Enslaved by the Lesbian Vampire Cougars

Chapter 1: My name is Emily and I'm in love with an older woman.

It's been a year since I moved out of my parents' place in Orange County and started living independently in an apartment in LA to attend classes UCLA. I came here to be a journalism major even though my true passion lies in writing, if you're wondering why I didn't just become an English major, it's because I'm following the example of one of my favourite writers; don't just focus on writing, living your life and having experiences matter more. And while he studied history I feel it's much the same as a good mystery always makes for a good story.

But I think I've gone off on another tangent, which is something I often do: good at remembering facts, always a struggle to get them down succinctly.

You see I'm just 22, near the end of my degree but still not really ready for the adult world; during my job waiting tables I found myself in the presence of one of the most beautiful, enthralling woman I had ever seen. She came to the restaurant usually in the evenings, always ordering the most expensive dishes on the menu: porterhouse steak, roast duck, suckling pig. I don't know how she did it, but it seemed to me she never gained weight no matter how meat she ate, it seemed to me that she the opposite of a vegetarian considering she never ordered any kind of vegetables or salads with her meals.

She must've been a model because she was at least a good 6 feet tall, slender and elegant with her hair cut short at the back ensuring she always had a beautiful blonde bob that always retained its shape. Piercing hazel coloured eyes, magnificently large breasts, and although she was quite older than me, possibly in her mid-to-late 40s, she must've taken exceptionally good care of herself as she barely had a wrinkle on her.

Her name was Farah, it was an appropriate name in that she was like another certain blonde enchantress. Even as a little girl I always knew I was a lesbian, although not knowing that word and entirely what the attraction meant, I always found myself captivated by the female form, older women especially were attractive.

I had never spoken to her directly save to get her order, just by looking at what she wore you could tell she came from money, but she was never condescending to me like a lot of other rich customers. I hummed and hahhed in my mind about whether or not I should say anything to her at all, how childish was I to think I could do something as bold as ask out a classy woman like her. Even if she didn't have a wedding ring, I had no idea if she was a lesbian and even if she was would she even be interested in me?

As she sat at her table waiting for someone to serve her, I made my move still uncertain what

I would actually say, should I try my luck with a pick up line or just be straightforward, oh god now I can't go through with this, abort!

But it seems Farah made the choice for me, she waved me over and while I expected to take her order, only for her to say something I don't think I ever expected.

"What are you doing later tonight?"

'Is she asking me out!?'

"This job can't pay very well for a pretty girl like you, how would you like to make $5000 for one night's work?"

'Was she propositioning me?!'

"Yes I'm propositioning you."

'What the fuck?! Is this a dream?'

"No its not you silly, schizophrenic girl, is your answer yes or no?"

"How the hell do you know what I'm thinking, can you read minds?"

"Don't be foolish, it's just when you reach my age you pick up a few skills like how to read someone's face. And your face is very easy to read."

I immediately felt embarrassed by what I blurted out but also the fact that what was happening was actually happening. I never once thought of prostituting myself to anyone, but for this sophisticated woman was offering me what amounted to what I could make in half a year's worth of pay checks.

"Young lady there are many young girls in this town, many just as hard up for cash as you and many I'm sure willing to take up my offer. Are you interested yes or no?"

"Uh yes, yes I can make some free time tonight."

"Good, this is my phone number, call me as soon as you get off work, I'll pick you up and get you ready for entertaining at tonight's party."

'What the hell did I just agree to?'

I got off my shift at 7 PM, dressing back into my street cloths I dialled Farah's number, she picked up in what else but a dark red Maserati convertible. She was silent during the trip, smiling at what must've been childish excitement of being in such a alien experience, coming from a middle class family, the most stylish car I had ever been in was a Honda.

"Tell me about yourself Emily?"

"Me? There's really not very much to say about me, I'm a local, my parents live out in the suburbs, I went to UCLA to study journalism, I'm near the end of my degree but honestly don't know what I want to do with my life afterwards."

"Oh sweetheart, stick with me you won't ever have worry about things like that again."

"Um, are you offering to be my pimp?"

"No my dear, unless you want, I know a lot of girls like you need to support yourselves financially; prostitution is probably the easiest and most dangerous way to make money in this world, and it would be dangerous without someone like me looking out for someone like you."

'Someone like me? Does that mean she has a gun, or hired thugs or something like that? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.' "Uh, I don't think I really want to turn this into a profession."

