Utmost potential withering on by
Twinkling wishes fade from my darken eye
Gleaming hopes for tomorrow dwindle from my mind
No more that a tear upon a sea now parched dry

The time calls again at the number six
For me to wince with sorrow in a mix
Towards another night with my blank eyes fixed
At the swallow of black to which I'm transfixed

There goes the steel door written with my name
I am free now to stake my vacant claim
For the floor that lays patiently before me
Will soon imprint the mark for what has come to be

I fall now I fall
For nobody around to call
I bleed now I bleed
For nobody around to plead

Twelve times more the hour drags by
To a crawl that slithers close to my blank eye
I cry for substance but am resupplied with none
Only to realize that the time to end has come

Trapped with the worry in my troubled mind
Fearing for the worse I am morbidly confined
Restricted from leaving and now left behind
Searching now equals an empty find

Crying is one option
Screaming adds on two
Three grants me interruption
Count to four Death stands at my door

Lonesome entity drift to a long shadow
Masked by the shamed and unpleasant bestow
Of desperate consumption and hungred mind
Leeching to whatever source that I can find

Nobody responds and I fade away...


Swing back to a time where the world was still new
When the grass had glowed green and the sky had shone blue
When light was a substance for all to bear
A period when all on Earth seemed fair

A smile, a wave, and a shout to behave
Off to find a way to engage in shrade
To listen and learn with a curious eye
What makes the fish swim and the birds fly

Then along came a day where the lands grew dry
The sun hides its face and is petrified
The clouds settle in and grasp the dark sky
To ensure that the world would soon surely die

It was only a dream
A disillusioned cry
Looks like it's time
For you to identify

Merrily I skip without batting an eye
Happy to see that I'm still alive
To grasp the world in a embracing hug
For me it wasn't a master nor was it a thug

Foolish I am to remember this
These times went by and are rarely to miss
I couldn't help but to think on why
This is the way my misfortune carries me on by

Sleep, now sleep, there is no need to fear...


I can show you the way to a path you cannot deny
Nay, they speak wrong, for you cannot reply
Bring us your attention with an unspoken sight
This here will sap you of all of your might

I've bought into this and bought into that
Your offer gives me nothing for it makes me a rat
Leave me alone, I refused to see this
This will make me break and causes me to miss

There's been rumors, moving, from right and left
A fire, a massacre, a crime of theft
Of war, of peace, of life to spare
Why don't you hear me, this is too unfair

Ungrateful you are for your mind is over there
Rather that back here where they say it is
Make a choice for your time draws quickly near
Closer it crawls consuming you with fear

I'm deaf, I'm dull, I'm threatening to hear
I'm poor, I'm blind, I'm staring at the mirror
I'm sick, I'm hurt, I'm too bad for you
I'm done, I'm finished, I'm finally through

Enlighten no more, you Worthless Fly
Soak off this slime, for now it's your time

Stranded now with my heart sliced in two
My conscience broken and I'm not talking too
Now I whisper and occasionally cry
The same words that spoke, "A Worthless Fly"

I'm no longer valid to be heard from you all
Away I slump to avoid my terrible flaw
These lands have been reaped and this flock has been condoned
To a place where angels are refused to be shown

Awake, now, awake, show me out of the storm
Who, though, who, has a light of subtle form
Nobody, yes, nobody, can give me a way
Time, indeed, time, to fade away

The sun in the sky showed its face no more...


Can you hear me?! Is there any to be found?!
Don't let me die! I never meant to go down!
We hear you! We hear you! Don't we not?
Yes! You hear me! Don't leave me distraught?!

You had your chance! You had it! At your Bed!
Everyday in your car! Everything that you read!
Deaf you are not! The call that we give!
Is it that bad? For you to try to live?

I didn't know your call! This very one that I hear!
It is not familiar! I do truly fear!
The clock has chimed! You're not even here!?
I've suffered so much! Face soaked wet with tears!

The time has come. The gateway is clear.
Farewell, unfortunate. Your opportunity was near.
Come back! Come back! Don't close up that door!
Without an entrance! Please, I am no more!

Goodbye, goodbye. We now are all here.
No! Don't leave me! Don't keep me in here!
Farewell, farewell. You could have gotten in.
My eyes! My eyes! What have I gotten in?

It was dead and dark as the flames slowly start
Let the blood mouths open and arms extend far out
Is this it? Is this where I've come to stay?
Yes. Indeed. There's no need to run astray.

Here ends the tale of the one who's hope was crushed by their futility.