In the bunker At-Lass had to wait until the door opened. She sat down on the step and she thought about everything that had happened. She was also thinking about her next move as she felt that she couldn't just go outside guns blazing. The first thing she was going to do was have Doctor Julius increase her size to normal but she also knew that she had to find her goggles. This wasn't just so that she could see at an enlarged or shrunken size but because she thought that Doctor Julius wouldn't want a piece of his tech falling into the wrong hands. There was also her secret identity that she needed to protect as well.

It took several minutes before the door flew open once again. At-Lass made sure that she was as well hidden as she could. However without her sight she couldn't know for sure and she thought that there was a good chance of someone spotting her. All she could do was hope for the best.

At-Lass heard the footsteps of around three people walking down the stairs with some haste. She waited for each of them to go down the stairs before she climbed up the next step. She continued to walk forward at a steady pace and she didn't realise at first that she was out through the door.

Almost immediately in the warehouse Doctor Julius saw the vitals of At-Lass suddenly reappear on his screen. He had begun to lose hope but as soon as he saw them he realised that the connection had been re-stablished. He didn't waste any time in communicating with the young superheroine once again.

"Sophie can you hear me?" asked Doctor Julius. The sound of his voice was like a masterpiece of orchestral music to At-Lass. Almost instantly any fear that she might have felt disappeared.

"Yes I can Doc," replied At-Lass with some joy in her voice. "You've gotta make me big again, I'm blind at this size."

"Ok just give me a moment." He began to click away at the keys but At-Lass at first didn't realise that she had been spotted. She stood there waiting to be enlarged, faster than she could really react she felt herself get grabbed her. She was raised up into the air and she did scream for a moment. What was probably most terrifying for her was the fact that she couldn't see who had grabbed her.

"I got her!" shouted a voice. It was the voice of what seemed to be a young man. He had a tight grip around her and she was struggling to breathe. Almost as soon as he had announced that he had caught her she could hear people quickly running up the stairs.

"Doc help!" screamed At-Lass as she knew that she was helpless in her current state. The terror that she had once felt seemed to reappear in an instant.

Doctor Julius had originally intended to increase her size back up to normal but he knew that this wouldn't be enough. He made sure that her suit was set to around nine feet in height, he just hoped that this would be large enough to help her get out of the situation that she had found herself in.

As soon as Doctor Julius pressed enter At-Lass's body grew rapidly. She easily grew out of the man's hand and the next thing she felt was her feet hitting the ground and something hard striking her head. Her vision finally cleared and she could finally see where she was. She could see three men and a woman who all wore the same clothing as the other members of the cult. She couldn't tell where she was but she could see what had hit her head, she realised that it had been the ceiling.

Despite not fully being aware of where she was At-Lass grabbed the man that was closest to her and threw him at one of the other men that was standing close by. She threw him with enough force to easily knock them both out on impact. The third man did grab a weapon that was close by, this was nothing more than a lead pipe but before he could do anything with it he was struck in the face by At-Lass's enlarged foot. Once again she had used enough force to knock him out, she just hoped that she hadn't caused him any major damage.

All that remained was the woman who turned around and tried to run from the giant superheroine. However she didn't get far as At-Lass grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back. She felt At-Lass then grab her under the armpits and effortless lift her off of the ground. At-Lass looked at the woman who was nothing short of terrified at this moment in time. She thought that At-Lass was going to kill her.

"Where are my goggles?" asked At-Lass with some rage in her voice. This helped since if she seemed more intimidating than she actually was there was a good chance that the woman would give into her demands without the need to hurt her.

"What?" replied the Woman in a relatively quiet tone. She was still getting over everything that had just happened. In the space of a few moments she clearly had the advantage but one growth spurt later had left At-Lass in the driving seat.

"Where are my goggles?" her voice was louder this time and it sent a shockwave through the body of the woman.

"Over there." She pointed towards a table that was close by and sitting on top of it was her precious goggles. At-Lass felt happy to have found them but the woman in her hands passed out from the stress.

At-Lass carefully placed the woman down on the ground and she felt a little embarrassed over the fact that she could have found her goggles by herself if she had simply turned her head a little. She also saw that there were no children in the room. It was clear that Brother Brooks had been bluffing about it the entire time. This did anger her a little but she walked over to her goggles and picked them up.

At first glance her goggles looked too small for her as they were still at their normal size. However when At-Lass touched them they began to grow in size. It was surprising for her to see but they continued to grow until they were the right size for her enlarged head. Carefully she placed them on and she felt like she was complete now.

