Meanwhile with Kelvin and Jett, the two were still holding off Effingo's robot army. The "Cyber Samurai" stuck with his Plasma Katana and did his best to dent the armor of the mechas, while the burly bot mainly relied on his brute strength to knock them down.

"Where in the heck are those guys?! We called for 'em minutes ago!" whined the green-haired teen, parrying a series of strikes from a thin-framed bot.

"I suspect they will be here promptly." answered Kelvin, performing a judo throw on one of the larger mechas.

"They better be. They said they were gonna take a quick break, how does ten minutes count as quick?"

A familiar apple red bow whizzed around the teen, covered in blinding pink static. It not only managed to take out the bot he tangled with, but the other mechas surrounding him.

"The heck was that?" Jett glanced up as the bow retreated back to its owner, finding Kelly and the other two bots in their new forms. "Is that them?"

"You're welcome, my Cyber Samurai!" cooed the fembot, blowing a kiss at the cyborg.

"Yep, that's them. What's with the new get-ups?"

"I believe they have transformed into their Super Forms, Jett. A much stronger, faster, and overall, powerful version of their regular forms." explained Kelvin.

"Okay, just like before, let's split up and cover more ground!" declared Kevin, changing one of his arms into a grenade launcher that fired explosive bubbles at the troop.

Axel threw out an array of shuriken, that latched onto his targets before making them explode in a burning gust of flames. Charging up more electricity from her bow conductor, Kelly flew up to a mecha with her right leg thrown back. She then kicked the mecha, knocking it back with a wave of energy before a large bolt of lightning struck from the sky and landed on it.

"Kelly's Jolting Kick of Everlasting Shockingness Kick!"

Elsewhere, Kevin was pitted against a mob of bots until he whipped out a set of cannons on each arm and fired a powerful burst of water at the mechas.

"Looks like you guys just got wet. ...heh, even my corny sayings sound cool in this new form!"

And as for Axel, he had a flamethrower on one of his arms and melted down the mechas with a large array of fire. Unlike his teammates who taunted after clearing out their targets, the red bot simply huffed as he went to his next target. Safe to say, the three bots were doing a lot better at defeating Effingo's army that they could easily overwhelm the professor with their enhanced powers. Once the last mecha was destroyed, the three bots met with Kelvin and Jett to celebrate.

"And that's the end of that! Great job out there, guys!" commented Kevin.

"Tch, figures my pops' goons would be all talk. I didn't even get much of a workout out of that." sneered Axel, stretching his arms.

"But you gotta admit, it felt SO good to kick some buttface bot butt! We were all like, WHA-SHOOM! KA-PIFF! BLA-FOOM! Like something out of a comic!" chirped Kelly, hitting the air like she sparred with an invisible opponent.

"I'm still cheesed off that you guys got these really flashy forms while Kelv and I had to lug it out with our bare hands! Man, I can't wait for this day be over..." moaned Jett, kicking a chunk of rubble.

"Sorry, Jetty Jett, but thems the breaks," the fembot shrugged. "So, what's left? We just have that jerkface to deal with?"

"Correct. He should be located near the central part of the city." replied Kelvin after performing a scan of the professor's whereabouts.

"Sweet, the sooner we take him down, the better." Axel cracked his knuckles.

"Then, let's go!" Kevin hollered, leading the gang to Effingo still standing on the sidewalk. Much to their surprise, he didn't seem phased by the destruction of his mechas; he had a rather blank stare on his features.

"And there he is, in his ugly double-chin glory! Not so tough without your henchmen to fight for ya, huh?" sneered the fembot.

"Just admit it, you knew this plan of yours was going to blow up in your face. Either you make it easy on yourself and let us send you to the slammer or we'll have to beat you and then send you there!" growled Axel as his creator chuckled. "Ey, what are you laughing at?"

"Yeah, what are you up to this time, Effingo?" asked Kevin, perking a thick brow.

"Methinks he's got another trick up his sleeve... seen this a hundred times in anime." Jett muttered under his breath, hoping his teammates wouldn't hear him.

"Shh, don't jinx it!" Kelly nudged the green-haired teen.

"What, you actually heard me?!"

"Duh! I'm a robot with enhanced senses, why wouldn't I?"

