"Oooh!" The crowd that had gathered around the table thrummed in solid unison and admiration as Jace made the last cup.

"Beer-pong champion!" He cried out throwing both hands in the air and punching upwards He turned to bow to his public; he was on top of the world as always.

"Jace you're amazing!" His NABPP [nameless attractive beer pong partner] said. Yes. I am. I thrashed this game with no help from you. He thought and smirked cockily.

"Why thank you my dear but it was all teamwork." He smiled his most attractive smile and throws an arm over her shoulder. She blushes hotly but looks up at him in deep longing. He was after all Jace Reid only the hottest commodity in Greenfield and his attention was on her tonight.

Jace's friend Kyle waggled his eyebrows in a 'Get it in' fashion. Jace simply gave a wink and asked the girl if she wanted to go get a drink.

"But you have to defend your title!" A girl in the crowd squeals gaging for a bit of attention. If Jace cared to remember she had been on his arm a week or so prior alas he did not.

"Nah, everybody already knows I'm the best." He smirks once more steering the girl with the blushing face and longing eyes towards the punch knowing Kyle made it lethal, almost twice the amount of Bacardi that should be considered normal. Then his heart almost drops out his butt. The door was busted open and three cops walked in.

Jace stopped short drink in hand and the girl began to start crying hysterically making her face curl up like a pug dog.

"Fuckā€¦" Jace muttered dropping his head.