At the warehouse Doctor Julius was finally able to get the feed from the goggles and he could clearly see what At-Lass could see. This was very helpful to him since he had been more or less working blind in this case. He could see the room that she was in and he took everything in. It looked to be some kind of meeting room but there was clearly a door to the outside.

"I see that you've got your goggles back," said Doctor Julius. "Good, it saves me the time in making you more."

"Can you shrink me down Doc?" replied At-Lass through her communicator. "I feel like a really big target right now."

"Sure just give me one moment." He hit the revert command on his computer and almost instantly At-Lass shrank from nine feet all the way down to her normal height of just under six feet. "Ok now get out of there Sophie before anything else happens."

"Thanks Doc but I still have work to do here."

"What are you talking about? You're free now, you have to get to safety."

"I can't, I've seen what this Brother Brooks does. Everyone here has been brainwashed and staying against their will. The only way for me to free everyone is to make sure that Brother Brooks is stopped."

"Is that really the best course of action? If he does have power like you say is it wise to go up against him without really knowing much about him?"

"I know everything that I need to know. I will stop him here and now and ensure that he doesn't do this to anyone else."

There was a few moments of silence as Doctor Julius considered the options. He could see that At-Lass was right but he feared what might happen if he let her face off against Brother Brooks. He might be able to complete what he had started and he would lose At-Lass to his cult. However she was right in what she was saying, if Brother Brooks wasn't stopped here and now there was no telling what might happen.

"Ok Sophie but take care," said Doctor Julius. There was some reluctance in his voice but he carried on anyway. "I'll help you as best as I can but we have to take care, there will be many people between you and him and most likely they'll be armed."

"Well it's a good thing that you made this suit bulletproof," replied At-Lass with a small chuckle. She knew that the suit's durability against bullets did have limits but she didn't want to think about them.

"I'm going to keep you at this size for a while, make sure to keep your head low and try your best not to be spotted."

"Right Doc." She went to step out of the building but she stopped herself. "Actually Doc, any idea where he is?"

"No but I'm sure that you can find out soon enough."

At-Lass finally made her way out of the building and she was sure to keep herself as hidden as possible. She thought that it would have been best to shrink down in size but Doctor Julius thought that it was best to keep her at her current height. Plus it would be good practice for her to move around at her regular height.

As At-Lass walked she glanced over at cult member and quickly she hid behind a stack of wooden boxes that were nearby. Thankfully the cult member had not seen her but from what she could see that he was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. It was a dangerous weapon that might very well be powerful enough to penetrate the suit. Or he was able to get a headshot she would likely die instantly.

One thing that At-Lass did notice about the cult member was the fact that he was heading in her direction. She waited until she saw his feet on the ground right next to her before quickly grabbing onto his ankles. With all of her strength she was able to pull him down to the ground and drag him behind the boxes. He had dropped his gun during the fall and he had been taken by surprise.

Before the cult member could shout for help At-Lass covered his mouth so that he couldn't talk. Even Doctor Julius even slightly increased the size of her hand so that the task would be easier for her. She looked down at him and she could see that there was some fear in his eyes. She thought that she could use this to her advantage.

"Where is Brother Brooks?" asked At-Lass in an intimidating voice. She removed her hand from his mouth but he went to shout for help but quickly she moved her hand back onto his mouth. "That isn't a wise choice, tell me where Brother Brooks is or else I'm going to have to use my telepathy to rip the information out of your head. The process is quite painful and there's a good chance that you'll be a vegetable afterwards."

"Y-you can't do that." He had been able to say this when she briefly moved her hand once again.

"Believe me I can, I prefer not to use this power as I don't want to turn you into a vegetable. Just tell me what I want to know and you'll be fine."

He remained silent for several moments. It wasn't just because of her hand being in front of his mouth but because he was deciding his own fate. He considered his options on whether he should tell her and risk the wrath of Brother Brooks or he could allow her to rip the information from his brain and possibly leave him braindead. He didn't know that she was bluffing and actually had no telepathy whatsoever. He didn't seem to have that much of a choice in the matter as he looked up at her.

"H-He's in the hut at the centre of the compound," said the Cult Member. He used his hand to point towards the right direction. "Just over there."

"Thank you for your co-operation," replied At-Lass. She felt her muscle mass increasing a little until she had the body of a body builder. She felt odd but she quickly struck the man in the face, the blow was powerful enough to knock him out. Almost instantly she lost her additional muscle mass but the odd feeling had ebbed away.