Effingo's chuckling turned into more wicked cackling, erupting from his rotund stomach, "You children can be so naive... I was only using my army to see if you really had the power to stop me and sadly, you do. But that's only because that Produco gave you a little boost."

"And it helped us immensely. Now just what do you have left for us?" questioned Kevin.

"So glad you asked, Produco boy," the portly professor whipped out the remote and pressed a button that emitted a high-frequency signal, sensitive to the robots' hearing as they covered their ears.

"Aaagh, my ears! My little botterfly ears can't take this pressure!\!" wailed Kelly.

"Nnggh! Why am I not surprised the dude has a thing for AI control and annoying high-pitched signals?!" Axel grunted.

"I dunno what's buggin' you guys, I don't hear a thing. ...then again, it might be because I'm still a human somewhat." shrugged Jett.

After the signal had been silenced, a mecha landed in a giant stomp in front of the gang. Its appearance seemed to show a great resemblance to Axel's, lacking his long blond hair. It had red and white armor, a ghastly white for its "skin", and the same white helmet but plastered with more spikes, along with its arm and leg guards.

"Behold, I bring you 4X3L! The greatest fight bot of all time!" proclaimed Effingo.

"Whoa..." whispered Kevin, violet eyes scanning the giant mecha.

"Now that's what you call a big bot! Looks like you'll have to settle for second in the humungo-bot contest, Kelv." remarked Kelly, patting her brother on the back.

"I was not aware there was a contest." spoke Kelvin with nonchalance.

"Alright, so you got this giant bot. We already demolished a handful of the others you got, how's that thing supposed to scare us?" sneered Axel.

"Why the hostility, boy? I figured you would be ecstatic to meet your big brother." Effingo smirked.

"My what?"

"Do you not see the resemblance? It's because of its complex design that I had to tone it down for your final version. If it wasn't for your older brother, you wouldn't be here."

"That's supposed to be a prototype of you, Axel?" queried Kevin as his friend clenched his fists.

"Prototype or not, it's getting crushed along with its owner!" the blond bot charged towards the mecha modeled after him with the others.

Equipped with his Plasma Saber, Axel tried to slice into 4X3L's armor, but it appeared impenetrable and the others were quick to notice that as well. Kevin's Atomic Mallet hardly left a scratch and Kelly's drill boots were ineffective as well. Kelvin tried to see if his machine guns could deal any damage but they didn't, and Jett seemed helpless with his Plasma Katana.

"Crikey, this thing's no joke! It would take a mecha-sized hot knife to slice it!" griped the Cyber Samurai.

"Ooh, that sounds like a brilliant idea. Quick, anyone got a mecha-sized hot knife on them?" Kelly questioned, giving her teammates a brief quizzical glance.

"Why... won't... this... hunk of... metal... just... die?!" snarled Axel, putting more rage into his slashes.

"Axel, be patient! We'll beat this prototype sooner or later." assured Kevin. He understood the red bot wanted to finish his creator for good, but it wouldn't be wise to let his rage keep him from completing the task.

"Yeah, sooner or later."

"Are you done making bigger fools of yourselves? Good. Because it's my turn!"

Pressing a button on his remote, 4X3L spun its arms around to knock the gang away. Charging back towards it, the group tried to attack one more time, but the mecha responded by knocking them down with deadly jabs and kicks. The process repeated for a few times until the robots found themselves in the damaged state they were in before.

"Oh, yeah, this bot's mad. You guys thought of a backup plan yet?" Kelly asked.

"We'll just stick to the plan we've been using all along, show no mercy!" snarled Axel, who flew back to the mecha only to find his Super Form fading before he reverted back to his regular state. "Oh, come on! You wait until now to give out?!"

"Kev, what just happened there?"

"No other explanation except our Super Forms must have some sort of time limit," said Kevin, right as he and his sister also changed back to normal. "And it looks like we hit ours too."

"Gah, this sucks! What do we do now?!" cried the fembot.

"We'll just have to retreat and think of another plan."

"Running away again, really?" Axel rolled his eyes. They were this close to stopping Effingo, why take a break now?

"Yes. Not all problems can be solved by rushing into them, we need to strategize. Follow me!" Kevin led the two bots away from the city.

"Bugger all, they're takin' another break?! Man, I better get some award for stickin' it out!" spat Jett.

"I suspect they will return shortly." replied Kelvin, nodding at the tense cyborg.

