Enslaved by the Lesbian Vampire Cougars

Chapter 6: I Love You, Do You Love Me?

Everything smells and feels sweeter, for the first time in a long time I feel like everything bad that's happened to me is washed away. It's like I've entered a new state of being, like I've overcome every horrible thing that's ever happened to me, and I owe this all to my new family.

I love you.

Those words never felt so true as they do now. I feel like the very air itself is coated with some kind of tangible love thing. Oh god this is the best high I've ever had, it's the first high I've ever had, I don't think I'll ever feel this good ever again. I need to make sure that every moment I have this is e best moment I'll ever have.

And then I see the person responsible for this: my sweet, dearest Veronica, my new mother who has brought me into this new, beautiful world!

She's still sleeping, time for the tables to turn.

For the first time it's good to feel like the predator, to feel like the dominant one in this relationship; I feel like I'm on the hunt, like some kind of big predatory cat as I use my hands like great paws to move across the bedsheets like a tigress. As I made my way between mama's thighs I saw her lovely little love bun, I've never been vain enough to thoroughly examine my own clitoris so I don't know how mine compares but I was honestly expecting something more impressive from a vampire.

With little concern for technique or grace I lunged at my prey, planting my lips upon the sweet little rosebud of my sweet sire, and it tasted like some kind of weird, wonderful coppery honey. I began to suckle upon the sweet bud like a babe attached to my mother's nipple, maybe I was being too hard or maybe my technique was all wrong, I mean this was the first time I was performing oral sex on another woman. Turns out Veronica didn't seem to care for the idea.

"You little sneak!" She wasn't so much angry as she was surprised and actually pretty happy, honestly I think I heard her squee as she lifted the blankets to reveal what I was doing.

She grabbed me by my cheeks, pinching them like an overactive auntie, and brought me to eye level where I could see unbridled joy in her eyes, I thought she'd set me down to let me finish and maybe guide me through the process, but instead I got what passed for a stern lecture.

"Now sweetie, you know I love you and under better circumstances I would consider this a belated mother's day present, which I just love by the way; but you gotta understand there's a hierarchy in this house. A ghoul like you ain't supposed to that to your mistress, you're still technically human, that makes you a submissive; you're not allowed to touch me or the others until you've been turned, you don't want to get in trouble now do you?"

"Oh come on, do you realize how ridiculous that sounds, what is honestly going to happen to me? Are you seriously not going to turn me after everything we've been through?!"

"Well I don't know, but the rules are really important here."

"Even something so small? What is honestly wrong with me making love to my mother? Isn't that the whole point you guys have been working towards, isn't a ghoul supposed to be vampire's slave? Shouldn't you guys want a willing, young girl willing to eat you out?"

"Sweetie, you should know by now that this I dream of this day the moment I got my siring approved, but we can't risk it all now!"

"Risk what? What happened to the free spirit who just wanted nothing more than to ravish me all to herself like some kind of deranged bunny rabbit, the kind in high heels?"

"In the time you've been here I've been anything but a free spirit, you cause me so much damn anxiety you'd think I was your actual mother."

"You don't want to know my mother, she'd remind you too much of your childhood."

"Don't ever joke about that."

"I wasn't joking."

"You never talked about your mom before, you can't seriously expect me it was that bad for you."

"No, but still, I don't want to go back, and I'm tired of having to keep my mouth shut or live in fear or anxiety or whatever. I wanna be free and spend every day with people who love me."

"And you will, but right now you have to remember, you're the ghoul of the house, and I know you're our first but you're still no better than a human slave. Just wait until you get your own fangs, then you can tie me up and suck me dry as long as you want."

"You really mean it?"

"Well maybe not the tying up part, you're still my little girl after all."

"Always with the fucking hierarchy, for Regina's sake you'd think you guys were all Asian!"

"What the heck is that supposed to mean?"

"You wouldn't get it!" I said with a cute little tongue sticking out of my lips.

"Oh yeah! You and your Chinese whispers, I think I prefer to hear Chinese giggles!"

Veronica popped up and grabbed me by the ribs, tickling me in the exact way she knows how to make me laugh, making me bounce uncontrollably on her lap. This was a brief and playful Veronica, not lustful or sadistic, but genuinely sweet and giddy. Or maybe it's me, she was always these things and it was my insecurity that made me see this wonderful, beautiful woman as some kind of monster, now I can revel in the love and affection in this house without inhibition or fear or anxiety; I can honestly say I've never been more happy in my entire life than I am now, here with my sweet mama.

"You know you're real cute when you bounce like that, maybe we should give you something to bounce on!"

"No phahahahhalluses! You I'm gay for a reason, I canahahahahahn't take having something inside me!"

"Don't worry, it'll still be me, you'd be surprised how flexible a vagina and rectum can be. What would you prefer? A hand? A foot? Hell with a little magic I could even grow myself a dick just for you, custom shape and size for your pleasure, maybe sprout some little tentacles and I'll be your living French tickler!"

