"STRADDLES IN THE DUST" by Tut Pharaoh, December 2016

Disclaimer: All the characters are the product of fiction. Any resemblance to the real characters is of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.


Alive and blossoming thy stars shall shine

Forever and ever shall you be mine

Of memory with gifts, reasoning the prelude

Wailing the trails, imagine end gratitude

Beginning so soon, it's a day's must

Cutting it short, hidden's the lust

Shrine the proverbial moonlight and lay

Mirth and honor to gather and pray

Beckoning the summer's voices, a far

Cries the passion, reverting the tar

So free your senses, fly so high

Touch the rainbow, clouds and nigh

Wisdom cometh like a sorrow end

Walk and sit, lie down, mind bend

Eternal is that spark that toucheth the ice

But nothing immortal comes without price