This story is related to my Series The Mutant Riots however since this is a story that takes place in a universe of my own imagining and since no trademarked characters will appear in this story...I feel It only makes sense to place this story here as I am telling the story of my Humanimal Universe.

You Cubs have heard many tales of the Fellowship Herd, how they escaped the slave farm and the journey to find Paradise, only for Paradise to be destroyed by the Wranglers and how Matoaka the Great and Noble Unicorn Mare began the Great Humanimal Rebellion...All this you know Cubs...But you do not know how the Fellowship Herd truly came to be until you here the Tale of Matoaka's Greatest Mentor and her Maternal Uncle...Fossil...The Shaman of Shamans...How a Velciraptor came to be the Uncleof a Unicorn is quite mysterious...Back then Humanimals of different bloods did not breed with each other...But we did breed with Humans...Many times over...And here is where our story starts.

The Chief of the Dakota Tribe paced back and forth...Waiting for his wife to give birth to the son who would be the middle child of the family, the Chief had it all planned out, the First Son who they had named Thunder, was a strong and robust boy, who was destined to be the next Chief of the Tribe...Then this other son...Who would be Thunder's greatest Compainion and Playmate and then a third child..A girl...They would make sure this child would be a Girl and she would be the darling sister his two sons would adore and protect.

Then...The Nurse came out with a tiny bundle in her arms

"Congradulations..." The Nurse said wearily "Your wife has given birth to a healthy baby Velociraptor."

She lifted the blanket concealing the Baby's face,revealing a tiny scaly snout framed by white downy feathers.

The Chief raised his fists to the sky and shouted "GODAMN THAT WOMAN!"

So that was the opening chapter to whet your appitites...Read and review!