All of a sudden, Exolin and Vetrucia were inside a spaceship.

"...Forgive you" Exolin finished.

"I knew you would!" Vetrucia said, giving him a hug.

"So, you love me, huh?" Exolin asked as he hugged her back.

"Wait a minute, we're alive!" Vetrucia noticed, ignoring the question.

"Of course you are" Said a voice coming towards them.

They turned around to see a human like creature with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes larger than a human's walking towards them.

"Another human!" Vetrucia screamed.

"Stay back!" Exolin warned.

"Calm down," Said the creature, " My name is Xantith. I am the High Leader of the Nordic species of alien."

"You're an alien?" Exolin asked.

"Much like you two are" Xantith replied.

"But why did you save us? I mean, we're not even your species," Vetrucia stammered, "Besides, aren't we the Nordic's enemies?"

"You need to study more, Young One," Xantith told her, "You see, long ago, the Grays lived in harmony together"

"We still do" Exolin stated.

"You need to listen, Young One," Xantith told him, and continued, " As I said, all Grays used to live in harmony together on a planet known as Borenus. Then one day, one of the planet's Leaders disliked what the other was doing. This caused havoc on the planet. It eventually lead into a war, the plent was divided into sides. The Grays who preferred the Leader who claimed the name Goodus and the ones that preferred the opposite, with the Leader who claimed the name Evillon. The war between Goodus and Evillon's armies made destroyed Borenus so much that every Gray on the planet had to move out or else they would die along with the planet. The Grays that supported Evillon moved to Pluto and the Grays that supported Goodus moved to Mars"

"And you saved us because we're from Mars," Vetrucia said, "But we've never heard of Goodus and Evillon"

"They are both now called only Good and Evil" Xantith explained to them.

"And we're part of the Good Grays, that's why you saved our lives" Exolin stated.

"Very good, Young One" Xantith said.

"May I ask how you know all of this?" Vetrucia asked him.

"You may," Xantith replied, "You see, back in those days, my father was High Leader of the Nordics. When he had heard of the war between Goodus and Evillon...He wanted to play the role of Galactic Police and arrest Evillon and all of his followers. I was in training to be a High Leader at the time so he took me along with him to Borenus. Unfortunately, the war was pretty out of control. It was no match for a fleet of Nordics in one ship. They killed every Nordic that decided to come with us. That's when Evillon commanded his followers to jump ship and they flew to Pluto. But my father...He was fighting off one of Evillon's followers. The follower missed the ship that had flown to Pluto. I watched on as my father fought for his life against the Evillon follower but to no avail. I watched my father be killed by a Reticuli Gray that followed Evillon. He then looked at me and that's when I decided to jump ship myself and fly back home. But I will never forget the look on that Gray's face. I will never forget his face"

"Do you think this follower of Evillon could be on Mars?" Vetrucia asked.

"No. It would be impossible. Goodus would have never let that happen. He surely would have died along with Borenus and all the Nordic bodies left on that planet" Xantith assured them.

Back on Mars, Navidasia noticed a giant blue sapceship landing on the planet. She turned to Scronton.

"Looks like we have visitors" She told him as they walked outside of the mothership and towards the giant blue ship.

Scronton recognised the kind of ship it was. He stood in fear as Navidasia kept walking. She noticed he had stopped following her and turned around.

"Something wrong?" She asked him.

"No, not at all" Scronton replied , running to catch up with her.

As they arrived at the giant blue ship, it's doors began opening and it let down some stairs. Scronton began sweating. He wiped his face. They watched as two small Grays exited the ship.

"Exolin? Vetrucia?" Navidasia asked, squinting.

"What are they doing in that kind of ship?" Scronton asked, nervously.

They noticed a Nordic man step out of the craft behind them. Navidasia walked up to them, with Scronton taking little tiny steps.

"Exolin! Vetrucia! What on Mars happened?" Navidasia asked the two friends.