Now At-Lass began to move towards Brother Brook's hut. For a few moments she did consider picking up the nearby gun but she decided against it in the end. She didn't think that guns solved any problems. There was a thought in the back of her mind telling her that this was a very bad idea but she kept going anyway. Even if it cost her the preciousness that was her life she was willing to do it to stop the Brother Brooks.

At-Lass's progress was slow however as she was constantly having to hide herself away from the cult members that were looking for her. If one of them saw her too soon then her plan would be entirely thrown out of the window. She did remember hearing about one superhero who could turn himself invisible. Right now she wished that she had that superpower.

In his warehouse Doctor Julius was keeping a close eye on the situation at hand. He was ready to change At-Lass's size at a moment's notice, he had been the one who had increased her muscle mass earlier. He had always warned against such a thing but it could be effective if it only lasted a few seconds. If she had stayed like that for too long her heart would have likely given up.

He didn't think that it was a good idea to go after Brother Brooks but he knew that this cult leader needed to be stopped or else there was no telling what harm he would inflict on those who didn't deserve it. It was times like this that would show whether At-Lass earned the right to her suit.

Within several minutes At-Lass was just outside of the hut. However there was an armed guard who was always stationed there. He carried a weapon similar to that of the man that she had knocked out a few minutes before. This one looked more intimidating however since he was easily six and a half feet tall with fairly large muscles. He didn't look like the kind of person that she would be able to take down easily.

After a quick request to Doctor Julius At-Lass found herself shrinking down to three inches. This time however her reaction compensator was also deactivated. As she shrank the world around her began to slow down. It was a feeling that was always odd to her but in this case it was well needed.

When At-Lass had stopped shrinking she quickly moved forwards but she now found herself within the grass around the complex. She was still taller than it but it made her progress slower. However she was still moving faster than she normally could as she made her way towards the hut.

Eventually she stood right next to the armed guard. At her current size he looked like a towering giant in comparison to her. It was almost scary and if he stepped on her by accident she would easily be killed. Nevertheless she made her way to the door and she was able to squeeze herself underneath the wooden door. It was a tight fit but thankfully she was just small enough to be able to complete the task.

When At-Lass found herself inside of the hut she discovered that it was completely dark. Doctor Julius switched her goggles setting to night vision. However the hut still seemed to be as dark as it was before. He switched again so that she could see heat but once again she could see nothing.

"Doc I'm beginning to get a little freaked out here," said At-Lass. However with her compensator disabled she spoke too quickly for Doctor Julius to understand. "Why can't I see anything?" She waited for what seemed to be a minute for a response which did eventually come to her.

"I don't know," replied Doctor Julius. "Your equipment seems to be in working order and such darkness isn't supposed to be a problem for it. I fear that there might be something else happening here." The message had been especially sped up so that At-Lass could understand it at her tiny size.

Suddenly At-Lass noticed something above her and when she looked up she could see that it was a giant foot rushing down towards her. Thanks to her faster reaction time she was able to roll out of the way very quickly. The change in the wind had first alerted her to the foot and it was something that was seen in many insects. She remembered trying to swat flies with her hand but they always seemed to fly away before she could strike them.

Quickly Doctor Julius began to increase At-Lass's size until she was back up to being nearly six feet tall. She was just able to make out a figure in the darkness and she saw a fist flying towards her. Once again she was able to dodge it and she tackled her attacker to the ground. She was able to make out the features of Brother Brooks who was now on the ground. She was on top of him and ready to dish out some justice.

"It's you," said At-Lass. "Well I can't say that I'm really that surprised about that." She smiled as she thought that she had the upper hand. In her mind she was moments away from putting all of this to rest. "I've heard that the food isn't very nice in prison."

"You haven't won yet," replied Brother Brooks. He tried to grab her head with his hand so that he could once again attempt to convert her to his cause but she was able to knock his hand away. She responded by giving him a strong punch to the face, however since her strength had not been augmented it didn't cause that much damage. It also caused a small amount of harm to herself.

Despite seemingly being only moments away from victory At-Lass couldn't help but feel uneasy. There was something here that was sending chills down her spine and she didn't like it one bit. She just wanted to get out of the hut as soon as she could, it felt worse than when she watched a horror film when she was younger. She remembered not being able to sleep for some time afterwards.

