Bite me fight me

An orc stepped out before the kids holding a struggling Maya tight against its chest. The orc itself was huge, with cock eyes.

"Well, well, well." A gangly voice spoke out as a smaller orc walked from around the huge orc. It had a sword sheathed along its back. Another orc, taller than the one who'd spoke, but smaller than the first, walked beside it carrying an axe.

"Look what little brother has caught." The short one continued as it observed the children before them. "And outsiders at that."

"Food?" The big one holding Maya tightly huffed, breathing heavily over Maya's head.

The orcs breath was grotesque and the girl shifted her head as far over as she could while cringing. "You wish." She stated then struggled to wiggle one of her hands free from it's huge arm. It was literally crushing her body against its. Once her right hand dangled free, she pointed it towards the ground.

A dried tree root broke from the ground and pierced through the huge orcs leg. Dark green blood gushed out from the wound. The orc groaned in pain and released her to roll away towards her family.

The other orcs jolted in shock as they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"They are magics. Alert the lord." The short one growled to the middle one.

The middle one reached under its chest plate and pulled out a long, black horn. Bringing it up to its mouth, the orc blew into it. What came out resembled a dark melody. It was creepy and loud booming throughout the air.

"Nononono, they're calling for the others." Drew cried out in a fret.

K.O glared over at the orcs. A gust of wind rolled in and gathered around his hands. He punched his right fist out and an air ball blasted from him and barreled into the horn before the orc could blow in it again.

"Demons!" The middle one hissed, then lifted the axe it was holding up threateningly. The short one unsheathed the sword from its back frowning at the children.

The huge orc grabbed the root and with a roar yanked it from its leg and the ground. The dirt ripped apart as the root broke through a few feet.

It roared out again and charged for the children.

Belle pushed Drew behind her as it neared. K.O crouched down then leapt high and performed a tornado roundhouse kick across the orcs face. The orc stumbled backwards with its huge arms waving around for balance.

Rockie sprinted and ran up the orcs front side like it was a wall. Once he stepped onto its face, he drop-kicked it till the orc toppled over. Rockie flipped back and landed in a crouch as the orc crashed on the ground. Boom.

"We'll have fun skinning you," The short one said with what was suppose to be a smirk. "Ain't that right little brother?"

"You're right big brother." The middle one agreed.

"Looks like we're fighting anyway," Maya grumbled aloud and stuck out her right hand to the side. "Dustin" The orcs flinched back with a frightened roar once they eyed the glitters fluttering out of the vortex and take shape. When the gavel formed before her hand, she grabbed it.

K.O swiveled his arms around in some sort of fighting dance, then brought his right hand up toward his mouth with his index finger and thumb pinched forming an 'O'.

"Ariel's kiss" He whispered the kissed at his fingers. A ball of air flashed out from his hand, spreading wider as it went. The middle and short orc jumped opposite ways to dodge the attack. The huge orc was getting to its feet, tilting its head in curiosity as the attack hit it and knocked it over again.

"Let's try and make this one quick and easy, ok?" K.O stated as he watched the other two orcs slowly start reapproaching them.

"Agreed." Maya said, gripping Dustin tight.

"And try not to use your source. We're too close to the homes." Belle advised, keeping one of her arms back to shield a trembling Drew, who was clutching to the back of her dress.

Maya and K.O paused for a second, before nodding in agreement.

The huge orc lifted to its feet and glared towards the children, though its eyes weren't focused their way, then roared loud. It reached over its shoulder and pulled out a large wood club from somewhere behind it. It raised the club and slammed it to the ground. A shock wave rushed out from the impact.

The children tried to brace themselves, but the pressure proved to be stronger than they had thought as it pushed them back and knocked them over. The huge orc took off running at the kids with the ground shuttering on every step it took.

Maya sat up and grabbed Dustin then hurried to her feet and ran at the orc prepared to strike it.

However, a dull bladed sword collided with the gavel as the short orc intercepted her attack, letting the huge orc run pass her.

"Stupid girl," The short orc chimed, pushing its sword against Dustin.

Maya gritted her teeth and smirked, "Stupid orc." She retorted back, then retracted Dustin from the sword and swung for the orcs head.

