!" squawked the fembot, glaring at the roast for a moment until she zapped the tray with a burst of pink burning energy from her eyes. "W-Wait, what?! I dunno what I just did but hey, at least the roast is done!"

"And... voila!" the woman chirped with Kelly, holding up the roast for an invisible crowd to see.

"Ooh, what smells so good?" Produco sniffed the savory scent from the kitchen, strolling in with Kevin.

"I dunno, Professor P. Maybe it's this delicious rump roast I put together in less than two hours."

"You really made that yourself, Kelly?" asked Kevin.

"Uh-huh! Well, actually, some lady with a froggy voice helped me, but yeah. Would you like some?" offered the fembot.

"Oh, absolutely." replied Produco.

"It looks so good, I'd love some." added the male bot.

With that, Kelly sliced up a few chunks for her creator and brother to try.

"Well? Do ya like it, do ya like it?"

"My goodness!" Produco cried.

"Mmm, you're right, Kelly, this is delicious!" commented Kevin.

"Agreed, I've never tasted a roast as exquisite as this. You're an accomplished cook, young lady."

"Aww, stop it, guys. Guess it's a sign that this girl's gonna be a culinary threat in the future. Today, this house. Tomorrow, the city. And after tomorrow, the world! ...uh, would you guys like something to drink with this?"

"Oh, sure!" nodded the male bot.

"That would be great, Kelly." chimed in Produco.

Later in the afternoon, Kevin headed to the living room to a strange sight. His sister rolling around on the floor as Gypsy watched.

"Uh, Kelly, what are you doing?" asked the spiky-haired bot.

"Gypsy's teaching me to roll over, I think I'm doing pretty good for my first try. Whaddya think, girl?" the long-haired bot turned to the puppy whining a bit as she cocked her head to the side. "What, my form is sloppy? Geez, for an alien pup, your standards are crazy high."

"Yeah, probably. Wanna go outside with me?"

"Sure, Kev. I was getting tired of making snow bots on the rug anyway. Let's move!"

"Wait, shouldn't we ask the professor if we're allowed to go outside?"


"So, he won't worry about us."

"Pfft, what's there to worry about? We're just going to the yard, nothing bad'll happen to us," scoffed Kelly. "Stop being such a worrywart, bro."

"What's a worrywart?"

"Just another way of saying you like to worry about everything. Now, come on!"

With that, the robots went to the front yard and found a giant monster attacking the city from afar.

"Jumping jehosafats, look at that!" Kevin pointed at the monster.

"Hah, jumping what?" giggled Kelly. "I'm sorry, what did you just say?"

"Look over there! That... what is that, an octopus? Whatever it is, it's destroying the city!"

"No way, that's so cool! It's like something out of those old giant monster movies!"

"Well, yeah! Except, it's a giant octopus and not a dinosaur. As cool as it looks, we can't stand here and let the city get torn down."

"Yeah, we can! Wait here, I'll grab some chairs and snacks."

"Kelly, no! We have to do something about this." Kevin spoke.

"Why? The cops probably have this under control, it's nothing new to them." reasoned Kelly.

"I doubt a couple police officers will do much to a rampaging octopus. This job calls for the dynamic duo, Kevin and Kelly!"

"But I thought we were just pretending, though."

"Until this came up. Let's go, partner in crime!"

"Right behind ya, fellow partner in crime!"

Taking a mighty hop from the ground, the robo-twins were quick to notice they had the ability to fly, hovering a few feet above the yard.

"Whoa, what?! W-We can fly?!" Kevin's jaw dropped.

"Duh, we're robots! Of course, we can fly, it's in our robo-genes, bro. Also, get a load of this. When I was making that roast earlier, these zappy laser beam things came out of my eyes when I was about to cook it. It was so awesome!" Kelly beamed.

"You're kidding. Huh, wonder if I can do that too..."

"No reason why you can't. In the meantime, we got an octopus to pound!"

Flying over to the heart of the cubed, neon-lit city, the robots landed in front of the giant octopus to get a better view. Compared to the regular, tamer kind, this octopus had seaweed green skin with twice as many tentacles and a clutter of crimson eyes. Emitting a foul roar from its beak, the large mollusk smacked down another block of buildings in its path.

