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Jeffrey and Alicia talked some more about their upcoming anniversary.

It is a week or two away from their wedding anniversary. There was still more time to talk about what they could do.

By the time gets closer, they would both agree on something.


"Yes, Alicia?"

"I have another idea what we can do."

"What do you have in mind?"

"One of the ideas I just thought of is we could probably go on a trip for a week."

"I need to think about that one some more. I like the suggestion. The kids are one of the things to worry about."

"I understand, Jeffrey. Of course we will have to find someone to look after the children."

He nodded. That was another thing to worry about.

"Let's keep thinking about it, Alicia. There is plenty of time for that. I like the ideas we've talked about so far."

"So do I. Want me to write down our suggestions on a piece of paper?"

"That will be great. And it will help us remember what we have."

Now it was her turn to nod. Both of them have been doing that a lot these days.

She went to grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Now she was prepared.

"Let me write down our thoughts first, and then we can go from there."


Their three children were named Chloe, Mason, and Timothy. All three of the kids got along, but there were times when they don't. That never makes him and Alicia very happy.

Their only daughter, Chloe, heard them talking about their anniversary.

"What are you talking about?" Chloe asked.

"Our wedding anniversary. We're only talking ideas right now," Alicia answered.

"Any ideas what you want to do?"

"We've got several of them, Chloe. We'll agree on the right one when the time gets closer."

"What are the ideas?"

Chloe was now interested in what her parents were talking about.

"One of them is going out to dinner and a movie," Jeffrey answered.

"I see. What will happen to me and my brothers if you plan to do that?"

"Baby – sitter."

"Oh. I should've known."

Both Jeffrey and Alicia didn't want to mention their road trip to Chloe because she might be asking questions about that.

So far they're looking at a movie and dinner. Agreements could change anytime, he told himself.