It ducked to dodge the swing and stood straight and then struck for the red head.

Maya jumped back and the two started batting at each other. Though the orc looked dumb, it was keeping up with her swings.

The huge orc continued storming for the others. K.O ran at it to try and stop it, yet it just swiped its right arm out swatting K.O away.

The boy soared fast over into the wall of the house beside them, letting out a breathless gasp once the wind was knocked from him. He didn't go through it, but was left dented in a few inches. He could vaguely hear muffled yelps and screams coming from somewhere, but didn't think much of it.

'Damn, that things strong,' K.O thought in pain as he eyed the beast still gunning for Belle and Drew. He caught movement from his left side, then suddenly ducked as the middle orc swung its axe for his head.

The axe crashed deep into the log.

K.O rolled away and was about to send a gust of wind at the orc, until he caught the frighten faces of the occupants inside the house peering down at them through the window. It was clear that the orcs didn't care what happened to their citizens, but the doves were better than that.

K.O stared over at the middle orc attempting to free its axe from the house. The wind swirling around his hands intensified as he reared his fist back and went to punch at the orc. It was short-lived though when the axe was suddenly freed and wheezed out causing the boy to lean back in order to keep his face and hands from being chopped off.

The middle orc continued swinging his axe wildly and the blonde continued swiftly dodging them. 'So predictable,' K.O leaned to his left as the orc brought the axe down at his right.

K.O spun then kicked the orc on the side of its head. However, to keep the orc from slamming into the house, (because they were already scared enough), he hooked his foot behind the crook of its neck then slammed it face down to the ground. Its body went still.

'I gotta thank King for that one,' K.O huffed, and frowned when his mouth started to feel dry and empty. He patted his pants looking for a sucker, but where were his pockets? He looked down to realize that he was still dressed in his pj's. 'Dammit, I need my suckers, stupid Rockie.'

While K.O was distracted, he missed seeing the middle orc lift up shakingly to his palms and knees. It peered up at the blonde with a grimace and swung its axe out, cutting into the thigh of K.O's right leg.

"Fuc- Dammit!" K.O howled loudly as the pain made his knees buckle sending him kneeling to the ground. He gritted his teeth and looked down as his pajama pants leg was quickly being stained with his blood. 'Damn. I liked these pants'.

"Die!" The middle orc growled and proceeded to lung for K.O, swinging the axe.

K.O rolled forward to dodge the axe which now cut into the ground where he was. The orc snatched the axe up and lifted it overhead with a wet snarl.

K.O's hands burned white and he quickly outstretched a hand. "Pacious pain" a white magic seal formed over the orc and wind stormed down, forcing the orcs body to be beat into the ground.

The huge orc continued running, targeted on Belle and Drew. The water mage swallowed hard, then forced her tensed body to get in defense.

The orc took one more step, before it abruptly fell forward and crashed with a thud. Rockie stood wearing an excited expression behind it. His hands were still clamped together tight by the wood cuffs. The boy took to one of the orcs legs and started running along the orcs body, but the orc went to roll over towards its left.

"Whoa," Rockie gasped as he fell off, then quickly back-rolled after noticing that the orc's body continued to roll. It swung the club over while rolling and smashed down for Rockie, who was kneeling. The ginger eyed the club, then leaped out of the way just in time to not be crushed.

"Be careful, Rockie." Belle lectured out.

"Shut up," He growled back, voice filled with attitude.

The huge orc started to sit up shaking its dazed head, then peered at Rockie through the corner of its eye like an iguana.

"Food!" It snarled then raised the club and slammed it down sending out another pressure wave.

Rockie couldn't dodge this one in time as the force sent him reeling back hard into a tree.

"Rockie!" Belle called out then eyed the huge orc attempting to stand as she harnessed in on her source. Fall border's air was so dry, barely containing any moisture, that it was proving hard for Belle to conjure up her magic. The environment greatly played a role on a magic's strengths and weaknesses.

"Ngh," she groaned at the annoying spark she felt from trying to summon her magic, but it still wasn't full. It felt as if her magic had a damper on it preventing it from fully charging to life. 'Come on. Come on,' She thought in a panic.