"Eeewwww, don't put those images in my head!"

"I've told you tales about cannibalism, child rape, mass murder, torture, sadism, demons and this is the shit that creeps you out?!"

Her fingers picked up the tempo as punishment for my penis related squeamishness.

"I hahahhahate tentacle porn! Its like the least erotic organ I can think of!"

"Fine, a French tickler made entirely of tongues!"

"That's slihihihhightly better!"

"Ooh, like a little lollipop, like getting your tasty self licked; would you prefer if lathered you up in lotion or actual cream? Just saying as a vampire you can say goodbye forever to vaginal infection."

"Thahahaahat's just for your benenhihihihhihifit! It's not like I'd get to taste any of that cream."

"You're right, that would be unfair, especially since we can pretty much swallow anything and never worry about getting sick or poisoned or whatever. How about we cover you in KY jelly, just like the professionals use."

"Who the helehhehehehehl wants that? Just keep licking me! Your saliva makes it like my entire body is one giant clitoris!"

"Ooh, such a dirty little girl you are, imagine tonight we'll be a family mother cats giving our special little kitten a full on tongue bath!"

"Why wahahhahahait?! Let's get everyone in here right now!"

"Now now what did I say earlier?! Show some respect for ceremony and tradition!"

"Whahahahat traditions?! I'm literally the first human any of you have sired!"

"Traditions are traditions no matter how old they are!"

Veronica's fingers stopped their dance along my sides and her hands began rubbing the affected areas, and now all I felt was overwhelming and loving warmth from her touch. I fell upon like a wilting flower and fell into her embrace, I lay my head between her breasts and I realize.

"Mine are bigger."

"Yeah but mine don't sag, fatty."

"How can you call yourself a mama when a real baby would probably starve on these things?"

"You're welcome to try nursing from one of the other girls, I bet Farah would just LOVE the idea."

"You never thought about something like that with Regina? Literally suckling from the tit of the woman you call mama?"

"Oh sweetie, you want that all you have to is ask. Regina loves having her breasts played with, if I didn't know better I'd say there was a connection between how turned on she was and how tasty her milk is!"

We stayed together like that for a while, I wished the whole day could be this way but Veronica gave me a pat on the back and together we left our bed and moved towards the bathroom. We found the door locked and knocked to see if whoever was inside would let us join them.

"Go away please! Especially if that is Farah, I need my alone time!" Vanessa needs time away from Farah, it's like the whole world's upside down.

"We're coming in Mama Hen, you do want first dibs on the new chick don't you?"

Mama Hen?

"Oooh, my feathers are all a flutter! Let me see our little baby bird!"

A bathrobe clad Vanessa, with her hair enclosed in a towel beehive. She embraced me like a giddy little girl embracing a new puppy, enthusiastically sniffing my neck not unlike a curious dog.

"Ohh, she smells just like you, even her veins smell like sweet cinnamon. It reminds me so much of the first time we spent together, just you and me, I want to taste her so badly!"

"Hey! I'm Veronica's ghoul not yours!" What would actually happen if that happened? Some weird kind of vampiric incest?"

"Oh sweetie you are right. I'm so sorry, excitement got the better of me, of course you belong to your mama, we'll have plenty of time for that when you've been fully turned."

"What are you talking about? What will we have time for?"

"Oh sweetie, we didn't want to let you know before, but sometimes when one vampire likes another vampire a whole bunch we like to taste each other's blood." Veronica explained like it was the birds and the bees.

"Yes, the mouth, mind and genitals form the holy trinity of sensuality, don't get me wrong feet, hands, breasts and all the rest are absolutely lovely, but those are from our senses absorb the world around us. The mouth is symbolic of so much of us, of vampires and hedonists and aristocrats and everything else that defines us; and a vampire's relationship with blood, the physical essence of life itself, no different than what Regina taught us to consume, but even more. It is not only the truest essence of what makes us who are, not unlike our eternal souls, our everything is in our blood and it is also how we procreate, it is forever us and what of us we pass to our children."

"Humans are humans no matter what shape or form they take, that goes for vampires."

"And this is why Regina loves you, and now that I see it too. A scholar and a compassionate soul, Regina would be very lonely without you."

Vanessa embraced me into her bosom.

"So you understand, that our mouth is even more important and more intimate as use it to commune both with each other and the rest of universe."

"Doesn't that make you sad, a mouth is for eating, all you'll ever be is something that consumes and dominates whatever you come across, just eating and eating and that's your only relationship with the world?"

"Oh sweetie, a mouth is just as capable of kisses and kindness, you have to always remember it's the choices we make that make the mouth what it is, will you be an ogress with unending hunger or will you be the civilized bard bringing to the world as much joy as you consume?"

"Good gosh, the way you two talk about mouths it's like you two want to have food sex together, while eating a big lunch."

I think I heard jealousy in that outburst.

