In the universe, there was one planet, apart from Earth, where there was civilization. A colony of 3 feet tall Gray aliens, these particular aliens were harvesting. This planet is known as Mars. One of these aliens loved what he was doing, even if it took him awhile.

"Lift harder, dorkertron!" Skeeter, an alien from the colony, teased him.

"Yeah, you won't get much further in the colony if you keep lifting like that!" Scholl, Skeeter's friend, chuckled.

"Don't listen to them, Exolin" Vetrucia, this alien's female friend, told him, touching his slimy shoulder.

"I don't, Vet," Exolin replied, "I love what I do here. Harvesting is my life"

"Don't you even want to move on to bigger and better things?" Vetrucia asked her best friend.

"All these other Grays may want to go and fly the ships and conduct experiments on other lifeforms but not me, Vet. To be honest, I'd be alot happier if I just stayed here" Exolin replied, shoving some dirt behind him.

In the mothership, which was located on the middle of the planet, the two leaders of the small Grays, tall Reticuli Grays, were watching a screen.

"Alfonsus is doing well on Jupiter" Scronton, the tallest one, stated.

"Indeed he is" Navidasia, his co-leader, agreed.

Suddenly, the screen flashed red and changed it's viewing from Jupiter to another planet.

"What is it, Mother?" Navidasia asked the ship.

"Two of your clan have been found destroyed" The ship answered her.

"Who are they?!" Scronton demanded, slamming his fist down on the ship's board.

The ship brought up two alien corpses, side by side.

"On the left is Artemis, who, by my readings, died of frostbite. The other, as you can see, is Nebusala, who crashed her ship" The ship replied.

"Do we have others surveying this planet?!" Scronton demanded.

"According to my readings, the only lifeform on this planet is it's inhabitants" Mother told the Leaders.

"What planet is this, Mother?" Navidasia asked curiously.

"Earth" Mother simply replied.

Scronton and Navidasia looked at each other. They thanked Mother and walked to the other side of the ship.

"Do we have any field agents left?" Navidasia asked him.

"I'm afraid not," Scronton replied, "They are all out surveying other planets"

Navidasia looked out the ship's window to the planet's crop farm.

"We're going to have to use Harvesters" Navidasia stated.

"Are you off this planet?!" Scronton screamed at her, "We can't use Harvesters! They are not advanced enough! They need to earn their way!"

"Scronton! Earth is more advanced than any of the other planets we are surveying! We need agents down there!" Navidasia yelled back at him.

"Well, they had better have some good skills" Scronton grumbled as he folded his arms.

"Don't worry," Navidasia replied, "I know the perfect Grays for the job"

Exolin and Vetrucia were digging along with the other Harvesters when they saw Scronton and Navidasia walk up to the colony. All the Grays stood at ease.

"Stand down," Scronton told them, "Continue digging"

"We are only here for two of you" Navidasia added.

The Grays whispered amongst themselves.

"Vetrucia," Scronton continued, "And Exolin"

Exolin's head jolted up, dropping his shovel, as he heard his name.

"Please follow me" Navidasia told the two as she ebgan walking.

"The rest of you keep working," Scronton told the others, "No complaints"

"What exactly are we needed for?" Vetrucia asked as she and Exolin followed Navidasia.

"You two have been Upgraded early" Navidasia replied.

"Upgraded?" Exolin queried.

"To Experimentors" Navidasia stated.

"Oh, no, no, no, ma'am, you shouldn't have. I would have been happier digging, honestly" Exolin rambled.

They stopped outside a row of tiny spaceships.

"You two have been chosen for a reason, Exolin," Navidasia stated harshly as she turned to face the two friends, "You have the skills no other Grays in the cropfields have. Vetrucia, with your vast array of knowledge. And Exolin, you have the digging skills of an advanced Harvester which would be of better use in this line of work. Come"

They followed her onto one of the ships.

"This is Craft, one of our most desired ships in this field," Navidasia explained, "Hello, Craft"

"Hello, Mistress" Craft replied.

"These are your new workmates, Vetrucia and Exolin" She introduced the students.

"Hello, Young Master, Young Mistress" Craft greeted them.

"Set up decoy experiment, Craft" Navidasia instructed the ship.

The inside of Craft suddenly went haywire. It bought a table up out of the floor, with a huge cream-coloured doll of an alien on it. The doll had their design but it's eyes, nose and mouth were much bigger and it had two large lumps on it's chest.

"This is what is called a human down on the planet you will be going to," Navidasia explained, picking up the doll, throwing it out of the ship, "All you need to do is instruct Craft to initiate abduct sequence when you want to snatch one"

Craft then flew five feet above the ground, and with a beam of light, the doll flew up into it and landed on the table. Navidasia walked up to the table.

"You will then strap the human to the table like so," She continued teaching them, "Some may struggle but it shouldn't be too hard once you place this Dream-Inducer on it's head"

She placed a helmet-shaped object on the doll's head.

"You then conduct the experiments you need to," Navidasia told them, "Craft will bring them up on the screen"

"I heard that some Experimentors conduct their experiments without the Dream-Inducer, is that true?" Vetrucia inquired.

"Yes, it is," Navidasia replied, "The most advanced do, but you should never try"

She jumped out of the ship.

"Take them to Earth, Craft," Navidasia instructed the ship, "And remember, no bringing them back until they have collected significant amounts of data from their experiments"

Craft began lifting off as soon as Navidasia stepped foot on the soil.

"Earth?! But isn't that-" Exolin yelled back to Navidasia.

"You'll do fine!" Navidasia called back, waving to them, as Craft headed for Earth.