Broken Flower

A/N: 2016 can kick rocks. Overall, with the exception of some bright spots, this year has been sucky for me so far, and I'm trying to pour some hope into humanity but right now it's like SCREW THAT. So I'm going to try to share some snippets of stories that I really wanted to write, but couldn't get past certain parts of the planning stages to close out this year. Hoping that 2017 will be better for everyone. Thanks for supporting me; this is just a look into my pre-writing process (or what my brain looks like on it.) If this gives you an idea for a story or essay, let me know. Enjoy!

A mentally unstable woman (let's called her Aaliyah) is paralyzed by her past mistakes and memories of her mother being disappointed in her. She meets a young man named Eric Clark and has been living with him for 4 years. Eric is not a rich man, but he's learned to live within his means for the past 4 years before buying a house. Aaliyah ran away from her mother's house a few years ago. After wandering around the city for a few days, she encounters Eric while sleeping outside (See my snippet called Homeless for more info). It's been a struggle for her to accept his kindness, though.

Eric is not a bad guy; he loves Aaliyah and wants to support her.

(Maybe they met once before and were separated because of post-high school plans that took them to different paths in life?)

Do Eric's friends like her? They are mostly "meh," about it. "Live and let live, but let your friends live foolishly," They don't understand why he is still with her; Aaliyah has nothing to offer him but a warm body and delicious meals. (See how shallow his friends are?) She can't work because of her anxiety and depression (impacting her social life.) His family wants nothing to do with her because she is incapable of getting help for herself.

As for our girl, she's got no one to hold onto but herself and Eric. Aaliyah is a great cook (she has no food allergies and has a healthy appetite.). She also enjoys baking sweets; Eric loves her cooking even more than she does sometimes, which is very cute.

Conflict: Aaliyah struggles to block her childhood negativity out of her mind, as well as her mother's criticism.

First Scene: Aaliyah is lying on the master bedroom floor, body shaking as she tries to open her medication. Eric comes home, and she scarfs two red pills down with some water in a bottle next to her. Eric tells greets her from the hallway, saying something about smelling chocolate chip cookies. (They are vegan since she used vanilla flavored almond milk.) Aaliyah also made vegetarian lasagna.