Vanessa beckoned us to join her in the bathtub, with all three of us naked and soaking in this tub I realize now how big it is, so big that even three of us could sit, legs outstretched, it had more than enough room. This was a custom tub, designed for maybe a dozen or so guests, the entire family couldn't fill it by themselves, I'm guessing this was supposed to be a venue for parties and orgies that invited guests. If these walls could talk, wait a minute I don't need to ask the walls.

"This tub's too big for little old us, in fact I'm sure it's seen a lot of parties in the past."

"Wow, only took you, what? The better part of a week to figure that out?"

"Sugarcane, be nice to your baby, she's going to be the talk of the town soon enough, then she can personally partake in the tub's activities."

"Sugarcane? Mama Hen? What's with the silly nicknames?"

"Well Sugarcane sure is silly sounding, Vanessa can't come up with a good pet name to save her life."

"Oh so cruel, I should call you vinegar from now!"

"You never used these names before now?"

"We only feel the need to use these names when we are especially playful or joyful, besides you never do this with your friends or old family?"

"Actually no, but why 'Mother Hen'? I mean 'Sugarcane' is pretty self-explanatory, but 'Mother Hen'?"

"You haven't noticed my sunny disposition? Admittedly it only started with Veronica, but I intend to welcome all new members of our family with open arms and love as I have the two of you. I mean yes Veronica will be your 'primary' sire, and Regina is the Matriarch, but you're always going find a warm embrace with your dearest and by far favourite auntie Vanessa no matter what."

"Well I guess you are my favourite auntie, by default, since you've been the least horrible to me."

"And you can always count on things to stay that way, I'll love and care for you like you were my own, just as I do Veronica."

But that's always going to be second to Farah.

"And what about Farah and Devana? I doubt becoming a vampire will make me any safer around them."

"Sweetheart, don't worry anymore, those days are behind us, and if not I'll give them an earful. You just wait and see, we all had a talk yesterday with Regina, and after a little chiding from our mama they admit they were wrong to be so cruel to you. Today is all about celebrating you, and they have sworn to Regina herself to make it up to you, so for the rest of today consider them your personal slaves, use them as a footstool if it suits your whims!"

"Footstool? Make them suffer I say, make them lick the dirt off your feet, take a shit and then make them give you a rim job!"

Huh, I know Veronica isn't exactly on good terms with those two, but I really wasn't expecting this level of spite.

"I think I'll be satisfied with not treating me like shit and molesting me without permission."

"Oh sweetie, I normally don't agree with Veronica when she gets in one of these moods, but you really should be more imaginative and adventurous. This is, well 'once in a lifetime' really doesn't cover the scale of how long we're going to be around and how you will never, ever get another chance for those two to be in this position ever again."

"You make it sound like this is some kind of revenge, I thought this was a loving family?"

"It is a loving family, the kind where you tie each other up torture you for entertainment. Speaking of which if you don't make good on this you'll be spending your first days as a vampire in the dungeon, and I'll personally be directing the two of them on the best ways to torture your feet."

"What, why?!"

"Because revenge is a rare and sweet thing, you get an opportunity to take you damn well better take it, any idiot that doesn't to have their brain fixed and proper. So think of it equal parts ironic punishment and medical treatment, we'll even dress up as sexy nurses for the occasion."

"So you're going to punish me by essentially giving those two what they want? Don't you realize that if I do what you want they'll just do that on their own anyway? And what's more aren't you just going to fulfil their wishes anyway, which is to torture me for entertainment?!"

"You need to be reminded what utterly ruthless bitches they can be, and what kind of mother would I be if I didn't properly make sure you learned how cruel the world can be if you let bitches like them off the hook; THE WORLD IS CRUEL AND MERCY IS A WEAKNESS!"

"Uh, are you seriously saying that living in this house I'll still have to deal with bullshit like being tortured and treated like shit even after you turn me?!"

"Oh sweetheart, your mama is just being protective, Farah and Devana and yes some of our houseguests have a cruel streak but deep down it comes from a place of love."

"Hush up, you ain't got the right to say that when you're toes haven't been bitten off!"

The rest of the bath thankfully went off without further drama, just more joking and nuzzling. I honestly couldn't tell if Veronica was joking or serious or both, I mean I've experienced her psychotically angry but this was much more mellow, even jovial. Was this the dynamic of family life, is getting your toes bitten off something to joke about or is it a serious infraction? I mean, yeah vampires are durable, they keep saying that, but does that mean I'm going to mutilated and dismembered when Farah and Devana get bored? Is it like some kind game of play-revenge? Just when I was starting to feeling good about this 'family' something else pops up to remind me why I was so frightened to begin with.

The three of us retired downstairs to the family lounge, doing something I suppose would relatively normal, watching television. None of us really agreed on what we wanted to watch, trashy dramas and porn with plot on HBO, we all laughed at how insipid the writing of vampires in the media were, thought let's be the honest the ones of HBO are probably the closest to our lifestyle.