Before At-Lass could finish off Brother Brooks she felt something push her off of him. It almost felt like she had been struck by a car but thankfully the forces involved were not that extreme. She found herself rolling away from Brother Brooks and she found herself in complete darkness once again.

"Brooks!" shouted a voice that sounded deep and very angry. The force of the voice did catch At-Lass by surprise. It was much louder than she first anticipated and she covered her ears to try and block some of it out. "You're too weak to beat some girl? You sicken me to my very core."

"No please," begged Brother Brooks. "I will kill her I swear, just give me another chance." At-Lass couldn't see what was happening in the darkness but she tried to imagine what was taking place.

"I doubt that!"

Not another word was said as At-Lass couldn't help but notice the darkness around her beginning to disappear. It was like a fog that was being lifted from the hut but rather than it being actual fog it was pure darkness. This lasted for several seconds before the darkness was finally gone.

What At-Lass saw was a plain room with no features whatsoever. There was furniture, no decorations and nothing that made it look like someone was actually living there. It seemed like an empty shell of a building. She also saw Brother Brooks standing there with his head down. He didn't seem to be moving at all and with some caution she began to step towards him. She could tell that there was something not right with all of this.

"A-Are you alright?" asked At-Lass. She thought that this was probably a stupid question to ask but she couldn't help but ask it anyway.

Before she could get too close she felt something push her back. It took her by surprise and she struck the wall of the hard and she could feel the pain. Thankfully it was her back that struck the wall so she wasn't knocked out. However it was not the pain that she felt that worried her, instead it was what she could see from Brother Brooks. Before he had normal looking eyes but now they were completely black. How he walked towards her didn't seem to be human as well. He did begin to chuckle at her but his voice sounded different than it had done before.

"Stupid girl," said Brother Brooks. His voice was deeper and it sent a shiver down At-Lass's spine. "You have no idea what you've just unleashed on this world, that weakling Brooks couldn't get the job done so I'm having to use his body." He looked at his hand for a few moments before looking back at At-Lass. "It has been some time since I was last in a physical body." He smiled at her. "In a way you should be flattered that your death will come at my hands."

"I doubt that," replied At-Lass who was trying to remain confident. "I'm going to make sure that whatever you're planning ends here and now." Rather than feeling intimidated Brooks began to laugh at her.

"That was a good joke, I needed that laugh before I killed you."

"Doc any time now."

Brother Brooks raised his hand towards her but before he could do anything At-Lass's body began to grow rapidly. She grew faster than she normally did and within a couple of seconds she was too large for the hut and burst out of it. Pieces of debris went flying in every direction, the guard who had been standing by the entrance had been knocked over by the forces involved.

This hadn't gone unnoticed by the other cult members who suddenly saw a sixty foot At-Lass standing in the middle of the compound. Some of them stood in wonder over the towering superheroine who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Some had seen pictures of her at her peak size but actually seeing her in person was a completely different experience.

No building in the compound was taller than her knee and quickly she looked down at Brother Brooks. There was a small amount of disbelief in his face as well but this didn't last long as he felt At-Lass's foot as she kicked him. She had kicked him like he was a football and he had gone flying through the air.

Almost instantly At-Lass regretted her actions as she feared that she might have accidentally killed him. However she was both relieved and terrified to see that he was floating in the air not too far away from her. She could feel her body beginning to rise into the air but it wasn't because she was growing. Her feet were off of the ground and when she looked at Brother Brooks she could see that his hand was reaching out towards her.

"Hey what are you doing?" asked At-Lass. As she felt herself floating in the air. She didn't get an answer but she could see him smiling. Before she could say anything else she felt herself get lifted further up into the air before being pushed down quickly. She struck the ground hard and it caused her some pain.

However she couldn't free herself from his grip and she felt herself rising up again. She could hear him chuckling to himself but there was something else that she could see in Brother Brook's face. She could see that there was some strain in his face, she wasn't surprised as she didn't want to think about how much she weighed at that moment in time. It did give her an idea.

"Doc make me grow again," said At-Lass. She spoke quietly so that Brother Brooks wouldn't be able to hear her.

"Do you think that's the best idea right now?" replied Doctor Julius who knew what happened when she went maximum size.

"I know Doc, you just need to trust me on this."

"Alright but I'm going to shrink you down as soon as I can. I just hope that whatever you're planning works."

Doctor Julius began to type away once again as he prepared to increase At-Lass's size to its maximum. As soon as he pressed the enter key she felt her body beginning to expand again, there was some strain as she grew and she felt a small amount of pain. However she saw Brother Brooks struggling to keep her airborne. Her increasing weight was too much for him and he eventually had to release his telekinetic grip on her.

