Ashton sucked in a deep breath and let it out in a single huff. "Everyone you know and love will die one day." It was a surprising statement from someone who typically stayed positive even in the most depressing of times. I only looked over at the man dressed in black from head to toe and gape at the sad statement.

"Well aren't you a little ball of sunshine?" I murmured sarcastically.

"Well it's true!" he muttered back. His face showed no regret in the statement.

"We are at a funeral" I gesture to the casket directly in front of the two of us. "You can't say stuff like that surrounded by depressed and grieving people!"

Ashton gave me a standoffish look and exclaimed, "You're not grieving, I'm not grieving, hell half the room barely knew the guy. We are only here because the guy was alone and didn't deserve to have his final send off with no one there to say goodbye."

I sigh in defeat, he was right, but it just wasn't in good taste to say that we'll all die at some point. That's just the kind of guy I married though, straight forward and unforgiving but has a heart of gold.

Turning my gaze back to the corpse in front of us I realized something I hadn't thought about before. This man who was kind to strangers and took in strays ended up alone and taken advantage of by everyone who was supposed to love him. The pity I felt was overwhelming, and it left a lump in my throat.

I lean against my husband's solid frame and choke out, "I don't ever want to end up like Mr. Anaka. I don't ever want to die alone." That's when Ashton wrapped a strong arm around me and murmured into my hair.

"You will never be alone, even if I go first, I will haunt you until the day you join me in the afterlife."

With misty eyes, I smile at his words. I was alone before I met him, but I know that he will never let me be on my own ever again.