"And I wouldn't expect you to, you seem like the kind of girl who simply wouldn't be cut out for that kind of action long term. No what I meant is your direction in life, believe me I didn't know what I was going to do when I was your age too, got into a lot of dead ends both professionally and in relationships. But then I met some very good friends and they helped me find my true path in life."

"Uh, I'm sorry but are you saying I should join a church group or something? Because I'm kind of an Atheist and I'm not exactly-"

"Oh my, is that what I sound like? I'm sorry dear sometimes I go on like that, and I do there is a certain spirituality to it. But no my dear, I'm not talking about a church, that would be exceptionally hypocritical from someone who offers young girls thousands of dollars to spend a night doing things best left to the imagination."

My cheeks started to turn a little red when again reality started to sink it. "Well, if you're not talking about a church, what are you talking about?"

"Family my dear, and I don't mean the woman who gave birth to you or the people who think they have a right to treat you like shit because you share the same blood, I mean real family."

"I'm still not sure I follow do you mean marriage?" 'Was that it? Was she planning on sharing me with her husband?'

"Close, it's a relationship similar to what you expect in a typical marriage, but not strictly legal in these parts."

"You mean gay marriage? I think that's legal in this state."

"Oh no sweetie, the kind of relationship I'm thinking of wouldn't be legal outside of Utah."


"Polygamy dear."

'So she's going share me with an entire family full of sex partners?' It was now I realized that this was probably a bad call, I can't say I ever expected to find myself at the centre of an orgy.

She took me to the closest Zara store and guided me to their lingerie section, giving me a number of lacy dresses and undergarments to put on later; she brought me to the dressing room and ordered me to try on each and every one until she was satisfied. We ended up with over a dozen or so pieces of lacy underwear, meaning my questions had to be asked and answered in the three minute intervals when I have to model off my outfit for Farah's approval before going back to change and start the process over again.

"Why exactly did you choose me to be your…."

"Entertainer? Why not? You're cute, petite, you appear to have good hygiene, and I could tell just by looking at you're a sweet girl and not an insufferable bitch, something I'm not in the mood for tonight."

"Oh ok, but how did you know."


And back to the dressing room.

"How did you know I'd be ok with this, how did you know I wouldn't just be freaked out and call the police?"

"I didn't choose your restaurant by accident dear, I came there especially to check out the waiting staff; anyone could see you making those little puppy dog eyes at me every time you could catch a glimpse of me. You should be thankful I'm offering you a fair price like $5000, if I wanted to I think you'd have done it for free."

'Well she's not entirely wrong.'


And back again

"What exactly is going to be expected of me? I mean I understand the lingerie, but what would you actually expect me to do; you don't intend to share me with your 'family' do you?"

"Of course I do dear, why do you think you're being paid so much, $1000 is the price a working girl can expect for one night with one client, you're being paid $5000 to spend one night with a total of five clients."

"F-f-f-five?! How am I supposed to, to do it with five people at once?!" I might've said this a little too loudly.

"Oh don't worry sweetheart, you won't have to worry yourself over anything, we really just need a warm body, you can just leave the rest to us."

"You mean like those Japanese restaurants that serve sushi on a woman's naked body"

"Something like that, next!"

We finally settled on a pink coloured, frilly lingerie set of bra and panties, Farah had me wear it under my clothes, we left Zara's and back to her car; she drove me to Hollywood Hills, told me her family lived in a small mansion here. I knew Farah and her family must've been wealthy but I wasn't expecting her to be in the same area as Hollywood royalty.

She parked her car into the driveway of, and she really wasn't kidding, a mansion. Though I don't know enough about mansions to consider what is 'small' but this one had at least three stories, wide enough to house a lot of rooms and even gardens and ponds along the sides.

Farah guided me through the front door into the house itself, the main entrance of the house was like a miniature version of a Disney movie, though not as big as a palace or ball room, the foyer decked with finery, as golden candle holders with lit candles littered every wall, a great chandler loomed over my head and beautiful portraits and fine china littering the walls. At the centre of this room was a large spiral staircase, reaching up into the ceiling into the top floor and down into the basement.

"We're here now, take off your clothes and make yourself pretty."

"Ms. Farah, I know I agreed to this but I think I might have butterflies in my stomach and-"

"If you're worried we'll get rough with you or do anything you won't like then don't, there'll be women here, you won't get penetrated or anything like that."

'Not the answer I was hoping for, but I guess that's still a plus.'

