Life Updates: Weight Loss and Diet

I don't know how I did it, but apparently I must be doing something right. I finally dropped those 20 pounds I've been complaining about for the past 4 or 5 years…YASSS! I'm still not at my ideal weight for my body type and I need to work on muscle tone, but this is a major victory for me. I can attribute it to my daily bike rides (which I have been slacking on because of the blasted winter chill and picking up extra hours at work), and I've also been eating a lot less meat, walking more as I take my time shelf-reading at work, and going vegan, so awesome!

Except lately I haven't been eating much vegan food, so I'm going to get back on it since the sight of meat makes me sick to my stomach (except white meat chicken breast, I haven't let go of that.) I can handle more soy based products… (Tried baked tofu two weeks ago…yummy). I think I'm going to make some chickpea stew for lunch again. (I also need to break the candy habit…Japanese sweets can take care of that for me…I mean, wagashi (和菓) , traditional sweets made with red bean paste and rice flour….yummy).

My English is getting worse while according to my neighbor, my Japanese is getting better…(^_^);; I've been ordering Japanese fashion magazines like Vivi & Eternita, slowly reading hiragana much faster, but I need to pick up on kanji for fun and a brain exercise. Hoping that these changes in my life will be worth it.

I am so glad that I have the 26th-the 2nd of January off. I need to take a digital vacation unless absolutely necessary and spend time with my family. I'll update here again soon, and check out Broken Flowers if you need story ideas. The ones I came up with have retired in my mind. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing my stuff, everyone!