This is supposedly a spin off elementary version of "Legends Awakening"

I know it's not good to start the next book but it's just a spin off of this series.

There is one more book to the Akardos/Fonaxe saga and I'll post it soon.

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Sokara- The just Delyran prince, brother of Arcturakos and Koshka, captain of the Shepherds and Exalt of Delyrus. Wields the legendary sword, Ragnarok.

Koshka- The sprightly Delyran princess and younger sister of Arcturakos and Sokara. Wields her personal Mend stave staff, Dawn Omega II.

Demiri- The royal retainer for Arcturakos, Sokara, and Koshka and lieutenant of the Shepherds. Wields his personal axe, Knightfall.

Marco Rubio- Dracoknight/Tactician for the Shepherds. Based on the default Male Avatar. Wields his personal blade Creventis and is skilled with spelltomes. Married to the dancer Kelli.

Eleanore Kendora (Lunaria)- Leader and eldest of the Shepherd Children. Daughter of Sokara and lieneant heritage of the Delyran royalty. Wields Analouge Ragnarok, a blade inherited upon Sokara's death during the Spring Wintercress.

Blaze- A thief born from the outskirts of Solaria. Aerin's future son. He may appear innocent and kind, but he's more likely to lash out than be friendly, especially when it's about his height. The most likely to unsheathe his blade (Sol) often. Born on April 19.

Aerin- A Mysterious young woman found by Marco. She hails from a mysterious country that specializes in warfare. The most terrifying in battle while wielding her axe, Rigormortis. Born on July 31.

Tenaki- a foxy fursona born in Knem Forest and raised in Crodantis as a restuarant manager for The Ruby Fox. Trained as a Shepherd Vulpecula Knight, he wields the Ruby Infused Glass Longsword, "Firefox."

Senpai- Born in Aragary and raised in Delyra, she is a studious Shepherd Mage and Spellthief who wishes to research all that interests her.

Arcturakos (Enlightened Truth)- a pacifistic current ruler of Delyra; older sister of Sokara and Koshka until an executive threat from the king of Gudora caused her to free fall as a suicide farewell.

Euriki- Battlemage and healing priest of Kagia whose appearance often causes people to mistake her for a man.

Sobek (Snapperhook)- Valkyrie knight and Thief of Durene. He loves candy and always enjoys giving his friends a nickname. Wields bow and arrow, Talonstrike.

Corasta- A clumsy but dedicated Shepherd and Pegasus Knight. (Potential queen) Rides Zaphira, a wild pegasus tamed in Aragary before becoming long time companion to Corasta. Wields her trusty staff, Dawn Omega.

Nimbus (Speed Cloud)- A well-meaning Shepherd Cavalier from Crodantis with a voracious appetite.

Gylex- mercenary of Aprelux and wields the axe, Gauwill. Rides Astraios, a tamed griffin found in the skies near Crodantis. A thick-headed Shepherd and Sokara's self-proclaimed rival.

Ascald- Ruler of the west of Regna Kagia.

Hardo- Ruler of the east of Regna Kagia.

Robion- a Kagian fighter and best friends with Kelli. Wields the Striker blade "Hawkus"

Kelli- a Kagian ribbon dancer and wife of Marco. Wields her lance, Killer Edge.

Maline- The Avatar's maid.

Jade- Maline's friend and battle mage of Delyra. The captain of the Delyran Pegasus Knights and Arcturakos's bodyguard.

Rikkert- A young Delyran Shepherd Mage newbie who desires to be treated like an adult rather than a child.

Elmeri- Merchant and Delyran Shopkeeper. Has multiple cousins that take over the Constellation Realms.

Vigur- a Delyran Shepherd and Skyguard who thinks everything is romantic. Wields the bow and arrow, Tholex Indson.

Dakota- a Delyran Shepherd and Skyguard who has no emotions whatsoever. Wields her trusty lance, Thunderstorm.

Laurel- second battle mage of Delyra and expert scholar on Healing.

Goose- a lousy bumpkin from the countryside of Terabia.

Garea- a Gudorian Madking who wanted to execute Arcturakos to death.

Krotos- a Gudorian predecessor to Garea. He proudly willed to awake Garuga by seizing all 5 gemstones of the Arcane Emblem along with the extinction of Solaris. Wields the blade of Garuga known as "Oblivion."

Aegis/Silvermoon- Queen of Gudora and wife of Krotos. Is also known to be a battlemage from Aarekiyrin.

Segarus- dark mage of Estria. Wields dark type tomes only and is a second spy on the avatar. He is known as a crow freak and sends out his personal messenger, Argos the alpha raven to spy on the avatar.

Vivienne- dark mage of Cresta. Wields dark type tomes only and is a third spy on the avatar.

