Hi, I decided to talk to anybody who wants more diversity in their stories to know how to do that correctly. It would be nice because we sure need more of it in the media.

So first off, make sure to represent their orientation or identity as correctly and respectfully as possible. If you don't know much about it, do some research. It it always cool to be interested in something knew you have just heard about. Find real people who have these experiences and learn more about it from them. I'm sure they would really appreciate how hard you are trying to be inclusive of them. Remember, they know themselves and you don't, so don't try to correct anything based on your own terms. For me, I am writing based of what I hear about people and the world about me. It has been a very fascinating experience for me personally.

Then second, base the terms and labels based off of the cultures and worlds the characters are living. Hetero, homo, and so on terms would have never existed until the mid twentieth century for example. In the twenty first century, where their all less prejudice people, there are still some here and there. I understand there are less accepting areas and more communities than other who do are don't accept different people. In Never Alone Anymore, my main lovers, who are both romantic ace spec people, live in a mixed community where a good portion of people are and are not accepting of non cis and non hetero people. In older history, describe the types of feelings and attractions without labels that would have not been invented yet during that time period. But all this applies to the real world. In fantasy worlds, it depends. I recommend no or different labels whether homophobia exist or not. You could have it exist, but I really not doing that as well. In When Yellow Eyes Glow and the entire trilogy I am working on, there is no such thing as any kind of queerphobia. There are no labels in this world because people fall in love with and are attracted to whatever gender or person or are whatever one. They still have issues, problems, and struggles, it just happens to be that this is not one of them.

And third, just write them to their will with no set boundaries on any stereotypes. A gay man can be butch and masculine. A lesbian can be feminine, have long hair, and wear lipstick and dresses. A bi guy can not conform to a role set up by society. An ace girl can date and fall in love. A non binary person can be pan. A trans man love arts and crafts. A trans girl can love playing sports and traveling. The list goes on and on. Every person is unique in their own way, and that should the point in not only writing straight cis characters. Make your portrayals of our world and other worlds for what it is and how it could be depending on when and where they take place.