"Also don't forget sweetie, I've already paid you in full for tonight; you can run away if you want but just know that I and my family don't like getting ripped off, if we pay for you that means we're entitled enjoy you, and believe me if you pull a stunt like that we'll take a great deal of please enjoying you."

'Everything about that statement sent shivers through my spine, what the hell kind of person was she if she seriously just threatened to hunt me down and gang rape me with her lesbian lovers? I should've never taken her money, I need to just what she asks and get this night over and done with.'

Now only clad in lingerie, and maybe a little make up, Farah said I was ready guided into what looked like the dining room. There I met four other women who, like Farah, ranged from their late 30s to early 50s in appearance.

A seat at the end of the table next to Farah was made available, Farah took time to introduce me to the other women around the table.

Beside her another woman about her age, tanned skin and long, dark hair with piercing green eyes, she introduced herself as Vanessa, even though I just met her she and Farah treated each other with a warmth more so than the other members of their family, perhaps their relationship was closer because they had met each other first?

Then I met another woman, she was probably the youngest of the group, though a good deal still older than me, she must've been at least 35 or maybe 37. She had a mane wild, dark red hair and hazelnut coloured eyes, she introduced herself as Veronica. She had a very distinct, bordering of stereotypical southern accent, and maybe a hint of ADHD; what was obvious however was everything from her eyes to her grin, to even flicking her tongue like a snake, telegraphed pretty clearly that she much more than the others was excited about hiring a prostitute.

The next girl I met had an altogether different demeanour, much more stern and harsh, I'm not sure if even liked me even though she looked me up and down just like the others. She was a dark skinned woman, a little younger than Farah she was maybe 41 or so; she had very dark skin tone, black hair and dark brown eyes, she looked like a Gypsy as she enjoyed bedecking her hair and clothes with little pieces of jewels and precious stones. Her name was Devana.

And finally I met who must've been the matriarch of this family, her name was Regina, although Farah and the others referred to her as mother or mama, she told me in no small terms that as long as my head is under their roof I'll do the same. Regina was very different from the other women, it was quite strange, even though I could tell she was much older than any of the other women I couldn't place my finger on what, her face was old and young at the same time, with skin and hair the colour of milk only broken by her gold coloured eyes and red lipstick and nails.

"Welcome my dear, I've been so looking forward to tonight, I hope the thought of entertaining so many clients at once isn't too daunting for you." She speaks with a strange mix of authority and motherliness, like the high school English teacher I had a crush on. "But first let us enjoy this delicious meal, our last guest Julia gave us this delicious recipe."

It looked like a scrumptious feast, delicious meat that looked like roast pork, it tasted so sweet and so tender I almost ended up scarfing it down. They also served me red wine too, honestly considering what they were paying for this was awfully generous, maybe tonight wouldn't be so bad.

"Emily my dear, you have such a lovely body, Farah made a fantastic choice, I think the six of us will have a lot of fun together." Regina said as she sipped her wine.

"Tell me sweetie, are you ticklish, I love girls who are ticklish, nothing's more fun than a good laugh." Veronica said with a light chuckle, her chin resting on her fingers.

"Farah sweetheart, this one's just been stuffing her mouth, I want to be entertained, at least show me if her body tastes nice." Vanessa pouted like a schoolgirl.

"Oh alright, nothing wrong with a little appetiser." And with Farah shoved her right hand into my panties and with years of experience found my clitoris and rubbed it so hard and fast it felt like the skin would tear off.

I immediately coughed up the food in my mouth, almost choking a little bit, I had to grab the arms of my chair to balance myself otherwise I'd fall off. I tried to scream but my throat and mouth seized up, Farah's hand was so hard it felt like the sensations from my genitals caused every muscle in my body to seize up. It took willpower to not resist my eyes crawling back into my skull, I tried to take hold of Farah's arm with my hands but she and Vanessa pulled me back.

I screamed at the top of lungs when the pain reached the point where it was too much to bear, thankfully it coincided with a barely felt orgasm. Farah immediately lost interest in my clitoris, her fingers coated in what appeared to my cum. She and her family seemed to take a great deal of pleasure tasting me, and while I would normally protest this bizarre behaviour happening in front of me, I couldn't even raise my voice because whether it was pain from what I had just experienced or if the food and wine were drugged, but I soon lost consciousness over the sound of them all gabbing like schoolgirls.

I felt cold and wet, I opened my eyes to see my body was naked, stripped of the lingerie, now lying on what looked like a bed covered with black velvet. I tried to move but my arms and legs were bound to the corners of the bed by leather straps.

"Oh she's awake."

