The city of Tokyo Japan, the outskirts of this grand metropolis have once again been evacuated as a giant monster approaches the suburbs. A massive robotic looking thing with a dome shaped head sporting a single glowing eye that scans back and forth. It swings it's over sized arms about like an ape as it approaches. Flying in the air between this behemoth and the city like tiny gnats before a gorilla made of metal are the city's protectors; Team Okobo. Ahead of this pack of heroes is Omega Mecha Man, a man wearing smooth mechanical armor that is really a part of his body, manifested by his nano-bot techn-organic cellular structure with large case sections over his shins and forearms, and even a visor helmet; the shins, forearms, helmet, chest plate, and crotch plating a darker blue than the rest. Next to this hero is his long time companion and girlfriend Cyber-Gal wearing virtually the same armor with the same mechanical basis, only hers is a light pink with dark pink on the larger parts, her shin and fore-arm guards are more rectangular and her chest plate shows off her large breasts. Her long blond hair cascading out the back of her helmet with its red upside down heart shaped visor, a source of many jokes from civilians who think it looks like breasts over her eyes.

Behind this duo is the rest of their team, a beautiful woman in a colorful (if a bit skimpy with its tight top and short skirt showing off her contrasting pink panties to everyone below) blue witch costume riding a broom; in times gone by she was the cute mascot Mystic Girl; but all grown up now and no longer a klutz she is Madam Magic. Flying beside madam magic is a woman with red scales, pointy ears, demon wings, and a demon tail complete with a triangular tip, this woman is Enda; the one time villain now member of their team. The man flying beside her is a familiar face; as its none other than Gold Wolf, known to the locals as a powerful demon from a mystic world who followed team Okobo's arch-enemy, the sorcerer Lord Lune from their mystic world to battle him and his creations.

High above the ensuing battle of blue energy bolts from Omega Mecha Man, the pink heart shaped arrow bolts from Cyber Gal, the fire arrows from Enda, Lightning bolts from Madam Magic, and Golden Blasts from Gold Wolf; another figure floats in the air. This man with his long blond hair and wearing a multi-layerd white and grey robes with a cape that his held off his body by oversized shoulder guards, fiddling the red amulet around his neck, and blinking as a glare from the sun bounces off his ornate horn like tiara whose spikes above his ears give the impression from a distance that he has pointed ears; is none other than Lord Lune. A man prone to long winded speeches; he watches as Team Okobo once again is besting one of his creations, a weekly arch-nemesis bit at this point. He appears, summons a giant robot or monster, or some other lower level heist; usually reserving the big things for every three months or so; they defeat it, he says some long winded "till next time heroes" speech and vanishes before they can arrest him; sometimes fighting them himself. However things are different this time, as he starts his descent the heroes fly backwards as they too are clearly thrown off by the sudden appearance of massive vines coming out of the ground, entangling and ripping apart the giant robot. As usual though once defeated his creation vanishes in harmless blue flames. The vines however retract into the ground, and up the side of a building, forming into weird vine looking broad sword being held by a most unusual woman.

This woman is tall, her canary yellow hair up in a bun; though clearly if it were down it would be very long. Her sword in her hand fits the design of her dress, a strange ornate design like green scales that could belong to a fish, dragon, or even some strange plant; with a gold rim to the scales. Same can be said of her corset and bustier. Amidst her hair is a golden tiara beset with blue, red, and violet gems. Her up turned hair revealing the clear fact that like Gold Wolf this woman too has pointed ears.

Lord Lune floats down, "Well done heroes," he says in such a manner one would think he hadn't lost, "even with your new ally I will not be bested in the end; for there is noth…."

"Vine Blade!" yells the woman as she swings her sword, morphing it into a long vine striking out at Lord Lune.

"Damn!" he screams before shouting, "Spirit Shield!"

He erects his mystical barrier just in time, however her ever growing vine pushes him back through the air.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit," says Lord Lune as he tries to hold the Spirit Shield up with one hand, while the other reaches for his amulet.

"Return Home!" he shouts grasping the amulet, and vanishes in a red flash. The vines strike through the barrier and red after mist before being recalled to their sword form.

"Uh," says Cyber Gal looking at Omega Mecha Man, "do we know her?"

"Don't worry," says Omega Mecha Man to her as he floats down to the roof top, the rest of the team following.

"Madam," says Omega Mecha Man in his hero voice, "your assistance is appreciated, however we prefer not to use such…violent means to defeat Lord Lune. He may be persistent; but he is not a high class threat."