"You said that last time and they took ten minutes! Ten bloomin' minutes!"

"True, but it may be different this time."

"Hmph, hope so."

Back to the robot trio, they hid in a ditch to avoid contact with Effingo and the Axel prototype.

"We should be safe here. I'll get a hold of the professor and see what we should do." Kevin spoke.

"Oh, boy," Kelly slouched down to the ground. "I can actually stop shaking for a sec."

"It's just the fighting jitters, you'll get over it. Also, sorry for almost slugging you earlier, Chickev." apologized Axel, rubbing the back of his head.

"Eh, it's cool, Axe Man. Though, it was pretty sweet to see Kev sock you like that."

"Yeah, I guess I deserved it."

"Again, I'm sorry for hitting you, but it had to be done." stated Kevin. Granted, he felt terrible for hitting Axel, but he wouldn't let anyone hurt his sister. Friend or not.

"Yes, Produco here." said the professor.

"Professor, we just lost our Super Forms and Effingo's brought out this prototype of Axel-"

"Yes, I saw, I saw. Of course, he'd pull something like that."

"But is there anything else we can do?" asked Kelly.

"Hmm... well, there is one option but it's risky."

"So's fighting that thing, what is it?" Axel chimed in.

"You may be able to fuse yourselves into a mecha with about the same strength as Effingo's bot. But you'll have to beat it quickly seeing you'll have less time in that state compared to your Super Forms. It's the only thing I can think of. How does that sound?" Produco questioned.

"I guess we don't have a choice. How does the process work? Do we have to use the same fusion machine from the basement?" Kevin spoke, referring to the one used to construct Kelvin.

"Return to the lab and I'll explain it from there. See you shortly."

"Is fusing together really gonna work against that thing? I got a feeling that doc's talking out of his butt." the blond folded his arms.

"I heard that, young man!"

"Heh heh, but it doesn't seem like a bad idea. I say we give it a shot!" chirped Kelly.

"Me too, and even if we fail, we'll just pick ourselves up and keep fighting. Ready, guys?" Kevin held his hand out, palm facing the ground.

"You know it!" the fembot slapped her hand on top of her brother's, staring at Axel.

"...oh, what the heck." the blond bot added his hand to the pile.

As for Kelvin and Jett, the two still struggled against 4X3L.

"Alright, Kelv, you said they would be back shortly and they haven't. What's the deal?" Jett continued to hack away at the mecha's frame while the purple-armored bot grappled with it.

"There is no deal. I just believe they will return once they have pieced together another plan." answered Kelvin.

"And whatever pitiful idea they have, it'll useless against my pride and joy here! Face it, gentlemen, those runts you call your friends won't be able to save you and you'd have to be a fool to think otherwise." mocked Effingo.

"In that case, you're a fool for thinkin' they won't save us. They're the freakin' Saviors of Statera City-" began the green-haired teen.

"Who cares? They're more like the Simpletons of Statera City if you ask me. I think that's enough toying around, 4X3L, annihilate them!"

That being said, the mecha was about to clobber the duo but a sneak attack produced by a beam in the colors of light blue, pink, and red stopped it in its tracks.

"What the-? Who dare stopped me in the middle of my bloodbath?!"

Answering the portly professor's question was a mecha that stood about the same height as the Axel prototype. It sported a mixture of the robo-twins and Axel's features, including a long spiked ponytail and a helmet designed similar to a samurai's. The fusion also wielded a sword surging with blue, pink, and red energy, while the blade itself was a midnight black.

"Uh... Kelv, are my eyes playin' tricks on me or is that...?" Jett stared wide-eyed at the mecha.

"Yes," nodded Kelvin. "It is a fusion of Kevin, Kelly, and Axel."

"Huh, so they pulled off the last-minute fusion shtick? This'll be fun! 4X3L!" Effingo commanded, making the prototype unsheathe a broadsword of its own.

"Remember, you have two minutes before defusion! Make them count!" Produco hollered from the communicator.

Without a word, the robo-trio fusion leaped into the fight, hoping to land a downward strike at the prototype, but it defended itself just in time. From there, they had a heated swordfight, delivering swift strikes and parrying whatever was thrown out. The prototype did a low kick at the fusion's legs to distract it, barraging it with more slashes until it collapsed. That didn't stop the fusion from charging towards it, parrying more strikes and for a split second, it kicked the prototype at its head to cause a distraction. The fusion responded by attacking it relentlessly, knocking the mecha back with a kick to its gut. While the prototype was left wide-open for a hit, the fusion flew in with its sword glowing intensely to deal the final blow, but just as they were about to strike, it dissolved back into Kevin, Kelly, and Axel, awkwardly floating in the air.