"The reveal is always my favourite part."

Those voiced came from the ceiling.

I looked up and saw to my horror, Farah and her family clinging to the ceiling by what looked like sharpened fingernails and toenails; and on their faces I could see huge fangs sticking out of their mouths.


I screamed as loud as my lungs would allow, the five hissed and fell upon me with unnatural grace, I closed my eyes expecting to have the flesh torn off my body, only instead I was greeted by the exact opposite, one of them was tickling my right foot.

"Hehehe, hahahah, what theheheh fuuuck are you doing?"

I opened my eyes to see them all laying upon my body, lazily resting their heads on my body like a big pillow, all except Veronica who was giddily tickling my foot with her vampiric talons.

"I told you girls didn't I? Ticklish girls are always much more fun, bet I can make her piss herself!"

"That's enough for now Veronica, our guest is already flustered enough, I think she has the right to know what kind of life she is living before we enjoy her." Regina said as she rested on my body.

"What the fuck is going here?! What are you people!?"

"Oh sweetheart, isn't it obvious? We're vampires, of a sort."

"No, that's crazy, vampires aren't real!"

"Then how do you explain what you just saw?"

"You drugged me, made my mind think what you did was more real, you're just using make up and wires or something. I mean you live in Hollywood, if this is how you guys like sex I honestly wouldn't have minded I just wish you told me in advance."

"Devana, please discipline the naughty girl."

I screamed at the sudden, sharp pain as one of the veins on my left foot being opened by what I assumed to be Devana's talon, she proceeded to suckle and slurp it like some kind of animal. I felt the blood seep my wound, I started to feel sick and then my body was overcome with a strange, overwhelming warmth, a very pleasurable warmth, like the exact moment you have an orgasm mixed with the best painkillers in the world.

"Do you like that my sweet, vampire saliva has a strong cocktail of painkillers and aphrodisiacs."

I didn't know if she was telling the truth but I had never felt more turned on in my life!

"Don't worry, Devana's saliva will help that wound close in no time, you won't have to worry about scarring, I know how important good skin is to a girl your age."

"What are you going to do? Are you going to kill me and eat me?"

"Oh certainly not my dear. You see we, or rather my girls are different than the usual vampire. Now its true most vampires survive off the blood of other creatures, but we're a special breed."

It was at this point I noticed all the other women were licking my skin, coating my body with their saliva. Oh it felt so good, better than any oil or lotion I'd tried before now.

"I'm not a vampire, nor have I ever been a mortal such as yourself, no you see I'm what mortals refer as a succubus, a demoness who feeds off pleasure, sex and decadence, a skill I've taught to my girls here."

It was at this point their saliva coated most of my body, now I felt caressing and tickling my body with their teeth, fangs and now normal sized fingernails. The soft contact was tickling like crazy, not unbearable but more like an unbearable itch on the edge of my consciousness; it felt both sooth and electric, arousing and calming, I could barely mouth off the words but I just wanted them to touch me, to pleasure me and make me cum!

"Oh sweetie, all you have to do is ask."

And like that my mind absorbed a series of physical sensations that came so quick and so intense I probably would've emptied my bladder were it not for the fact that I was forced to do that earlier.

I was being tickled, as ridiculous as it sounds I felt overwhelmed, as even with the fact that I was in mortal danger being kidnapped, tortured and eventually murdered by vampires, the thought of being molested in this way by sexy older women who are also vampires was like a confluence of various fetishes I've held since I was a child forming into a perfect storm of sexual arousal.


At my right foot the Southern Belle Veronica was giddy like a school, her nails danced on my sole while tongue danced between my toes, her mouth enveloping and suckling on them, licking in between them and using her teeth to nibble them into submission, she seemed to enjoy playing games with her victim, deliberately giving them enough room to squirm and torment them with her wicked fingernails. Wicked and wild was a very accurate of describing this woman, she was capricious with her actions, she licked, bit and scratch with wild abandon, like she was genuinely enthralled by what she was doing. As her tongue and fingers danced on my right sole it felt like a sexual act unto itself, I think I have to say out of all of the vampires she was the most pleasant.

My toes enjoyed the sensation of being in her mouth, a warm and blissful prison soaking in the pleasure liquid that swam in my captors' saliva. The saliva made every nerve it touched sing with arousal and sensitivity, her tongue started to grow longer and longer like a great snake, weaving itself between my toes and slithering itself back and forth causing a horribly ticklish effect. When she reached my sole she pulled my toes taunt and using her sharp, needle like fangs she dragged them over my sole like plucking the strings of a guitar, quick and precise with almost inhuman speed.