Rayne- a Solarian queen with a vile heart to revive Garuga back to life. Wields a special lance forged from the Titan Hydra's metal spikes.

Zane- Leader and Assassin for the PackHunters. Serves as Rayne's trusted spy to capture Marco and bring him unharmed to Solaria.

Grock- One of the Assassins for the PackHunters that attacked the Shepherds' Kagia camp.

Giya- a royal retainer for Queen Rayne and resides in Solaria's main city, Krolis.

Forn- a full time guard at Casle Solaria and Rayne's trusted servants.

Lupis- a mysterious wolf whisperer of the Gemoyotes that fought alongside Sevalia and the Rulers.

Zorn- a Solarian general that dueled the Shepherds after hearing Giya's betrayment towards Rayne.

Akuras- a mighty griffin and messenger of the Kagian Rulers. Alerted Sokara about the war in Delyra and allied with the Rulers to fight against Lupis.

Reima- The Divine Hero from the past that mysteriously disappeared after the Titan Hydra war. Wields the Blue flaming blade, Stormbringer.

Leo- Another Divine Hero that fought alongside Reima in the war. Unfortunately was long gone and never made a come back. Weilds the Blue flaming blade, Stormbringer.

Snugjack- a baby Fursona who stands up to see the last of his kind who happens to be Tenaki, the last fox on Akardos.

Lady Elni- a Roiskinsian of the Royal Nagas. Currently sleeps in the Divine Mast located near Athecea and protector of all 5 gemstones for the Arcane Emblem (Shield of Solaris)

Tealgra- a teal colored Roskinsian who wishes to stay with the Shepherds and keep Snugjack under control.

Lansu- The current dynast of Athecea and Sevalia's protector.

Yirien- The former dynast of Athecea and the older brother of Sevalia.

Sevalia- Former princess of Athecea and the younger sister of Yirien.

Edelin- Part of the Shepherd Children and an intelligent mage with a passion for science.

Ridgar- Part of the Shepherd Children and a skilled Drakowing Rider. Usually wears a mask in flight while riding his trusty Drakowing wyvern, Kaldrak.

Inari- Part of the Shepherd Children and a brave Priest, looking intimidating, he is more likely to burst into tears than bust out a weapon, alongside being the most likely to incur friendly fire.

Larendalle (urchis)- Part of the Shepherd Children and a studious Priest, despite her best efforts to show any sign of prodigious skill, her attempts were considered inferior to Elek's natural abilities.

Alys- Part of the Shepherd Children and a brave Knight. She was trained by Dakota to become Delyra's best knight.

Galen- Part of the Shepherd Children and a proud Myrmidion Knight, he is retained by the royal family with Kendora and bears the Brand on his arm like Sokara does. Wields his personal blade, Oathbreaker.

Eryeth- Part of the Shepherd Children and a purple haired mercenary, he is Marco and Kelli's son and a huge womanizer on girls. Wields the 'Twin Dragons of Varg' blade, Ashrune.

Reuben- Part of the Shepherd Children and a loyal Mystic Knight, she is Marco and Kelli's daughter from the future and tends to tease her brother whenever it comes into the topic about girls.

Cillia- Part of the Shepherd Children and a girly Pegasus Knight, she grew up with the stories of the "Generation of Heroes" or the stories of her parents and their friends, even if they were not all entirely accurate.

Yiraloth- Part of the Shepherd Children and a feisty Roskinsian, he tends to go nervous when his tiny dragon wings flap out of his ears under incomplete control.

Egelard- Part of the Shepherd Children and a cute but scary archer, her calm persona can sometimes turn into an ear-piercing rant.

Oriel- Youngest of the Shepherd Children and a lonely Roskinsian, she lost her family during a Siren attack, leaving her to reside in a foster home until Sokara found her in the Twin's Hideout.

Dragon of Divine Flames, Solaris- leader of the Royal Nagas and the rest of the Roskinsians who first discovered the continent of Akardos.

Titan Hydra Dragon of Eternal Shadows, Garuga- A dragon known as the Titan Hydra Dragon with a fanatical human cult following who thrusts the world into chaos.

Efux Rise

5 years ago

The sky was tinted shades of blood red and midnight violet. On the back of the Titan Hydra Dragon Garuga, there stood the Shepherds on mechanical ground, continuing the battle against Garuga and his Garugi forces. As the Shepherds kept the Garugis at bay, two of the Shepherds were face to face with Garuga himself. The Exalt Sokara and his trusted dracoknight/tactician, Marco.

"...I AM...GARUGA... I AM...DESPAIR..." The Titan Hydra Dragon spoke, his monotone spine chilling voice brought the other Shepherds to tingle in fear except for the only two brave enough to withstand his booming voice laced with depravity.

Garuga turned his eight heads locking on to Marco, "...RETURN TO ME... COME... WE ARE ONE...AND THE SAME..."