The huge orc lifted its big body up from the ground using its right hand as leverage. It slowly stomped around to have its sight on Rockie. The boy was slumped along the tree with his face cringed in pain. It started marching toward Rockie.

"Bubble" a bubble slowly formed before her, however it only grew to the size of a basketball. She tried to make it bigger, but the strain it was putting on her source was starting to cause her pain. It was small, but have to do. She thrust her left palm and the bubble flew out and slammed into the side of the orcs face.

The orc barely flinched, only pausing in its tracks to eye at Belle. It stomped around in place to face them.

Drew sucked in a frightened breath as he released his tight hold on Belle and turned to run away. He was scared, his fight or flight senses screaming to flee from danger. It wasn't long before he came to a sudden halt as a solid obstacle sent him falling back on his butt.

He groaned then went to look up only to widen his eyes in terror.

Belle summoned another bubble, the same size as before, and flung it at the orc, who only took the hit like it was nothing and continued stomping toward her. Summoning more bubbles, she flung them rapidly flying towards the orc. The more she threw the smaller they grew. She gritted her teeth.

"Help me!" Belle's body tensed up at Drew's terrified cry. It felt like time moved in slow motion as Belle turned around and saw two orcs behind her. One of them held Drew up by his hair as the boy sobbed.

The orcs were glaring at her. One of them growled then pointed to her, "You. You monsters knocked us out."

Belle's heart rate sped up at the sight. Stomping forced her to look over her shoulder at the huge orc still trudging her way, then back over at Drew. Her chest locked up as that feeling of being trapped became overwhelming.

Maya slashed for the short orcs hips, but the orc turned the sword upside down and blocked the gavel. With the flick of its wrist, it batted Dustin away from Maya's hold and sent it flying off.

It then kicked Maya down to her back. "Like I said, stupid girl." The orc stood over Maya and began rearing its sword far back.

Maya frowned up, "And like I told you. Log post" In a poof of clouds, a thick log appeared over the orc, then smashed down on top of it. The sword skittered across the dirt. "Stupid orc."

Dustin spun through the air until it clucked the huge orc across the top of its head. The orc fumbled over its feet dizzily, before crashing to the dirt with its tongue lolled out.

Belle eyes widened in surprise, then watched as K.O sent two air blast taking out the ones keeping Drew. The boy landed on the ground once released.

Belle ran to the boy and started looking him over for injuries.

"Are you ok?" She asked helping him to his feet and twirling him to further inspect.

"I'm fine." Drew answered her.

The kids tensed up when they heard the sound of marching gradually getting closer.

"Oh no," Drew sobbed.

Belle gnawed on her bottom lip, trying to quickly think of a plan. "We have to retreat back to the house."

"What? Why?" K.O asked, looking over in the direction they were heading. They were so close. If they just keep on then they could. "We can-"

"We'd be caught before all of us make it back." Belle explained.

"And just leave them here?" K.O questioned raising an eyebrow as he indicated toward the knocked out orcs littering the dirt.

"I. I don't know." Belle answered at a lost. She hadn't thought that far ahead. They were running low on time.

"I got this," Maya said, then clapped her palms together and closed her eyes. She started glowing and then magic circles appeared under each orc. The ground trembled as veins and roots sprung up and wrapped across the orcs bodies until they were covered.

Maya hummed, then the ground trembled again as the bodies were drugged through the dirt disappearing underneath. The dirt was smooth as before looking like it hadn't been tampered with.

Maya faced the group and threw them a forced smirk. "Can we go now?" She asked.

"I still think we got a good chance running for it." K.O offered out again. His gut was roaring for them to go his way.

There was a loud shout, and the halos from flames grew brighter and stomping grew louder the closer the others got.

"Like I said. We have no time." Belle urged and grabbed Drew's hand to turn and run back.

K.O, Maya, and Rockie were quickly following behind her.

The scene was left quiet, yet not unseen by a pair of eyes watching the group leave. A crude smirk slowly stretched along the figure's face.

... Brain break ...

Oh boy. My gut isn't feeling it either K.O. And who could be watching them this time?