I was still naked while Veronica and Vanessa were fully dressed, I asked why I couldn't have nice clothes and beautiful dresses and robes while walking around what was supposed to be my house as well. Some nonsense about having nothing in my size, but then not even a towel or slippers to wrap myself up in, it was obvious that as usual I'm still expected to be the family sex toy.

It was a soothing moment having two beautiful, loving women running their fingers through my hair, cuddling up to me and generally just enjoy having them be gentle for once.

It couldn't stay that way of course, the two of them left the room, saying something about freshening up, I knew what it really meant though. In this house it's not that different from a prison shower, you know what's coming next when the guard leaves. And like on cue Farah and Devana entered the room, the two sat down beside me and I immediately expected the day's torture and degradation to begin, except it didn't.

"We're sorry." Oh god, that sounded like it hurt.

"When Veronica wanted a baby girl of her own none of us really took her seriously, we took her less so when we saw how resistant you were to us. We already started making plans of serving you as tonight's dinner."

"Wow you two sure know how to make a girl feel comfortable."

"But we were wrong, I was right to bring you here, Veronica was right to want you. You have proven you have a place here in our family and in our home and we should honour that."

"So you're not here to rape me?"

"No sweetie, today is your day, and we are here to make it up to you."

"You mean Veronica and Vanessa weren't kidding? You two are actually going to take orders from me? I'm the one in charge and this isn't some cruel joke where I end up in the dungeon unless I actually want it?"

"Well maybe not as far as the dungeon, there are limits after all."

"I don't ever remember you two offering me any limits."

"Well this time there, but don't worry they only apply to your body: no orgasms, no pushing you past your limits and no touching you inappropriately."

"Where the hell did all this come from?"

"Regina has a very special surprise for you tonight, she wants you fresh and at the top of your game, which means we're only allowed to tease you."

"By teasing she means anything that won't directly result in an orgasm."

"I can have you two do anything I want? Even a rim job?"

"Veronica put you up to that didn't she? Well no, anuses aren't something either of us are interested in and even the wrath of Regina herself."

"Well that's no fun; how about we just play it by ear, and if you don't like it you can just tell me."

This seemingly reasonable offer was followed by me tackling Farah to the ground, tearing through the shear dress she was wearing with my hands traveling towards her undefended private parts, because of course she doesn't wear bra and panties.

For the first time in what seemed like an eternity I had the initiative, I had real, meaningful power! I was the god-empress of tickling and Farah was my pitiful slave!

"Gehehehehet the fuck off me you little freak!"

"That's really funny coming out of you!"

"Devana do something! Get heher off me!"

"In all fairness Farah, you really do have this coming. I mean when's the last time you let anyone other than Vanessa be on top, not everyone in this house is your slave." Devana's on my side, cool!

"There's a hierarchy, she's on the bottom and we're on top, this shuhhuhouldn't be happening!"

"This is Emily's day, those rules don't apply."

"Yeah! Hear that Farah, this is my day! And on my day I get to do everything I've wanted to do to your body since your first started coming to the restaurant!"

"Do tell myhihihhihhihii little hyperactive pervert. Tell me what exactly you plan on doing to me?"

Oh Farah, you have no idea. Slowly, oh so slowly I kiss my way down from her nipples and towards her belly.

"Oh, I see, why didn't you say so? You didn't need a special occasion for this sweetie, you do a good job I promise I'll pay you back several times over."

Oh you just sit back and relax Farah, because when I reach you lovely little clit I intend to make you suffer so hard. Just like you treated me and Veronica like shit, I'm going to pay your private a parts a very special visit, with my teeth. Vampires aren't the only ones who can bite things.

Working my way down to her pubic area I can hear excitement in her voice grew. I couldn't contain myself, when I finally reached her genitals I had to remind myself: lure her out and then make her suffer. But when I reached her genitals something beyond my control took over: Farah tasted delicious, she tasted so good, was this another side effect of being a ghoul? It must've been, vampires program their ghouls to enjoy performing oral sex, that and Regina's blood makes them extra tasty? Oh god, she tastes amazing, sugar doesn't even compare to how good this tastes, is this how blood tastes to vampires? Is this why ghouls are so loyal?!

"Ok sweetie, that's enough."

Is this what the others taste like? Is this what Veronica tastes like? What will Regina taste like?!

"Sweetie seriously, I'm just not feeling it."

So sweet, so savoury, I want to drown myself in it, the desires got so intense Farah used a foot on my shoulder to separate me from her sweet vagina.

"Please don't do that ever until someone trains you, I'm not opposed to receiving attention down there, but not by someone so inexperienced. Honestly sweetie if this was what you had planned for our original night together I would've wanted my money back!"

Damn, one day Farah I'll perform a clitoral circumcision on you!

"From now on your wishes have to involve us doing things to you, not the other way around; even in a house like this I couldn't think of a worse torture than being subjected to what you consider 'lovemaking'."