"Eheheheheheheh..." Kevin chuckled, as his sister did a banshee laugh afterwards.

"Oh, crud..." grumbled Axel.

"Blast it! Almost had him!" Produco growled, pounding his fist on his desk.

"What a pity and I was honestly afraid that you would finish off my 4X3L. Oh, well," Effingo taunted while the prototype knocked all three back to the ground. "Just for trying, you get a consolation prize... in the form of your demise!"

"Not on my watch, buddy!" Jett launched himself back at the mecha and resumed his striking.

"Boy, don't waste your time. My robot's armor is practically impenetrable, hacking at it will only make you minutes closer to your death!"

"That may be, but I won't stop 'til I find a weak spot in that thing, even if it takes me all night!"

"Tch, persistent, aren't you? And what about you? Don't you realize that wrestling with my 4X3L is useless?" the professor mocked Kelvin, placing the mecha in a headlock.

"I am aware, but I will not go against my function and that is to make sure Statera City and my family are safe. Which means you will have to be stopped." replied the purple bot.

"It's adorable how you both think you'll win but in the end, I'm a few deaths away from making my dream come true. Statera City will soon be a thing of the past!"

Back to the robot trio, the twins and Axel were lying on the ground in their normal states with their armor more damaged than before.

"If only we attacked it a few seconds earlier... but we can't give up now, we're so close..." Kevin moaned, every part of his body was riddled with pain. As much as he felt like quitting, he had to stay true to his word.

"Kev, I know you said we were gonna die trying to stop this guy, but I'd like to have a few moments to plan my funeral..." Kelly spoke. She knew it wasn't the time to make a joke, and a morbid one at that, but she had to get it out of her system.

"This thing's more of a pain than I thought. Where the heck is its weak spot?" hissed Axel, rubbing his sore arm.

"I'm trying to scan for one, but nothing's come up. Where is it?" the blue bot replied.

"Children, do you read?" called Produco.

"Yes, professor, what's up?"

"I overheard you mentioning about a weak spot and I believe I've found one."

"Well, shoot, don't just stand there. Out with it!" barked the fembot.

"Alright, but you might be a little miffed once you see where and what it is. Look closely at its backside."

As the robot trio examined the prototype, they widened their eyes at the sight of its weak spot, a self-destruct button on its "rear end."

"You've gotta be kidding me..." Axel said with a shake of his head.

"Are you freakin' serious?! It had a self-destruct button on its butt the whole time?! Gah, that jerkface! I could just-" Kelly tried to claw onto the mecha, but Kevin held her in place to stop her.

"Kelly, relax... well, that is a pretty weird place for a weak spot. Now I don't feel so insecure about my bottom combuster." remarked the spiky-haired bot.

"Think about it, why do you think the prototype never turned around once during your fight? Because of that button." stated Produco.

"Okay, I think we got it. But we can barely move, how are we supposed to press it?" the fembot whined.

"The same way you tackle any problem when fighting."

"With a charge shot?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, one should do the trick."

"Then, one charge shot coming right up!" the blue bot brought out his arm cannon and charged up a shot.

"Let's make that two while we're at it!" Axel charged a shot as well.

"And three for good measure!" Kelly also charged a shot in her cannon.

Altogether, the robot trio fired their charge shots at the button, causing the prototype to explode into several pieces and Effingo to wail in disgust.

"Waaah, no, my baby! My 4X3L, waaaah!"

"We did it!"

The robot trio cheered as Kelvin and Jett joined them; Kelly gave her brother a hug while he did the same to Axel, blushing immediately.

"O-Oh, sorry! That was a friend hug..." Kevin muttered.

"Well, that was really somethin'. You guys were ridiculous out there, that was probably the most intense fight I've been a part of." remarked Jett.

"Yeah, but we still saved the day. I believe that merits some type of award." Kelly batted her lashes at the teen.

"And what do you mean by award?"

"I accept hugs, kisses, or both if you're feeling charitable."

"Oh... oh, fine! Gotta make this quick so my buds aren't watchin'."

