Note: Those who don't know who Jeffrey and Alicia are, I would suggest reading "Set Free" to get a better idea.

Jeffrey Christian and his wife, Alicia were planning a date for their upcoming wedding anniversary. The date of their anniversary was December on the twenty – seventh, which was shortly after Christmas. Alicia was the first to speak.


He likes to be known as Jeffrey more than Jeff. He looked at her and then said, "What's that, Alicia?"

Their three children were outside playing.

"Have you come up with any idea what we can do for our anniversary?"

"Not yet, I haven't. How about you?"

Alicia shook her head and answered, "Neither have I."

"We'll keep talking about it. There is still enough time to think it over."

Alicia agreed.

"What did you think of that interview with Mr. Francis a few months ago?"

"I wasn't there, Jeffrey. Only you can answer that."

He nodded and saw she had a good point.

"You're right, Alicia. I wonder if he found somebody to take over from where he took of before leaving."

It isn't often the two visit social media, so there was no way of knowing.

"So do I. If that person did take over, I wish him luck," Alicia replied.

Jeffrey had a job interview with Paul Francis not too long ago. It was about the music media, and that was something he was interested in, and thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.

They were going to eat out that night for the both of them, so the kids would stay at home with a baby – sitter.

They decided to eat out tonight so they might or might not decide to do it on their anniversary.

They would be married for twenty – seven years together. And they had a good twenty – seven years. At least there were arguments along the way, and that was normal.

They were going to try not to ruin their anniversary by arguing.

A few days later, they both decided to go out and see a movie. It isn't often Jeffrey and Alicia go to the movies, so it looked to be the perfect time to do that.

"What would you want to see?"

"Let's decide when we get there," she answered.

"That makes sense," he agreed.

This was something they normally do.

"Have you any idea you would like us to leave the house, Jeffrey?"

"Not yet, but we will decide who to look after the kids."

That was something they both agreed on, and she looked at the clock. It was almost time to eat dinner.

"How you like the idea of having dinner soon?" she asked.

"What about now? Does that sound good to you?" he asked.

"Let me get a move on now."

He watched her leave him and to the kitchen to get started. Then he went to turn on the television.