"I kind of lost the Dream-Inducer and we tried to do an experiment on a human without it.." Vetrucia explained the story to the Leader.

"We're not in trouble for destroying Craft, are we?" Exolin asked her.

"Not at all," Navidasia told them, "It's not your fault. If any, it's mine for sending you down there in the first place"

Xantith walked up to the Leaders and the Grays.

"I'm High Leader Xantith of the Nordics" He introduced himself.

"Thank you for saving our babies," Navidasia told him, "I'm Co-Leader Navidasia and this is Leader.."

She began introducing Scronton but Xantith's face turned to one of anger.

"Scronton" Xantith said with hate.

"Do you two know each other?" Navidasia queried.

"We do," Xantith stated furiously, "He is the Gray that killed my father eons ago"

Vetrucia and Exolin looked at Scronton in surprise.

"Pardon me? Are you accusing our Leader?" Navidasia asked defensively.

"I am not accusing, I am stating," Xantith told her, "I would know that face anywhere"

"How dare you!" Navidasia screamed, pointing her hand at Xantith.

"If Scronton is who Xantith says he is," Vetrucia spoke up, "He supports Evillon, ma'am"

Navidasia put her hand down, looking at Vetrucia then turning to Scronton.

"Is this true?" She asked the Leader.

"Tell them the truth, Scronton" Xantith told the Leader with a glare.

Scronton looked down at the soil and back up at the three Grays waiting for an answer.

"I'm afraid it is" Scronton stated.

"May I do what my father would've wanted with him?" Xantith asked Navidasia.

"Take him away. Goodus would have never wanted you on this planet, Scronton," Navidasia told him, "And worst of all, you defied a God"

Xantith tied Scronton's arms up together behind his back and led him onto his giant blue spaceship. Navidasia, Vetrucia and Exolin watched it fly away.

"I'm sorry for your loss, ma'am" Vetrucia and Exolin gave their condolences in unison.

"Never mind, you two," Navidasia told them, "Leaders disappear every decade"

"What are you going to do with us?" Vetrucia asked her.

"I'm glad you asked," Navidasia smiled, "Vetrucia, as I've stated before, your knowledge is beyond any Gray's on Mars and it is of no use in the cropfields. I am Special Upgrading you to my co-Leader"

Vetrucia's mouth gaped open.

"No way," She replied, "Co-Leader? Me?"

Naidasia nodded.

"Thank you so much, ma'am!" Vetrucia said, hugging Navidasia.

"I will have no more ma'am from you, young lady, now that you're my co-Leader!" Navidasia said, rubbing Vetrucia's head.

"Uh, what about me, ma'am?" Exolin asked, scratching the back of his head.

"Exolin, Exolin, Exolin, I owe it to you for trying to stop me sending you," Navidasia replied, "So, of course, you can stay a Harvester for as long as you want"

Exolin frowned.

"You don't want to Harvest?" Navidasia asked him.

"Going to Earth made me realise there's more to life than harvesting," Exolin answered, "I don't want to be stuck doing the same low-level thing all my life"

"Well, I'm afraid I can't Upgrade you to anything else" Navidasia stated.

"Ma'-, Uhm, Navidasia?" vetrucia asked the Leader.

"Yes, Vetrucia?" Navidasia asked her new Co-Leader.

"Can I assign him as my Co-Leader?" Vetrucia asked.

"Why would you want to do that?" Navidasia queried.

Vetrucia looked at Exolin and smiled.

"Because I love him" She stated.

Navidasia looked to Exolin.

He looked up at Navidasia with the biggest grin and said, "I love her too"

"Well, Mars has never had three Leaders before.." Navidasia said.

"It can't hurt to start, can it?" Vetrucia asked.

"Besides, wouldn't it make it easier on you two when you're keeping track of alot of things, ma'am?" Exolin added.

"I suppose it would," Navidasia replied, "Welcome to the mothership, Third Leader Exolin"