As soon as At-Lass's feet touched the ground she ran towards Brother Brooks and punched him down to the ground. She had not reached her maximum size so her punch did have some power behind it. There was a cloud of dust where Brother Brooks had fallen and for a moment she was afraid that she might have killed him.

Before At-Lass could investigate Brother Brooks' fate she felt herself getting pushed back. She tried to fight against it but at this size she was too weak to do so. Doctor Julius quickly shrank her down to sixty feet and she had the strength to break through this force. She looked down at the crater and she could see Brother Brooks lying there. He was moving as he seemed to be slowly getting back to his feet.

Before At-Lass could make another move she hear what seemed to be a gun firing along with the sensation that something small was hitting her body. The impact wasn't causing her any harm and she realised that someone was shooting her. Thanks to her increased size and the suit the bullets were having no effect on her. She turned her head to look at one of the guards who had been firing. He could see that his bullets were having no effect on her whatsoever. In pure fear he dropped his gun and made a hasty retreat.

With the guard gone At-Lass turned her attentions back to Brother Brooks who was already floating at the level of her face. Before she could react she felt what felt like a strong punch to her face. It took her by surprise and even took her off of her feet. She went crashing down to the ground and her arm had even landed in a nearby building. Thankfully there was no one inside but the strike had stunned her for the moment.

At-Lass looked up and saw Brother Brooks floating above her. Any injury that he might have received from her had seemed to have healed over. This was very worrying for her and she could also see that he was using his telekinesis to lift up a nearby building. It was just above her and he went to throw it down at her.

Instinctively At-Lass rolled to one side and got back up to her feet. She could still feel the effects of the earlier strike but she grabbed onto Brother Brooks and began to squeeze with all of her strength. At first she seemed to be making some progress as he seemed to be in some discomfort.

However At-Lass's hopes were dashed as she realised that she wasn't actually holding onto him. There was some kind of telekinetic bubble that was protecting him. He was expanding the bubble as well forcing her hands further and further apart. She could do nothing about this and she discovered that the bubble was now quite large. To her it almost seemed like the size of a basketball.

In an instant At-Lass grabbed onto the bubble and she began to bounce it onto the ground like it was a basketball. This seemed to be one of the few times that her skills as a basketball player actually came to play while she was a superhero. The constant bouncing up and down on the ground wasn't causing Brother Brooks any physical harm but it was very discomforting for him.

"Guess making yourself a bubble like that wasn't the brightest of moves now was it?" asked At-Lass as she continued to bounce him around. She bounced him through her legs like she was showing off her basketball skills. "Although this has been fun I think it's time to end this little game."

She then performed what she considered a strong bounce pass that sent Brother Brooks flying out of the compound. However he didn't go very far as he destroyed the telekinetic bubble around him. He stopped his body from flying any further away but it took him a few moments to regain his bearings. At-Lass's actions had caused him some disorientation but it was nothing that he couldn't recover from. A part of him did feel like he was going to throw up.

Before Brother Brooks could recover he felt a gigantic fist strike him with enough force to level a small building. It was At-Lass who had been able to catch up with him quicker than he had expected. The punch was more like an uppercut and sent him flying up into the air. He went up for several moments before he began to fall back down.

At-Lass jumped up into the air and when he was at the right height she spiked him down to the ground. She only had to remember about some of the volleyball tips her sister used to give her. She thought that it would be more than Brother Brooks could handle as he found himself once again in a crater on the ground. She stepped towards him and looked down at his broken body.

"Are you ready to give up now?" asked At-Lass as she looked down at him. From her goggles she could see that he was still alive. She thought that he had nothing left in him to fight with. "If you give up now I promise you that I won't hurt you no matter how much you might deserve it."

"Y-Your overconfidence will be your undoing," replied Brother Brooks with some difficulty. He slowly began to get up and his broken body began to heal itself. Within seconds it was like nothing had happened. At-Lass was amazed to see this and she couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. "But there is a famous saying I hope that you're familiar with. The bigger they are the harder they fall."

Before At-Lass could properly react she felt a force push her from behind her shins. It was enough to make her fall to the ground and when she struck the ground there was a small shudder. She could feel pain in her legs and back, all she could think about was getting back to her feet.