The insult didn't really register, whether giving or receiving I wanted nothing more than be the centre of attention of all my aunties! Everything about just the thought, of being touched by them being near them, I think I might be high like I was yesterday.

"Ohh, little baby ghoul, so eager for mother's love, so eager for mother's milk. Don't you know you have to pay tribute to your aunties before you may be granted the pleasure of mama's release?" Devana said sensually as she pressed her large breasted body into my back.

"I don't care if all you do is tease of edge me, I just want you to touch me!"

"Ohh, would you let me do what I wish with you?"


"All the naughty, nasty things you were feared would happen our first night together?"


"But that's just selfish, where would that leave our dear Farah, it's no fun just to watch."

"Oh it's been a while since I've been the helper hasn't it?"

"A single set of hands, feet and a mouth do get boring after a while."

"Are you two talking about shapeshifting?"

"Oh sweetie no, that kind of thing isn't meant for a human body, assuming we weren't planning on eating said body."

"No it's a simple game, I'm the mistress, Farah's my assistant, and while I play with one part of your body she'll follow orders. If I want her to nibble on your toes she'll do that, if I tell her to wrestle you into submission she'll do that too; she'll be a dutiful servant and multiply my lovemaking."

"Farah following someone else's orders? You tell her not to put anything in her mouth she'll start a contest about whether or not either of you can fit my whole foot in your mouths."

"Well she's not D sweetie, and FYI we both could, you're very tiny and we can do things like unhinge our jaws."

"The game comes in how much Farah can surprise you, I play with your feet, I order Farah to restrain you and nothing else and then she teases you with a tongue up and down your neck."

"How is that any different from what you normally do?!"

"Alright then uppity little birthday girl, why don't you tell us what you want? Preferably before I get tired of this nonsense and we devise a proper punishment for such a little brat!" Farah shouted losing patience.

"Even Regina's word has limits little kitten, just remember when the others don't have the stomach we're the ones who tickle our victims to death so they can served for dinner."

"That actually doesn't sound too bad." I'm suddenly pretty horny at that thought.

"Wow, Veronica's blood is really having an effect, it's like she unleashed some kind of hyper-horny masochist."

"Not such a bad thing, Veronica's always up to play the submissive when we're out of humans."

"So is that how you two usually treat her? Take her down to the dungeons and tickle her to the point where she'd be dead if she were human?!"

"Even our family has to punish those who stray outside the rules, and while we do enjoy Regina's philosophy, Farah and I see ourselves as having to play the role of big sisters teaching our little sister how to behave properly."

"Does that include biting off her toes?!"

"Veronica is still holding a grudge about that? You know you'd think she'd have more of a sense of humour about the irony being on the receiving end for a change."

"Receiving end?"

"She didn't tell you? She didn't tell you about all the horrible things she did before we took her in? What a cheater, we all agreed you'd learn all about us, every single dirty detail."

Veronica told me, the first time we had a bath: 'I'm not going to tell you about all the horrible things I've done to little girls like you.'

"Biting off toes was one of the favourite games with the little Mexican and Asian immigrant girls she'd prey on, there so many of them that even if the police cared about 'coloureds' they still wouldn't have done anything. She liked little girls you know, not necessarily young but like you, physically diminutive."

"Vampires may feed primarily on blood, but solids as long as they're soaked in the stuff are manageable too, so any vampire really isn't that too far off from just being a supernatural cannibal. Veronica, well I won't deny Vanessa and I indulged quite a bit in the decadent delights of eating someone alive, Veronica was both a glutton and a sadist in equal measure; when we first started spying on her to see if she was worthy of us, it took us a while to get past the things she was doing to those girls, not that minded her sadism but enthusiasm was counterweighted by her lack of grace." Of course, the idea of an innocent little girl being eaten alive and Farah's only criticism is not looking good while doing it.

I shouldn't be surprised, I shouldn't let this poison my relationship with mama, I should know that's what I should've expected. She's a monster, but she's my monster; do I want to be a monster?

"Chomp them up bit by bit, start with the segments of their toes and fingers and work her way from there. Vampire jaws are just as strong as the rest of our bodies, human bones may as well be wafers."

Would she do the same to me if I actually tried to escape?

"After a while we started to see patterns, the Mexican girls were really just there for convenience, it we found she actually went out of her way to kidnap Asian girls, maybe it was because they looked so much like dolls. Being she short herself, I think Veronica finds it therapeutic to take her frustrations out on someone smaller and weaker than her."

That sounds like what you'd expect from a proper mother.

"At first we thought, being southern and all, she was some kind of white supremacist, that this was all part of some kind of anti-immigrant, ethnic cleansing crusade she was playing at. But then we saw sometimes she'd treat them, the Asian ones anyway, nicely; actually make love to them, softly like she was handling a, well a life sized China doll. She still drained by the end of course, in both senses of that word, but she did both very gently, even saying sweet nothings into their ears and trying to wipe away their tears, like she was literally playing mother to a baby doll; talk about playing with your with food am I right?"