"A threat is a threat," says the woman, "however you are not who I am here to speak too. Gold Wolf, come here."

The icy stare in her yellow eyes bring one to think of the predatory gaze of a big cat. Gold Wolf nervously steps forward.

Before he can get past Omega Mecha Man, Enda grabs his arm, "hey lover," she says, "who is this bitch? I've never seen you look scared before?"

Everyone except for Omega Mecha Man look at Gold Wolf who just growls as he pulls his arm away from Enda whispering to her, "She's the queen.". Omega Mecha Man does show concern in his eyes and brow as Gold Wolf walks past him.

Enda leaps forward between Gold Wolf and the woman.

"No one bosses around the most bad-ass demon in town!" shouts Enda to the woman, "I don't care who you think you are!"

"Your girlfriend certainly has spirit," says the woman, "I wont hesitate to take down your playmates however if you insist upon defying me."

"I am not defying you your majesty," says Gold Wolf as he lowers to his knee, a gesture that brings gasps from the team; and from viewers watching this scene at home as a news helicopter records the event; of course naturally they can't hear anything.

Gold Wolf says, "Enda, stand down, she could kill us all…"

"What are you doing?" asks the woman looking directly at Gold Wolf who falls silent, I said I was here to speak with you not conquer your playground."

She shakes her head and looks at the others. She smiles and lets out a single low laugh, "I believe you are this leader of this team?" she says to Omega Mecha Man.

"Yes," he says.

"My apologies," she says, "My son here has me a bit upset, however that is no reason for me, or him, to be so rude."

"Son!?" says Enda, the others mouth this, Omega Mecha Man just thinks it.

"Yes," says Gold Wolf still kneeling down and looking at the pavement.

"Wait," says Enda, "if she's your queen….then…."

She looks at him pointing in disbelief, "you're a demon prince!?!"

"At any rate," says the woman, "I suppose I should introduce myself, I am Queen Thistle, and yes this man, your playmate…and I take it this young lady's…mate. Is indeed one of my children. In either case I do need to speak with him privately a moment, don't worry he'll be able to play with you all again…"

She looks down at him with a scornful expression for a moment, "he just wasn't supposed to be back here so soon…neglecting my orders…however I won't drag you into that…its none of your concern after all, so please, leave us a moment."

Gold Wolf looks back at them and nods. Enda looks the woman up and down, shrugs, and walks back to the team with an "oh shit"
expression on her face realizing this woman must be dangerous if Gold Wolf is so afraid, then again…the image flashes back to her that this woman did just shred apart the giant monster in a single attack and send Lord Lune fleeing faster than their whole team ever has before.

Omega Mecha Man says, "Okay team, return to base, the threat is over."

He turns to Gold Wolf, "Return to base as soon as you can Gold Wolf,"

"Yeah sure boss man," says Gold Wolf with a smirk trying to reclaim some of his reputation, however that expression quickly fades as he looks back at Queen Thistle.

As the team flies away Queen Thistle snaps her fingers, both she and Gold Wolf vanish in a flash of yellow light.

Madam magic pulls up beside Enda as they fly away, "so just met your future mother in law huh? Pretty scary."

Enda just smiles, "I wouldn't expect any less from Gold Wolf's mother."

A bright day, the sunlight reflecting off the walls of the white stone castle, a very classical structure; a castle befitting any fantasy story book. Other than a large mansion half the size of the castle connected to it; both sharing the same massive garden atop a hill, their walls encircling and separating them from, and dividing up various districts connected by massive gates and wide stone streets, the great capital city of Crimdalina. On this day in the garden below a young man trains in both the use of magic and sword skill, he is a bit clumsy about it though; better at using magical items than using battle techniques. It does not help that his father, a wise old man with a long beard and wearing wizard robes standing nearby just shakes his head saying, "battle training again? I sent you to Stratalia to become a court magician not an adventurer."

The young man is clearly not dissuaded from his quest, if anything he pushes himself harder. This young man however is not the focus of the two high up on a castle wall. Queen Thistle and Gold Wolf stand now, just appearing here, on an external walk way high up on the main castle; where no one can eavesdrop or disturb them.

"Gold Wolf," says Queen Thistle, "why did you abandon Holly? Why have you disobeyed me and left her alone?"

