One day, Ted wasn't home. While she was home, Dawn checked her e – mail account. She and Ted share a e – mail account, but she was using her own for this one.

She recently made up an account for Hotmail, but their account was located in AOL.

The doctor Dawn had been in contact was a woman whose name was Tammy Manilow. Dawn found this woman friendly and helpful. Tammy was the type of doctor that happened to work with people who had sheltered lives like Dawn, so this was perfect for her.

Here is what Tammy asked:

"Dawn, how long has this thing been going on between you and Ted that makes him a creep?"

Dawn could answer that question on her own, so she did.

"Well, Dr. Manilow, that is a good question. He and I have been together for fourteen years and hardly lets the kids and myself do anything. He doesn't let the kids to have an education for the future.

"Why didn't you divorce him if he isn't good of a husband?"

"Why didn't you divorce him if he isn't good of a husband?"

"He doesn't let that happen, so I don't get to keep in contact with my friends and family. Sometimes he isn't home at all."

"Sorry you lived a sheltered life. Good thing my husband is nothing like your Ted."

"What's your husband's name?"

"Bruce. He lets me and our son have freedom in the real world."

"Lucky you. Ted is like that here at home. He doesn't let me use anything except for cooking, laundry, shopping, and a few other things."

"At least you have me for this."

"That's right."

"Are you able to drive at all?"

"Of course not. That's one of the things he won't let me do. Plus, I never had a driver's license."

"Where you able to drive when you were a teenager?"

"Of course not. I wasn't too crazy about learning how to drive anyway."

"That's another thing my creepy husband wouldn't let me do. This is why he is a creep."

"This sure is a screwed up marriage you and your husband have."

"You're telling me. If you live here in Colorado you would have seen for yourself what a sheltered life looks like."

"I can imagine that, but don't want to see it."

"I don't blame you. I only have two children, but both my son and daughter are afraid of Ted, so I am not alone. How many patients have you helped?"

"Mrs. Rivera, I have been in practice for about almost ten years. I help several other patients that are like yourself. Lots of them no longer survived a life like you are."

"I would love to see it happen to me someday. How is the question. I have always dreamed of having a good marriage, and has been screwed up."

"I have a son that is sixteen. He will be getting his own license and car."

"Not bad. I hope he takes good care of the car."

"This session is not about my family. This is mostly you keep repeating how many times you would love a new beginning. That is why you have me."

"If this whole thing about myself being set free, how would I look for a job? I know this is a world of screwed up people like myself."

"Not every person is like you who is in a situation such as this. At least you still have the rest of your life to improve a whole new beginning. That is what I am here for."

"I have never paid the bills during my fourteen years with the creep. He usually takes care of that."

"You answered the question I was going to ask, so I don't need to now."

"One of the good things Ted doesn't do is tell me how much time I get while I'm on the computer. There is something else I would like to share."

"What do you want to share with me, Mrs. Rivera? We are running out of time, make this your last."

"Ted and I recently had a job interview with this one person who has a job in the music industry, but is planning to move on soon."

"Thank you for letting me know. Do you remember his name?"

"I think he told us it was Paul Francis. I don't know if he noticed how damaged I am during the interview, and I don't want to find out either."

"It was nice talking to you again, Mrs. Rivera. We shall talk again next week or so. Take care."

"Thanks. Same to you."

After that, Dawn logged off her e – mail. This is something Ted knows nothing about – Dawn had been in contact with someone. Let's hope he doesn't find out, she told herself.