"Wow, it's even scarier from up-close! Hey, giant octopus monster, you want a piece of us?!" Kelly taunted, successful in directing the octopus to the twins. It threw another tentacle down at them and as the fembot shielded herself with her arms, Kevin stopped the tendril with his hands. "What the-Kevin, how did you...?"

"I really wish I had an explanation for this, but I don't." replied the male bot, still wrangling with the tentacle.

The slight handicap didn't keep the octopus from attacking Kelly with its other tendrils. When it tried to smack her, the robot zipped away to a safer spot. A few more attempts later and the monster still couldn't land a hit, also didn't help that Kelly taunted it in-between teleports.

"Nice dodging, Kelly-ahh! Oh, no, you don't!" Kevin tossed the octopus away with tremendous strength, feeling guilty that he also added more damage to the city. "Sorry! This is insane, we have these powers and the professor didn't tell us about it?"

"Hey, I can't complain," the fembot landed beside her brother. "These powers are bananas! Kev, you totally called it yesterday. You said we were gonna take down some bad dudes and now, we can!"

"Did I really call it?"

"Yeah, you're like some robo-psychic or something!"

"Huh... I guess I am. Come to think of it, I think I'm getting another vision!"

"Oooh, talk to me, Kev!"

"I predict... that monster's gonna be in for a world of hurt! And you know what else? That world of hurt is coming in the form of... us!" Kevin declared.

"Oooh, now you're speakin' my language, bro!" squealed Kelly.

"But I was speaking English the whole time."

"Eh, forget it. Let's show that octopus what you mean by a world of hurt!"

Without wasting a second, the robots flew towards the monster to kick-off their pummeling. They hurled the octopus around, landing powerful punches and kicks to its slimy, mutant-like frame.

"How's this for a headbanger, you jerk?!" Kelly sat on the octopus' head and banged her fists against it.

As for Kevin, he ripped off one of its tentacles while smirking, "Looks like you could use a hand-er, tentacle. ...yeah."

Kelly kicked the monster down to her twin when it was about keel over, "Death from above!"

Kevin caught the octopus by one of its tentacles and hurled it clear into the sky, "And, uh, death from below!"

Once the octopus left the city, cheers and cries from the bystanders sounded for the twins' heroic feat; Kevin waved at the crowd with a smile, while Kelly blew kisses to everyone. In the midst of her celebrating, the fembot caught a glimpse of a shadow perched from atop of a skyscraper. She couldn't make out what the shadow looked like, but all she gathered was it had a slim, masculine physique. One that got lost in her lovesick eyes.

"Kelly? Kelly, come on! We have to go home!" Kevin dragged his sister as she continued to stare at the shadow.

"We'll meet someday, my dark knight in shining armor..." she whispered to herself, still in a daze.

Back home, Produco found out about the twins' scrimmage on the news.

"Two robots rushed into the scene and made short work of the giant octopus. Does this mean that Statera City will finally have the protectors it deserves?" spoke a female reporter.

"I can't believe this..." the professor spoke under his breath as the twins returned.

"Professor P, we're baaack!" hollered Kelly.

"And we're sorry we left without-" Kevin began, suddenly wrapped into a tight hug with his sister from Produco. "Professor?"

"I'm just so glad you returned. Are you okay? Did that monster rupture your armor? Do you need a tune-up?" the scientist sputtered.

"Professor P, we're good. Just a couple scratches and there-oh! And guess what? There was this octopus destroying the city and we took it down no sweat! Isn't that right, Kev?" the female robot grinned.

"That's right, Kel. It's a good thing we discovered our powers when we did," nodded Kevin. "Professor, why didn't you tell us about them?

"...I guess I can't keep this a secret from you any longer. I need you both to come with me to the lab for a tune-up. After that, I'll tell you everything you need to know, including your powers. ...I just hope it doesn't come off as a burden to you two." the scientist sighed and left for the lab.

"A burden? What does he mean by that?" Kelly turned to a shrugging Kevin, unsure what their creator meant.