It was less than a second, maybe even half a second, but it changed everything…

Despite everything that had happened before this very moment that changed his fate, he knew that he was home when he touched her lips, and for the first time in his never ending life he understood what the true meaning of home was.

He finally found what he had been looking for and yet it would slip through his fingers and fall into the dark unknown for all of eternity. Perhaps in another life her spirit would be reborn,then they could meet again and he could feel that sense of home and never lose it again.

In less than a second it was all over. Her eyes clouded over, losing the life that had always shone through, long and elegant limbs slacked and her head dropped, causing her soft jaw to leave his. Her once bright smile will be nothing but a memory etched inside of his mind. One kiss began something new and yet it ended it all too soon.

After burying the home he shall ever know, the world around him became a clouded green. The very shade of her once life filled orbs. The noise that emanates from general life itself has become muted and faint. Simple tasks have become mundane and pointless.

His mind never ceased in questioning what could have been. The favorite among these, "if only I could have stopped it sooner, would she still be with me?", a close second would be, "How could I have been so blind?"

It was less than a second, and it was all over…

The end