Hi friends, Nightwinggrayson13 here and here's an essay on my opinion of Fanfiction. This goes out to Mystergal5 as most of my works do. She inspires me to write and she is one of the best fanfic writers i know. Hope you enjoy my thoughts on things.

Fanfiction is something creative people use when their stuck. Some peoples can't come up with characters and a whole wide world of their own. Sometimes people come up with characters and plop them into a already made world. They do this for love. Love of the fandom, the love of the characters and as a love for writing. There are different type of fanfiction ranging from Lemons to Extra long plot told stories. Some fanfics are OC inserts or a specific ship. People are imaginative when it comes to things they love. Sometimes they love a book relationship and want to make up scenarios they wish were true. Others write ships that would never come to pass. Some fanfic writers like to think they are helping the characters reach a full potential the author never went for. Fanfic is a way people express themselves, on Fanfiction websites you aren't different. The geeks, the freaks, the weirdo's, we are all on one of those sites for the same reason, or at least similar ones. To read and write and characters you spend time with, who you enjoy, who are so on your brain you need to unleash it. My friend Mystergal5, she's been writing for 4 close to 5 years. She didn't have to, she could have just gotten bored and found a new weird hobby, But instead she wrote fantastic characters, great chapters in a world already made, but with her own spin on things. Fanfiction is your own spin on things. She has wrote stories for years and has only gotten more popular in that time. She's a creative genius so she writes fanfiction. Fanfic is also a release, a way for all the heavy thinkers to throw something into the world and be proud of it, to know somebody might enjoy it or might not at least they shared it. This site here, Fictionpress was made for people who think and know they can make new worlds, Fanfic is for people who can do their own thing, but just need a place they are familiar in. It doesn't matter the fandom, PJO, HP, Mortal instruments, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Marvel cinematic universe, the whole point is to know and love that universe and contribute at times! Even just reading Fanfiction helps, because you can enjoy someones vision, someones chosen scenario of this world. Anybody's ships and alternate universe can be shown through fanfic. As mentioned, Mysterygal5 has wrote for 4 years and her stories are loved, so try, put the time and effort to read and write wonderful stories.

Well that's my piece on the matter, until next time