For Fauxe, a wonderful friend. A poem based on almost everything I know about her.

The Lollipop Knight

A tale as old as time,

Spoken like a nursery rhyme,

During the age where dragons plunder,

There was a lone knight that would wander,

Always a lollipop in her hand,

Never travelling with a merry band,

A sword of steel she would carry,

One so strong that no one can parry,

On a grand adventure she once went,

To the lands only the most powerful are sent,

There, she would play three a game,

None of which would be the same,

But the Lollipop Knight does not lose,

It's not like she even needs to choose,

With all the achievements she unlocks,

There is no path in her way that blocks,

Prefect she is, with all her scores,

She, of course, will win all the wars,

But she prefers not to fight,

Just to wander with all her might,

But as you know, it's time to go,

Or her tale will never end,

But don't forget, or you'll regret,

Her will doesn't ever bend.