However she saw Brother Brooks hovering above her and he used his telekinesis to pin her to the ground. His concentration was mainly around her ankles and wrists. She felt helpless and she could hear him laughing above her. He also began to focus around her neck as he choked her. At-Lass gasped for air but right now she was getting none, she seemed helpless at this point in time.

Doctor Julius could clearly see what was going on and he quickly tried to think of something that he could do to help her. He began to type away at his computer and when he was done At-Lass began to shrink in size. The change in size was quick and At-Lass herself didn't even expect it.

She shrank until she was roughly her normal height and was able to get up to her feet. She was a little disorientated but Doctor Julius did give her some instructions. She stood ready and he quickly began to increase her height once again. Her growth was very fast and as she grew she began to punch up into the air.

By the time she was tall enough to reach Brother Brooks she struck him with a very powerful uppercut which he hadn't had enough time to block properly. He felt the impact and it caused him more pain than he could imagine. He didn't go up to far as At-Lass grabbed hold onto him and slammed him to the ground. Like before he landed in his own crater but this time however he felt At-Lass's gigantic boot fall down on top of him. He couldn't block it as it came down again and again.

This happened several times until At-Lass finally decided that she had done enough. She still feared that he might have been killed but so far he had survived what could easily kill a normal person. She just squatted down and looked down at Brother Brooks. He was still moaning and he groaned as if he were in some pain.

"Do us both a favour and stay down," demanded At-Lass. "I really don't want to hurt you anymore."

However despite her words she could see that Brother Brooks was once again getting back up to his feet. His body had been severely damaged but once again it was healing over at a staggering rate. At-Lass became worried as she had given it her all and she couldn't think of any way that she could take him down for the count. She didn't want to kill him but she wanted to make sure that he was out of action.

Doctor Julius was monitoring what was happening and he too was worried. He had never seen anything like this, on more than one occasion he thought that At-Lass had done enough to take Brother Brooks down. However with each time that the cult leader got up filled the good doctor with more and more dread.

"Doc what do I do?" asked At-Lass with some worry in her voice as she took a few steps back. "I keep knocking him down." She could see Brother Brooks rising into the air but this time he was glowing. "But he keeps getting back up."

"I have an idea but you'll have to listen carefully to me," replied Doctor Julius who right now was desperate. The last thing he wanted was to lose At-Lass, he didn't think that anyone as good as her deserved to die young.

Before At-Lass could listen to what he had to say she felt a strong force push her down to the ground. She fell back once again but rather than being pinned to the ground Brother Brooks instead used his powers to punch her in the chest and stomach areas. He wasn't touching her with his fists but instead his telekinetic pushes did the punching for him. It caused At-Lass some pain and although it was slightly cushioned by her suit it still caused some damage.

Despite what was happening At-Lass still listened to what Doctor Julius was saying. It was difficult to do this and she wasn't sure whether his plan would work. She felt that she needed to try though as she wasn't far from going down for the count.

Quickly At-Lass rolled out of the way and she took a moment to catch her breath. Brother Brooks came closer to her and she was able to knock him back with her fist. It sent him flying for a moment and allowed her to get up to her feet. Quickly she ran towards Brother Brooks and grabbed onto him. She continued to run and then she threw him as far as she could, this was not in order to defeat him but just so that she had more time to recover. It seemed to work as she saw him flying through the air.

Doctor Julius began to explain to At-Lass that whenever Brother Brooks used his powers that a strange form of energy would radiate from his body. He thought that this was the key to stopping him. He told her that it was a form of energy that was similar to the energy that allowed her to change size. He saw this as the key to defeating Brother Brooks and ending this battle.

At-Lass didn't have to wait long before she saw Brother Brooks returning. From the look in his face he wasn't happy. She had been given her instructions and now only had one thing that she needed to do. She felt herself being pushed back again, it was like she was being pushed by an invisible wall.

Slowly At-Lass began to push against the invisible wall and make her way towards Brother Brooks. He was amazed to see that she had this much strength left within her. Even with the suit At-Lass had withstood more than most people could take and yet she was still going with all of her might.

Brother Brooks was surprised that At-Lass was still fighting back. He would have thought that she would have fallen or given up by this point. The fact that she was still fighting did impress him and made him think that she deserved some respect. It would only mean that her death would be quick.

After some effort At-Lass was able to grab him but at this point all of her energy was spent. She would be able to keep the fight up for much longer and already she was taking deep breaths. She just hoped that Doctor Julius's plan worked or else she would certainly fall on this day.

