Red Lily Night

Seth enters the nightclub known as Red Lily.

Twisted Spring, a popular underground metal band, enters the nightclub.

Krista, the lead vocalist, is attracted to Seth the moment she sees him.

Gunshots ring out randomly in the club.

Krista protects Seth and takes him upstairs to the hotel room where important guests like the band sleeps.

Each couple has their own room to share.

Seth shares a room with the Krista.

Krista pins Seth to their bed. She is shirtless and braless but she wears panties. They exchange intense glances. Krista seems to be out of breath. She lets him go. He watches her pop some pills on a nightstand. She rejoins him on the bed and he asks about the shooting. Krista says she doesn't know anything about that, but she thinks the Seth should stay with the band for a while. Those shooters wanted everyone dead and it wouldn't be safe for his family. Seth says it's okay; he doesn't have a family.

The two of them get ready for bed. We get a sneak peek at the other band members' love lives.

Late afternoon, Seth wakes up to see Krista dressed. The lead drummer is taking the band back to their mansion. This makes Seth a bit nervous since he will be in the car with with Krista. They sit on opposite ends in the back. On their way to the mansion, Seth freaks out in his own thoughts worrying about those unidentified shooters. Krista senses this and distracts him with a kiss and a promise to protect him.

A/N: This one is also a former Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, with the focus on Puzzleshipping and featuring the main 'ships among Yuugi's friends in the fandom. Krista (Yami) is sick in the story because she has hyperthyroidism which has yet to be treated properly.