It was a special night,

One outside to myself like that in a setting of a fairytale.

The trees where all around me,

The leaves and grass where underneath me.

Up above me was a nighttime sky to behold.

The stars covered it and the moon shone like a great bright light.

In front of me was a huge open field,

Behind me was the deep woods containing nothing but plants.

Beyond me was a property of unknown people and things,

Where I remained was the porch of a cabin I could not get inside of.

Yet here I was,

The only human being in this setting,

Perhaps within its final days before its demise would come,

Here to enjoy the beautiful scenery God had given to me.

This was the enchanted forest at the moment,

And I was the innocent princess right then.

I liked this place and will not forget it,

I loved that peace and will never regret it.