So finally I am gonna reveal what was wrong with what Fossil did in the last chapter, killing his boss was just fine it was eating him as a fellow intelligent being particularly since it was in no way necessary for Fossil to do so in doing so Fossil was just trying to assert his dominance and showing he is not as concerned with reconciliation between the Humans and Humanimals as he is just revenge, and here is where I run into trouble because my Fictionpress stories are connected to my Fanfiction, in this chapter Fossil spies on a very famous fictional city and I can't say which one but here is a hint, what is the fictional city most famous for being crime ridden?

After finally reaching the safety of the wilderness, Fossil preened his feathers, beaming from his accomplishment.

Then he heard Chardinaro's voice in his head 'Why did you do that?' Chardinaro did not sound pleased

"What do you mean?!" Fossil asked indignantly "You saw what happened! I killed him! I had to!"

'Killing is one thing…' Said Chardinaro 'I'm talking about why did you eat his flesh, it was completely unnecessary as you weren't even hungry!'

Fossil was about to open his mouth to protest but Chardinaro snapped 'Do you not realize what you have done?! You are half human and you ate the flesh of a human, therefore you have committed bona fide cannibalism! In the unfortunate instances where Humanimals have to eat the flesh of fellow Humanimals to avoid starvation, they make sure not to eat the flesh of any Humanimal the same species as they are Humanimals who have Human Blood in them do not eat the flesh of Humans for this reason, by you committing cannibalism you have made yourself impure, you have disqualified yourself from being one of the Humanimals in the final part of the Prophecy!'

For a long while Fossil was silent and no longer responded in either thought or spoken wordas Chardinaro guided him from Europe to North America to continue his training as a Shaman. Finally they came across a city, a strange city that had some 100 years ago decided to cease relying on Humanimal Slave Labor, but not out of any concern for Humanimals, no they had been convinced that Humanimals were a danger to Humans and so drove all the Humanimals out right before a devastating earthquake leveled the city and they rebuilt it, instead of the shining Futuristic Metropolis it had been they rebuilt it in the style of Art Deco, not content with simply expelling Humanimals from their lives the people of this city decided to return to living like it was the early 20th century thus leading many to scornfully call them 'The New Amish'

Fossil watched these strange Humans from a rocky ledge above the city, despite freeing themselves of most of the Human Empire's conventions these Humans didn't seem much improved, for every good human in the city Fossil seemed to find three or four evil humans to make up for it.

'How come I am 'impure' for eating just a little human flesh?' Fossil thought bitterly to himself 'Humans barely seem like intelligent beings these Humans seem lower than even ordinary animals! Why can't we just wipe out all these Humans and put Mother Earth relieve Mother Earth of this blemish on her surface?'

'All the Humans?' He heard Chardinaro's voice in his head 'Even the good ones you can see? Fossil, you have become so harsh and condemning for even in the darkest of places can be found things of value we do not know for certain who will be the players in the final part of the Prophecy, but I have a feeling that these Humans with shadowy hearts will have some role to play in the salvation of the Humanimals for good or for ill, before it is finished…'

And Fossil became very quiet after that, he knew not much Prophecy was left and there is only one role that explicitly must be played by a Human, specifically a Virgin Human Male must come to love a Virgin Humanimal Female with all his heart and she the same for him and the instant they consummate then the Prophecy says all intelligent beings will be free…Fossil gazed down at these Humans who seemed bent and twisted by their own wickedness, there were plenty of handsome people, but to Fossil they all seemed wicked, he thought about such bent and twisted Human Men laying with the beautiful Humanimal Maidens, filling them with their foul seed, Fossil recoiled as he exclaimed "Children from such men! Oh Frith and Inle!"

This is why Fossil had to engineer Matoaka's conception he knew he had to create a Heroine to succeed where he had failed, why he had to be the mentor not the hero