So wait, she wasn't a monster to them but she, she used them as food, she tortured them and was kind too, does that mean?

"Playing with her food, that's literally what it was, when she felt the need for a human connection she treated them tenderly, when she had memories of a past trauma she took it out on her victims, calling them by names and roleplaying like they were people from her past while she literally tore them into little bits. Those girls were literal dolls to her, I still can't get over it; you might not realize this yet what with her bubbly demeanour but you're mother has some serious anger issues."

Oh believe me I know, I know very well, I still have her finger impressions buried into my neck. So that's Veronica's dirty secret, I thought she just had a fetish for Asian girls, I mean it's not like she'd be the first white person to have one, but to see them, to see me as a literal doll because of my size? Because of the colour of my skin and the shape of my eyes? What does that mean for this great responsibility of being a sire and all that crap is just crap, I am part of some fantasy, does she take this mother stuff seriously or am I just another one of her 'dolls'?

I thought I was ok with this, this life, but now not even being a ghoul can stop me from having these doubts, and they'll start to well into insecurities. How far am I from being like those girls, from being food to be played with? Would becoming a vampire mean anything to stopping that? Would I just more likely be her slave, if her blood is in me like Regina's would have some kind magic over me and turn me into a literal doll, a submissive slave brought into this house just to take their crap whenever they wanted?

"Oi! Birthday girl! Have you decided what you want yet? Again, once in an eternal lifetime offer; we're not doing this ever again!"

God Farah can you just shut up for one minute, if I had a wish it'd to pull out those fangs of yours with my own bare hands, I'd like to see you in actual pain for a change. Huh, fangs, I started to remember my first night here, and just how much those things tickle, and just how hot it made me.

"Ok, I have an idea, I want the two of you together."

"Oh, now you're seeing it our way." That's right Farah, get excited at the thought of a little double teaming.

"To very nicely, very gently, give my feet a massage."

"That's not very imaginative." Oh Devana, woman of few words.

"With your fangs." That piqued their attention.

"Oh sweetie, you just found my fetish." Devana has a fetish for using her fangs, huh you learn something new every day.

"They tickle don't they, tell you a little secret, Regina loves a good fang massage on her soft little feet. Vanessa and I tried it on each other the first night we became vampires, tickled like crazy, like being tickled with a knife it takes a delicate touch and feels like nothing else."

"Then I want that, delicate and controlled, not something that involves outright molestation."

"Maybe you're not that much like Veronica, she wants to be made love to the same way a cow gets swept up into a tornado."

"That reminds me of that one time we strung up that stripper girl and spun her around and around like a ballerina doll and tickled her every time we wanted to see her dance, and if we liked the position we'd add another chain and fix her body into an even more exposed position."

"Tell us that's not all sweetie, tell us you want us to tie you up, tell me what you've wanted since you first laid eyes on me."

"No." A little victory is a victory nonetheless.

"Fine, we'll be doing that tonight anyway."

"Then all the more reason to do it nicely now."

It seems they finally gave in to my constant pestering, getting down on their hands and knees the two predatory cougars let their fangs emerge, normally I'd find this terrifying, but now I feel pretty turned on. That's right, the normal mouth parts aren't enough, I need to be sexually attracted to the parts that are specifically designed to prey on my species. I wonder what that says about me, probably the same as anyone with a sexual attraction to vampires.

Oh I see why Regina likes it so much, the feeling of those bony prongs are so sharp it was almost masochistic to have them touching me. The edges so sharp, the points so fine and thin I didn't think such a thing possible, just touching my skin I can tell now they have to take a great deal of control to avoid piercing my skin. The first night I was here my nerves were so overwhelmed by stimuli I couldn't comprehend how fine these fangs were, now I can feel them in their full glory.

Loops, lines, figure eights, subtle and normally orthodox movements that didn't do much for me, one thing I learned in the last week is that I like it hard, rough and relentless. This was precise, like a literal scalpel, my nerves were being played like a harp, and yet I couldn't make sweet music as much as moans and begging for more. As they moved their fangs up to my toes and the spaces in between, the nerves there sang as they were played with by my mistresses, I felt them become moist with their saliva even though their mouths and tongues didn't touch me, did their inject saliva as well as suck blood?

In a way it's not fair, I wanted to just feel the fangs by themselves, but I can't complain since saliva makes everything better. My body tingled with pleasure, my toes convulsed and tried to grab them, causing shallow cuts as my skin met their sharp points; I'm sure my aunties would scold me if their mouths weren't so busy. They pulled back my toes so nothing was in their way as they grazed the toes' webbing side by side; from one toe to the other and all the flesh between, it felt like a journey miles long as taut nerves enjoyed every shape and aspect of the fangs.