Devana sat at my left sole she was the exact opposite, I'm not sure how much saliva she put on her part but it wasn't very much; what she was doing was as painful as it was ticklish, her fingers scribbled and scratched, alternating the lengths of my sole that each stroke covered, she would slow or fast, teasing or extreme but always to torment my skin. Using one hand to pulls back the foot's skin taunt she attacked the skin and muscle not like a musician as the others did but like some kind of attack dog getting stuck into a piece of meat.

Her fingers were very cruel, pinching toes and parts of my flesh, she pulled my toes taunt with unnatural strength, using her fingernails to rake down my soles like a cat clawing at the curtains and then seeking out special weak points like at the very centre of my foot where the ball met the arch, she attacked them with equal parts precision and viciousness as her nails became tools of torture.

My breasts were being toyed with by Farah and Vanessa, the two lovers never stopped smiling at each other as they played with my upper body. Their fingers danced along my ribs as they played a well-practiced melody together, I think at this point my mind was too overwhelmed by everything else to really take notice; they poked and kneaded and scribbled with childish glee, they lovingly pressed and prodded each one of my ribs like a piano and then their fingers danced their way to my sides and armpits.

Like miniature ice skaters these demonic little fingers skittered across my skin, the light caresses and scratching might seem like nothing, but the nerves coating my sides erupted with lightning bolts of laughter exploding everywhere they traced. My armpits have always been sensitive, but these cruel, lecherous bitches showed them no mercy, their tickling differed from the others as they were trying to do some kind of deep muscle tickling, their fingers making sure to push their nails deeper and rougher into my skin like they were trying to bruise me.

And at my genitals sat Regina, gently tickling my hairless crotch and planting little kisses upon my labia, she barely did anything since it started, now she decided to join in. My clitoris was already erect and moist from all the attention my body received, it ached to be touched, it needed to be loved and Regina was happy to provide. She teasingly opened my labia with her two index fingers, using their nails to tickle her way into my flesh, playing ever so with the flesh surround my vagina, leading up a pair of her index and middle fingers inserting themselves inside me and from there she knew exactly how to touch, what points on my G-spot her wicked fingernails needs to tickle and scratch and massage to bring me closer and closer to the edge.

My clitoris felt the loving embrace of her mouth, she happily engulfed the engorged organ into her mouth, and she immediately began to play with it, using her serpentine tongue to wrap around my clit and then each loop moved of its own accord, like being mummified and having the wrappings grind against you. Her tongue seemed to pump through more of that pleasure giving saliva, not that it was needed, having my clitoris engulfed by these malevolent coils was more than enough as each bump and brush of their texture was bringing closer and closer and closer!

My gave out right there and then, I must've sprayed Regina in the face with my vaginal juices, they were probably murder me in the most grisly and perverse way possible, but I didn't care at this point, just now felt like every cell in my body had an orgasm, I wasn't losing consciousness but transcending it, it was like the universe itself opened to a new world of beauty and safety where I would never suffer ever again.

And then I woke up, to five smiling faces, thankfully their fangs had been sheaved.

"My, that was quite an impressive, you made an excellent dinner, our last guest wasn't nearly generous with her sexual energy; you must've been quite pent up without any real outlet."

As Regina spoke to me the only thing going through my head was 'please don't eat me, please don't eat me, please don't eat me'.

"Admit it sweetheart, what we did fulfilled every fetish you must have in that adorable little brain of yours."

"Are you going to kill me now?"

"Kill you? Sweetie let me ask you a question, if you could live on only one thing for the rest of your life which would you have? Would you have milk that you can have as much as you want as long as your cow lives or slaughter that cow to live off beef for a day and then go to the trouble of finding a new cow?"

"Oh god no, please don't."

"A slave to the Lesbian Vampire Cougars, don't you just want to touch yourself to the thought of that? I know you have before."

I started crying, this was the end of my life, these women were going to using as cattle and there's nothing I could do stop them. As I cried the women chuckled at my expense, no doubt looking forward to the coming days when they could 'milk their cow'.

(To be Continued)

Author notes: I wrote this as part of CAB's OktoberFetish celebration, I was already getting back into vampires at the time, having a path set for me seemed ideal for helping think this new story, and it won't end here, I intend to make a series out of these characters.

I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, it's been a long time since I had the opportunity and energy to write anything and what a wonderful opportunity to unleash my fetishes upon the world.