Marco could barely utter a word as he came face-to-face with the Titan Hydra Dragon that could be considered his doppelganger.

"I come to end you, Garuga!" The Exalt shouted at the top of his lungs, maintaining his balance on the hydra's back.

Garuga only laughed that caused most of the Shepherds to cover their ears from the sudden explosion of humor "… ARROGANT MORTAL… I AM THE END!"

"Your end has come!" Sokara proclaimed as he rushed towards Garuga with the newly exalted Ragnarok and begins striking the dragon.

Garuga could only chuckle as one of the heads to his mechanical titan body summons several dark spikes. Both Sokara and Marco barely dodged the spikes, but not without a few wounds.

"Here's how it's done!" Marco exclaimed as his blade Creventis strikes Static Storm at Garuga, slightly weakening him.

"IS… THAT… ALL?" Garuga wasn't impressed one bit. Despite being weakened, he re-gained his energy thanks to the chip hidden underneath his back and summoned more several dark spikes.

"AUGH!" Sokara and Marco both yelled in pain as they failed to dodge the spikes in time.

Now all three of them were weakened. The Shepherd healers couldn't come to their aid as the other Shepherds fought to keep the Garugi at bay.

"Gods… hngh…" Sokara could barely stand up from the pain, his body being glued to the hydra's G'ravity field while splutters of electricity jolted around them in excitement.

"No… ugh…" Marco was on the same page with Sokara, the rest of his body feeling nothing but the hilt of Creventis held tight on his right hand.

"THIS… ENDS… HERE!" Garuga boomed in rage as he begins summoning the dark spikes. This one will end them for good.

But thanks to the sparks of electricity that re-fueled Creventis into a healthy glowing green sword, the dracoknight felt his body jolt back to life and stood up with ease, giving Garuga to hideously double take at his enemy's revival.

"Time to tip the scales!" Marco, refusing to give up, switches to his Holy Blitz tome and, with all his might, casts the bolts of lightning striking Garuga.

"...NNGH...AAAAUGHHH..." Just like an average man getting struck by lightning, caused Garuga to fall into a near death finale. All the remaining Garugi have started dying, leaving the Shepherds free and the healers free to heal Sokara and Marco.

Now fully healed, Sokara saw his chance.

"This is it!" Sokara readies Ragnarok, about to strike and put Garuga back to 'shut down', some bits of stray magic drags him back. Sokara tries to run back, but a magical barrier blocks his way.

Heartbeating in fear, Sokara begins scanning beyond the barrier. Through the storm infested sky, he later spots Marco's signature lime green cape.

Sokara couldn't believe his eyes. "Marco?! Wait, what-"

"…WHAT …WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Garuga screeched in disbelief, all of his 16 red orbs were perishing in difficulty to find the dracoknight.

"For once, I'm glad you and I are the same. Now I can give my life to protect those I care for..." Marco smirked as he pulled out a Holy Blitz tome.

"…YOU WOULD… NOT DARE!" Garuga yelled, thrashing his eight heads around while aimlessly throwing dark spikes at the air.

"I would and I will. The evils you would visit on this world are unthinkable... In some way, I-we share the blame. It's only right we meet our end together!" Marco declared, the projectiles miraculously didn't touch him despite Garuga built to be a perfect dragon archer.

And with that, Marco lifts Creventis above his head. Lightning begins to strike the blade, sparks emitting from every inch of the divine sword. With the blade now large and sparked with electrical energy, Rubio begins to slam it down towards Garuga.


"…NOOOOOOO!" Garuga yelled as the electrical energy rapidly descends closer to him.

"NOOOOOOO! Marco!" Sokara yelled. Helpless, he was unable to do anything to stop it.


The blade makes direct contact with Garuga, and the Titan Hydra dragon starts to fade by shutting down.

The magic barrier slowly fades as well and Sokara and the rest of the Shepherds rush to Marco.

"Marco, what have you done?" Sokara spoke to the tactician, not sure on what he should feel.

"I'm sorry…" Marco didn't know what to say, eagerly staring at the mechanical statue of a dead Garuga. "This is what must be done."

And with that, Marco begins to fade. As he fades, Rubio looks back to Sokara and the rest of the Shepherds, smiles at them and says to them, "Good-bye. May we see each other again someday."

As quickly as Garuga disappeared from the foot of the sloping Efux Rise, Marco disappears as well.

A/N: Oh gods! That battle! I gotta say, a lot of people have said that writing battles were hard, they weren't kidding! I apologize if the battle was somewhat well"meh-ish," I did the best I could.

Also, I'm well aware on how Marco actually kills Garuga. I finished the game like 5 times! I just felt that the way the game portrayed it was so boring. So, I apologize

Anyway, this is just the prologue. *gasp* Hopefully, the story will satisfy you guys.

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