The toes themselves were treated to a smaller, but no less blissful dance, like upon my soles. From my big toe to my baby, the fangs with inhuman precision emulated the patterns of the tiny creases of skin that formed my toe prints; this was followed by the fangs tracing the creases of skin of the joints of my toes. Oh Regina, I tried so hard not to move or laugh or do anything to get another cut but I couldn't help myself and got another cut along my left big toe.

"Are you teasing us little girl?" Devana said teasingly.

"Are you trying to get us to sire you instead? Tired of Veronica already?"

"What, what are you talking about, it just you guys are tickling me, what do you expect when a person tickles you if to fidget."

"Your blood tastes yummy when it's mixed with Veronica you, she never lets me taste her."

"What do you mean taste her?"

"Oh sweetie, I suppose Veronica wanted to keep it a secret but vampires like to share blood between themselves, at least once you reach the kind of relationship we have."

"Yes, Vanessa's quite the greedy one, she just loves tasting each and every one in the house all the time; but Veronica is such a shrinking violet, almost never lets anyone tastes her, even Vanessa and Regina have to beg for the privilege."

"So you two want to taste Veronica through me?"

"Oh my no, if we do it'll be mixed up with your blood, and no offense but you're quite bland."

"Besides, I'm not even sure that's something a vampire should do, etiquette aside you are Veronica's ghoul, you've shared her blood, that's an extremely intimate relationship, its one part necessary in the process of becoming a vampire. None of really understand how that process works, let alone what would happen if we mixed blood with you; we may sire you by accident, we may turn you into our ghoul, it may turn into some kind of twisted vampire incest."

"What would that actually do to me?"

"We don't want to know any more than you, besides you belong to Veronica, violating that kind of relationship is, well it's the closest thing vampires here or anywhere have to sacrilegious."

"So does that mean we're done for today?"

"Sorry sweetie, it's us not you, we're not good with self-control."

"So that's it? No more until tonight?"

"Oh whoever said that? Vanessa isn't the only one who likes cuddling!"

And with that, I found my head sandwiched between two set of very, very soft large mounds of flesh, chocolate and vanilla, I don't know which is spicier. Yes I know I'm mixing metaphors but calling these women sweet would be deeply, deeply inaccurate.

It's weird how much of an appreciate I've developed for simple cuddling since I came to this house, an act of intimacy where I don't have to be at someone else's mercy, where I don't have to lose control of my own body for someone else's entertainment. It's funny that's what attracted me to this place, that's what attracted me to Farah, it's why I said yes to her proposal. Because I knew the kind of person she was, I didn't know she was a vampire, but I knew just by looking at her she was a cruel, cruel woman, and I wanted to submit myself to her.

I fantasized about BDSM, about being submissive to a dominatrix, I saw pictures of these powerful women dominating men and women, I was immediately entranced and infatuated and wanted so badly to be one of the submissive girls in those photos. I actually enjoy my time here, even the horrible parts, even the traumatic and life threatening parts gave me a thrill, turned me on, even when my mind was constantly thinking about escape I felt alive, I felt aroused, I felt like every nerve in my body sang as I sweat and scream and begged, I've never felt more alive.

"What would you guys have done to me if Veronica didn't want me, what would you guys have done if I just another one of the regular girls you guys normally bring over to play with?"

"We would've played with you, all at once instead of one at a time, we might've have thought up some elaborate roleplay in advance, maybe we would've had you and I form some kind of fake relationship over the course of a few days, we'd make love, then Vanessa would enter the scene and cause a fake drama about you stealing me away, maybe she'd beat you a little for fun. Usually she plays the damsel in distress who was seduced by the young, impressionable closeted young girl."

"We like to subtly mix ourselves into the lives of our prey, a little glamour here and there and it becomes fairly easy for Regina to become your boss or principle, easy for Veronica to make herself the bully who preys your insecurity, so easy for Farah or myself to be your teacher or immediately superior. We only target people with a certain emotional or psychological state, people who like abuse and are prone to being submissive at the first sign of confrontation in interpersonal relationships; not always though sometimes we prefer the opposite, but it's so easy to get a good mix of fear and pleasure from such personality types."

"Is that why you call girls like me cows?"

"Oh yes, we don't feast on girls all on the one night, we have to carefully milk them for all their worth, all things including humans have only so much spiritual energy, you could hypothetically milk a cow indefinitely since they regenerate if you just ration them out, but where's the fun in the that. A rather we enjoy a series of very tasty meals, culminating in the physical body as well as the spiritual."

"What happens to the girls after that, I mean I know cannibalizing a body is a good way of hiding it, but how do you deal with a police investigation or the families?"

"Look where we live sweetie, most of the real movers and shakers in the world work behind the scenes, most of them are vampires, and things like corporations and the mafia are usually run by such people. Making annoyances disappear is something the vampire community is quite apt at."

"It's not always subtle, sometimes we prefer the direct approach, we proposition girls just like with you, and treat them to as much pleasure as they can handle; none of them survive more than 40 hours."

"Do you ever go after guys?"