"Mother," says Gold Wolf, "She doesn't need my protection, she's strong and her companions are also strong. Its just as you planned, I directed them into harms way in such a way that it wasn't obvious, but they figured it out. Besides, that girl doesn't need my help, her friends are plenty strong…"

"Gold Wolf," interrupts Queen Thistle, "I think you misunderstand the mission I have given you, I said to watch over Holly, protect her from harm and corruption. You have left her alone with two pirates, and the Dark Sorceress."

Gold Wolf thinks, "guess you don't know about the thief,…wait…Dark Sorceress."

"Mother," says Gold Wolf, "do you mean Rhulan? I know she was this whole Empress thing a thousand years ago and all, but…"

"You don't recognize her?" asks Queen Thistle, "I told you when you saw her she would seem familiar to you."

"Well yeah," says Gold Wolf, "she looks like this one super-villain back on Earth, but she's taller and has different colored hair. Besides these dark sorceresses are a dime a dozen, all using that same look, the long dark hair, dark clothes, being know it alls I just want to punch in the face, and generally over-bearing."

"No," says Queen Thistle, "I said The Dark Sorceress, not a dark sorceress."

"Wait," says Gold Wolf standing to his feet looking his mother in the eye, "do you mean…."

"Yes," says Queen Thistle, "she was that individual, the one who invaded the Earth I was grooming with my magic scouts. She came and introduced black magic, she summoned monsters…she tried to turn them to her dark ways, she…played the super-villain."

"Woah," thinks Gold Wolf, "I forgot about that, stupid kids, stupid idea in the first place, acting like some shining goddess to turn them into heroes of love and friendship, if it weren't for that Dark Sorceress showing up the whole thing would have been lame…guess that's why I was called help those kids as their mysterious stran…ger…oh shit."

Queen Thistle raises an eyebrow, "Remember her now?"

"How," says Gold Wolf, "could she be that person? I mean that was just some dark image in a mirror controlling some second banana villains, we didn't even know about her till near the end of that whole deal and it turned out the Dark Sorceress was trying to get a foot hold to be summoned there or…what was that?"

"She was trying to take over a physical body Gold Wolf, for what ever plan she was hatching. Likely to take over the world."

"Okay, I'm lost," says Gold Wolf.

Queen Thistle *sighs*, "fine, sixty years ago a world where I am worshipped as a goddess of light was suddenly invaded by strange dark forces powered by magic crystals. I summoned a team of friends from the local high school with hearts filled with purity and light to become my Solar Justice Scouts,"

"Don't roll your eyes," snaps Queen Thistle.

Gold Wolf leans against a wall with his arms crossed, he knows all this, and wishes he didn't, and he wishes his mother wasn't the type prone to speeches.

Queen Thistle continues, "As you know the magic of that world barred me from entering it directly due to how powerful I am, or even appearing there other than as a reflection in mirrors and speaking to them. The most I could do was send magic items through the mirrors to aid my champions. It would seem the Dark Sorceress was in the same predicament; except she was having her minions create monsters and try and acquire various magic artifacts from that world."

Queen Thistle stops and stares into space saying, "I wander now…"

She shrugs, "In either case no good could come of it," she says dismissively, "Thanks to my aid the Justice Scouts were able to defeat the Dark Hoard and reclaim all the magic artifacts; which of course are now in my palace on Juhn as you know my son."

"Okay," says Gold Wolf trying not to roll his eyes at this needless recap of events he experienced, "so why do you think this Rhulan and the Dark Sorceress are one and the same? No offense mother but the look is a cliché."

"I can sense it," says Queen Thistle, "She is the Dark Sorceress. I know your report to the palace stated they intend to come to this country. I will be waiting here. You are to ensure they actually do come here and don't change their minds, and that is an order."

"Yes your majesty," says Gold Wolf, "Just one last question before I take did read in my report how Rhulan was a statue for the last thousand years and only able to astral project a short distance around Stratalia until earlier this year right? So how then can she be the same entity that was in your dark mirror?"

Queen Thistle gives him a cold stare and simply states, "She lied about her limitations in the astral plane, or simply neglected to state any not directly asked of her, thus is the nature of such beings."

With that Gold Wolf takes out his teleportation device and vanishes leaving Queen Thistle alone on the castle.

Queen Thistle looks out over the country side while thinking, "What are you planning Dark Sorceress?"

Gold Wolf finds himself back on Earth, but not back in Japan, no now he is in Michigan in the United States, "piece of shit teleporter," he mumbles to himself, he smiles and says to himself "heh, mom, you and that Rhulan dame are so much a like its scary."

He takes a look around before saying, "yeah, you're both long winded."