Hey guys! It's me Falco276 here!

Thanks for 1,000 views (or almost to a 1,000) on this story! Without you guys, I would have never made this series! Yeah, 52 chapters worth of pure fantasy excitement and action packed battle scenes was enough to place you guys in a motivated reading mood for my next story! Don't worry it will come soon!

So you can either go to my profile and check out:

1.) Family Visit (one shot)

2.) The Enigmatic Thief: Blaze (Support conveys)

3.) Eagerly wait for my next book to arrive.

I have major announcements to make! *Clears throat*

1.) This is the only book that is completed in the series. It's funny on how I completed book 2 but I didn't take time for the Original KvD: Legends Awakening story. It is posted on my Fiction Press so look under my profile for the first three chapters. I'm still working on the missing chapters without a script and twisting some scenes around. Starting this week, I will be heavily focused on the first book with only includes a maximum of 28 chapters. The paralogue and Xenologue chapters will be avaliable on Knights vs Dragons Wiki!

Also that includes with the script chapters to this story too.

2.) As stated above, the Knights vs Dragons Wiki is officially opened! It is under construction so don't expect 950+ articles to be posted there in a flash. I'm just not finished with the character designs, road maps, and other special features.

3.) I will be coming back to this story to make minor corrections. Some of you may have pointed out some spelling errors or missing words from the story. The reason I could give away is beacause I have posted this story on numourous websites and it's not finished on Spark A Tale, Inkitt, Archive of our Own, and finally Wattpad. Don't worry on this one, I promise.

Until then, happy reading, favouriting, reviewing, whatever it is you like to do!

Until next time!

Falco276 out!