Within the next day or so, Dawn once again had another e – mail conversation with Tammy. They normally do this every couple days in the same week so Tammy can see how she is progressing with Ted.

"How did it go with Ted?" Tammy asked.

Dawn answered, "I still am getting nowhere, Dr. Manilow. It's always the same argument, one after another."

"Just don't give up, Dawn. Lots of my other clients think like this also, so you're not alone."

Of course she understood what Tammy had just told her. Right away, Dawn didn't say a word, so she let Tammy do the talking.

"Has Ted ever been acting this way when you both met for the first time?"

"When I met him at that time, I never really thought about that. No, I didn't have a sheltered life at the time, and I enjoyed it until I married him. He was indicted four times before I heard he had criminal records."

"I bet you were embarrassed when you found out that on your own."

Dawn nodded her head as she began to type her answer. She didn't seem to care if Tammy felt that while having an e – mail conversation.

Good thing Ted never figured out that his wife had been doing, Dawn told herself. This wasn't something Tammy didn't need to know.

"Dawn, can I ask a personal question?"

"What's that?"

"Have you ever been on medication?"

"No way. Ted would never let that happen," Dawn replied.

"What does he do with the medication then?"

"All he does is throw them down in the toilet every time I am given something from doctors."

"That's a waste of money down the drain."

"Tell him that, Dr. Manilow. He doesn't care much about medical stuff."

"Health is something to worry about, that's for sure," Tammy agreed.

Once again, Dawn nodded her head. She seemed to think that Tammy made sense.

"Before we start talking more about how you can be set free, I want to prescribe a few antidepressants. It will keep you more active to forget your sheltered life with Ted. You will feel a lot better," Tammy replied.

"He still would find that out for himself that I will be taking antidepressants. How will I find a place for them when he won't be able to?"

Dawn still wasn't understand where Tammy was heading with this suggestion, but it still wouldn't hurt to try again.