Suddenly At-Lass felt herself beginning to shrink. She could feel a familiar sensation throughout her body, she looked at Brother Brooks and she could see that he was shrinking as well. Doctor Julius had the energy that Brother Brooks used and had acted accordingly. He had no guarantee that it would even work but he was glad that it was.

Brother Brooks had no real idea what was going on as he saw the world around him grow as they both shrank. He could feel the odd sensation that At-Lass was feeling but he could also see that everything was going dark. He was suffering from the same affliction that At-Lass had when she had been tiny without her goggles.

Within seconds At-Lass was back down to her normal height but Brother Brooks was a tenth of his normal size. Despite what was happening he didn't seem to panic at all and she just looked at the small man in her hands. This was the first time that she had been able to shrink a person like this, she did feel a small amount of guilt however since she knew that there might be problems down the line. Whenever she shrank her suit would help her body cope with its tiny stature, Brother Brooks didn't have this suit however and she didn't know how long he would last at such a small size.

"Hey there Tom Thumb," said At-Lass. "You're not so big and though now are you?" She could still feel him resisting in her grip but his powers had also been severely reduced as well. Also from his point of view she was talking very slowly.

"Very clever," replied Brother Brooks. He was speaking very quickly and At-Lass was just about able to make out what he was saying. "At this state I'm nothing more than a doll, well played."

"So are you going to give up and release everyone in the compound? If you do I might consider returning you to normal size."

"There is no need, I applaud you for your efforts today and I can see that my plan has failed for the time being. Farewell, our paths will likely cross again."

Suddenly smoke began to appear out of Brother Brooks' mouth and nose. At first At-Lass thought that he was on fire on the inside. It only took a few moments before the smoke formed into a dark cloud. Quickly it floated away and there was nothing that she could have done to prevent this.

Brother Brooks slumped over and at first it seemed like he was dead. However Doctor Julius's scans could tell that he was still alive, he probably wouldn't be for much longer if he remained at this size. She knew that the fight was over so she began to increase her size along with his. There was enough of the energy left inside of him for her to do this or else he would be stuck at that size forever.

When At-Lass found herself at sixty feet tall again she carefully placed Brother Brooks on the ground before shrinking down to normal again. He too was his normal height and their battle had come to an end. There was still the problem about exactly what she was going to do with him and the other cult members. There was still a compound full of followers that would most likely die for their leader.

"Doc are you still there?" asked At-Lass.

"Yeah I'm here," replied Doctor Julius. "Is everything alright? You're not hurt are you?" There was some worry in his voice as he really didn't want to think that she could get seriously hurt.

"Yeah I'm fine but I need you to make a quick call for me."

"Who to?"

"Agent Kipling of the F.B.I, you can do that right?"

"Of course but it is a little risky."

"Don't worry, he's a friend and he'll should be able to help. Tell him I've been able to defeat Brother Brooks and he needs picking up."

"Ok but I suggest that you don't stick around for too much longer. I doubt that they will be all that pleased that you did their job for them."

"Fine, just send the jetpack and I'll go on my way."

Right there and then At-Lass ended the call and she stood there and waited. She looked down at Brother Brooks, it was hard to believe that a few minutes ago he had been close to killing her a couple of times. Now he didn't seem like a threat and instead she was more worried about the black smoke that had left his body when he was defeated. She also looked back towards the compound and she thought about the people that was inside. She didn't know just how much chaos was taking place inside now that Brother Brooks was missing to them. It seemed irrational that things had escalated so quickly. It was like they could sense that Brother Brook's defeat had come.

Before long At-Lass saw her jetpack approaching her. She had to wait for Doctor Julius to shrink her before could put the jetpack on. It was the same routine as she felt herself shrinking down to three inches before placing the jetpack on her back. She only had to wait a few moments before she lifted off into the air and began to make her way back towards the warehouse. Her body still ached from the battle but in her mind she was thankful that she hadn't suffered any serious injuries.

Before flying away At-Lass did glance back to the compound before she allowed the jetpack to take her away. She hoped that she would never see this place again and that the people inside got the help that they needed. She knew that many there had been brainwashed but there was a chance that some were there due to their free will. These people probably scared her more than she realised since they believed full heartedly in what Brother Brooks had been preaching.

After a few minutes of flying At-Lass eventually entered the warehouse and she landed on the ground. After taking off her jetpack she was enlarged back up to normal and she quickly took her goggles off. She took some deep breaths and sat down on a chair that was nearby. She watched as Doctor Julius turned to her and he seemed to have a smile on his face.

