17 Present

A few weeks later found us in Rogue Landing. Dahryan was coping very well with the change and was extremely happy with Tavon, Kylin, Fajim, and Vixen. He had been given Kiren's old room and was well on his way to becoming a strong vampire.  Already his aura was stronger than some in Rogue Landing who had been alive for fifty odd years.

He was fitting into the community easily, as was I after almost seven years in Newbridge. Everywhere I went I found friends.

Foln and I became closer, as did Kylin and Tavon. All three were extremely relieved that Jegra had been destroyed although Kylin and Tavon could still not believe that I had won and was now as strong as they were, if not stronger.

            However, they were very happy and Kylin, Tavon, Fajim, Vixen and I had at last had our mortal lives avenged, leaving us in peace.

            On the still nights after the battle, I would find myself thinking of Thomas the human when I could not sleep. If Jegra had not come to Newbridge, I never would have received the greatest gift of all from him. Humanity.

            Thomas gave me my humanity back when I thought I had lost it completely, and although I may call him by another name now, he will always be Thomas to me. The same old Thomas who taught me to laugh, cry, and above all, love again. Even in the shadows of death.