"Hey Riah, look at that fish!" Herus said looking at body of water in front of him, his finger pointed at the fish that were visible from where we were standing. They were colorful and beautiful swimming around as if they had nothing to worry. "Can you use your powers to bring one to me?" He said smiling as if he was excited to see me perform in front of him.

"I cannot, remember mother and father said using my powers is dangerous." I told him, his grin became expressionless as he heard my words.

"I don't know why you have to hide something so beautiful." He said as he got closer to the water. He stared at me with his light blue eyes and smiled warmly, that smile that made me feel like he understood the pain of my kind even though he knew nothing about it.

"I agree, but we will never know" I said in a low tone as I moved closer to Herus, he took my hand as I reached him and sighed.

"The most beautiful things are always mistreated by those who are afraid of its power." He said in a serious tone, at times like this I wondered how such a young person like him could carry that much wisdom in within his small body, after all we were only ten at the time. "I think people should learn to appreciate the gifts that life gives us, but all we do is question its existence."

"Yeah" I shortly replied. I stared at the fish again and moved my hand towards them as if I was pointing. I then moved my hand in circles until water started moving, after that, with both hands moving I created a ball of water that contained some fish inside them. "Is it pretty?" I asked Herus, he smiled and then looked away.