"Well done back there Sophie," said Doctor Julius. "You've been able to beat your first real superpowered bad guy. I think this calls for a celebration."

"If you don't mind I just want to go home and rest," replied Sophie. "My folks are probably worried sick about me and I still have some homework that I need to do before I go to school tomorrow."

"Fair enough, just take off the suit and make your way home. I'll see you again soon." He was hoping that soon would be the next day but he could understand if Sophie wanted some time off from being a superheroine. It was demanding on her body and she looked very fatigued from the battle. He did have something that he was working on though, it wasn't complete enough for him to show Sophie so for now he wanted to keep it a secret. He just watched as the tall girl got up from the chair and walked over to the bathroom of the warehouse.

When Sophie went inside she quickly took off her At-Lass suit. She stood there for a few moments with just her bra and pants and she could see the bruises that were on her body. She could see the small bruises that were the results her being shot and the other large bruises were thanks to her battle with Brother Brooks. Some of them were quite painful and she hoped that they would heal up before long.

After she got back into her other outfit she stepped out from the bathroom and after saying goodbye to Doctor Julius she made her way back home. For Doctor Julius he had work that he needed to do before he thought that he could properly rest. He had been working on something that he hoped that Sophie would like.

As Sophie walked home she was constantly on guard, she still remembered the night that she was almost stabbed by a crazed man. It had left a bad taste in her mouth but she still felt that she could take care of herself. Without her At-Lass suit she didn't have her size manipulation abilities so she only had her own strength and skills to rely on. She hoped that she wouldn't need it.

After several minutes of walking Sophie did eventually reach her house and she could tell that her parents were inside. She made sure that all the bruises on her body were covered up, the last thing she wanted was for her parents to see them and question where she had got them from. She knew that her mother would likely freak out while her father would probably be quietly concerned.

Sophie stepped into the house and she closed the door quietly behind her. She said hello in order to alert her parents that she was back. Strangely she didn't get a reply back and she was left there in silence. Almost instantly she thought that something terrible had happened. Quickly she made her way to the kitchen and she found her parents inside, they seemed to be listening to some music and even dancing with one another.

Sophie couldn't help but watch her parents for a few seconds as they didn't realise that she was there. They seemed to not notice her at first but when she cleared her throat they suddenly stopped and looked at her. Quickly they broke off their dance and tried to pretend that nothing had happened. It seemed obvious that they probably had a glass of wine or two. Either way they seemed embarrassed about the whole situation.

"Sophie you're home," said Sophie's Mother. "W-Where have you been all day? We were starting to worry about you."

"I was with Lizzie and Mary," replied Sophie as she had already figured out what her excuse would be. Lizzie had promised to help her keep her secret. "You know that we have a big game coming up very soon."

"B-But you've been out for hours."

"We were doing some studying as well. Besides what were you two doing?"

"Err, we were just doing some exercising, you know that your father and I need to exercise more."

"Yeah sure you do." She knew where things might have led and she didn't really want to think about it. "I've got more studying upstairs so you don't mind if I come down later and make myself a bite to eat do you?"

"N-No, weren't planning on making anything special anyway."

Sophie stepped out of the kitchen and the music seemed to continue. She knew that they were probably dancing with one another again. She didn't think that there was any reason why they shouldn't so she simply left them to it. She just made her way back up to her room and closed the door behind her.

There was a TV in her room which she put on while she studied. She could see that it was the local news and not surprisingly her battle outside of the compound was the top story. There were amateur videos of the fight and some of them were at less than desirable angles. One of them had even gotten a close up on her butt and she thought that it made it look larger than it was supposed to be. She knew that she had the largest butt in the world when she was At-Lass but she still didn't like to think about it.

After the report about her titanic battle was over she could see that the F.B.I was rounding up the cult followers and leading them away. Since Brother Brooks had fallen they didn't put up a fight and most of them looked to be in some confusion. Almost like they had just woken up from being in a deep sleep. They were not under arrest but instead were being held temporarily so that they could be reunited with their families.

Sophie thought that she had done well today but there was something inside of her that told her that it wasn't the last that she saw of Brother Brooks and whatever that thing was that was possessing him. She could still remember when Brother Brooks had tried to enlighten her and it would probably take some time before she could properly get it out of her head. However now she had homework to focus on. It seems that after everything that she been through she could just sit down and do her homework like she was a normal high school senior. Not many could do such a thing but then again Sophie Bale wasn't an ordinary person. She was At-Lass, the champion of Grendon.