I said, "I want to be heard."
They said, "Well, no one will listen."

I said, "I wanted a friend."
They said, "My screws had went missin!"

I said, "I could not see a light."
They said, "That isn't my fight."

I said, "I wanted to die."
They said, "Well, boy, do it right."

I said, "I'm hurting inside."
They said, "I'll laugh in your face!"

I said, "I'm feeling real tired."
They said, "Lay down in disgrace."

I said, "The world is taking so much... Why must we thrive being greedy?"
They said, "You must live life this way, we have no use for the needy."

I yelled, "IS SOMEONE ELSE OUT THERE? Can someone PLEASE help?"
They said, "You're already dead to us... Go talk yourself."

And so I rolled off my face, looking into the sky.
I then thought to myself... "Fuck, why am I alive?"

That's when my loved ones towered above me, with a glint in each eye.
Saying, "Put an end to your pity... Go commit suicide."