Grumbling under his breath, Jett took the fembot's hand and kissed it, causing her to tremble before she fainted.

"Alright, that's it for me. I'll catch you guys later, good work out there." Jett leaped off, back to his apartment from skyscraper to skyscraper.

"See you, Jett, and thanks!" called Kevin, glancing back at his sister on the floor. "Uh, are you going to be okay, Kel?"

"I... I'm never waxing this hand again..." slurred the lovesick bot, holding her kissed hand to her chest.

"Mission complete. Will now depart for Proximo Robotics Center." declared Kelvin.

"And... I think I'm gonna go with you." Axel spoke.

"Axel, why? You already have a home with us, why not stay a little more?" urged Kevin.

"Yeah, Axe Man! Stick around a little longer!" Kelly bolted from the ground like nothing happened.

"Sorry, guys, but I feel like staying there is a better option for me. While living with you two was cool and that creator of mine was a complete jerk-" started the blond.

"No, he wasn't just a complete jerk, he was the Jerk of all Jerks!"

"That too, but he'd still want me to be more independent. So I think heading over there would be a better choice for me."

"Are you sure?" the blue bot questioned.

"Yeah, I am. But it's alright, I'll still see you at school and we can hang out on the weekends. And I'll keep texting you."

"O-Okay... well, best of luck to you!"

"Yeah, and if you get lonely without us, Kelv can keep you company! Right, Kelv?" Kelly added, glancing at her elder brother.

"That is correct. Shall we go to our next destination, Axel?" Kelvin turned to the blond.

"Ready when you are." the red bot hopped on the purple bot's shoulder and waved at the twins, saying their goodbyes.

Once the robo-twins went home, they got ready for bed. In their room about to turn in, Produco came in for a brief word with them.

"Ah, I never thought I'd be this happy to go to sleep! Tonight was quite an event." commented Kelly, tucked in with her night robe.

"Agreed, Kelly. Hopefully, a good night's sleep will be just what we need." Kevin added.

"Yes, you both deserve a long rest. Do you now see that being a hero for the city is a huge responsibility?" asked Produco.

"We sure do. A lot's happened to us in the last couple weeks, but at least we got something out of it."

"And maybe we'll be strong enough to tackle another all-out attack sometime." the fembot spoke.

"You will. But for now, I'll leave you to your rest. Good night, children." the professor left the room, shutting off the lights.

"Good night, dad!" crooned the twins.

"Welp, you heard the man, Kev. Time to snooze." Kelly laid her head against her pillow.

"Okay. Uh, Kelly?" asked Kevin, lying down as well.

"Yeah, Kev?"

"I was thinking about you said when we'd have to stop another attack on the city. you think Effingo's assault was just the beginning of things to come?"

"Eh, probably... but we can handle it. We barely stopped that jerkface, so if he can beat him, we can beat anyone!"

"You're right..."

"'Course I am, I'm always right, brobot! Now, let's get some sleep already!"

"Okay... good night, Savior of Statera City." Kevin shut his eyes.

"And a good night to you too, Savior of Statera City." Kelly also fell asleep.

At the city prison, Effingo was having his phone call at the booth.

"Sir, I'm sorry! I promise, if you give me one more chance, I'll... wait, no! Anything but that, no!"

But the professor was silenced as his eyes flickered a dead white, hunched over in his seat. Over the phone sounded a wicked cackle, more sinister than the portly man's.

"That fool was doomed from the start. If I can't order that imbecile to rid of those robots for me, I'll just have to take matters into my own hands. After all, if you want something done right..."

Yes, I just ended the story on a cliffhanger. Sorry, not sorry...

But jokes aside, that's the end of The Saviors of Statera City, for now. If you'd like see more adventures with Kevin, Kelly, and the rest of the gang, I have some good news. I'm thinking about creating a collection of drabbles featuring them as well as characters from my other stories. Maybe you'll get to see Kevin and Kelly meet Mark and Mindy for the first time, who knows? Anyway, please leave a comment telling me what you thought of this story and please check out my other stories. On the 15th(Tuesday), I'll post the first two chapters of À La Carte, my Done Like Dinner spin-off and in about a month or two, I'll post another story I've been working on called The Brothers Manaka, a more adult-themed story for my older readers out there. So keep an eye out for that and thanks for reading. =)