"Sweetie you should know us by now, we're decadent, don't think modern living has domesticated us. Women, men, children, sometimes even animals, and if we're feeling especially adventurous we go after other vampires."

"Other vampires? I thought you all lived in this community and needed connections stay alive?"

"Well it's never that serious, vampires are just like people, they like to party and they like to be around their betters, coming to our parties gives them both. Other times it can be quite interesting, vampires like people are quite diverse, there are actually quite a few pleasure cults in this city who worship Regina and her kin and avidly follow her life philosophies; when they come a calling on a pilgrimage who are we to refuse, and of course they're always happy to return the favour. It's not always so pleasant though, sometimes things get upset, nothing to spill blood over, but mistakes get made and insensitive words are said, poaching in another's territory, nibbling on someone else's ghoul or something of that nature, then the kidnapping and torture comes into it."

"But that's as far as it ever goes, we take one of theirs or they take one of ours, we play our games as we do and increase our cruelty accordingly when it comes to another vampire. And after a couple of nights, the party is returned."

"Have either of you ever been kidnapped by another group?"

"Oh yes, we both have, it was quite fun, a lot of them love sex and tickling and BDSM as we do. Don't worry, if you ever get into that situation vampires are like humans in this way, everything is proportionate, its more about humiliation and satisfaction than physically hurting the one who wronged you, it's all in good fun, when you've turned we'll have to introduce you to our friends, Regina isn't the only demon, succubus or otherwise, who's headed a coven of vampires."

"I suppose they'll all want a piece of me."

"Not literally, but yes a new member of the community is always fodder for gossip, especially families like ours that are something of minor celebrities in LA."

"Only because of Regina, sadistic 3 century old French aristocrats are a dime a dozen in this city."

Regina, the nucleus of the family, the matriarch, the mother, my grandmother. I love Veronica, I always will, but Regina's special; she's a lot like me, like my actual mother, or at least the best possible aspects of my real mother. Insightful, academic, empathic, worldly, a thirst for knowledge, a kind heart, an open mind, she's like the ideal woman: a sister, mother, teacher and lover all in one person.

I'll always love you Veronica, but I think in the future I'll be spending more time in Regina's room.

Devana and Farah quickly grew bored with the cuddling, turns out it's not really their thing unless it's with someone they genuinely like, maybe that'll change after tonight. Or not, Veronica doesn't seem to get along with them much either, why would I be that much different.

I made my way up to Veronica's room again only to be surprised as she wrapped a bed sheet around me.

"Don't we usually need the bed to have fun?"

"No silly." She says as she pulls the sheet over my head.

"What is this?"

"Remember our day together? I told Farah I'd dressed you up in a hijab, I wanted to see how you looked all wrapped up in sheets."

"You're not seriously going to send me out there looking like this?"

"Why not, your my baby girl now, I get dress you up however I want and they just have to deal with it!"

The two of us started laughing at the silliness of the situation, it evolved into an embrace, and then falling back onto the bed. Then a series a little kisses between us, looking into each other's eyes and having her fingers play with my hair.

"You were right, I really liked Regina, a lot."

"Just wait until you taste her blood."

"Not like that, I mean she's really amazing, it's like meeting someone and knowing you're both soulmates."

"Soulmates, she has that effect on all of us. Caring, maternal and a mentor. I knew you especially would like her."

"Because I'm bookish?"

"You're sweet, you're downright innocent; every hen in this house has killed, raped, tortured someone before they met her, not one of us is truly good. Regina isn't like the rest of us, she's actually a sweet and kind person, innocent in her own way, she really does love this world and everyone in it, even though she acts like us; she's the kind of person who needs a good influence in her life, who needs genuine good people in her life, but the closest thing she's had is reading about them in books or TV, good people are an abstract concept to her, at least not when she's raping and torturing and eating them with the rest of us."

"That's a pretty unique way of describing 'innocent'."

"I know it sounds weird, but you get to know her better, in a lot of ways she's like a child, in a good way. You're the first genuine good person in this family, and maybe that don't mean shit to anyone else but me and Vanessa, but you could be a real good influence on Regina, I think the both of you could use each other in your lives."

"What's so special about me though, what's so special about now? Regina's older than all of us put together, and she's been here centuries, what's so special about here and now that hasn't been before?"

"You, you being you will help influence Regina's view of the world, her understanding of humanity. If not then I think it's only a matter of time before she turns into something like Farah, and that's the last thing anyone on this earth needs."

Thanks a lot mom, no pressure or anything. But what she says is I guess logically sound, I'm supposed to be Regina's conscience? I guess it makes sense, everyone in this family plays a role: Devana is the enforcer, Vanessa is a compassionate secondary mother, Farah is the stern protective type, and Veronica's basically a playful little sister.

Well if that's what my life is going to be like, at least it'll be pleasant; heh maybe I'll end up disappointing Veronica and end up like Farah. Since I got here, every horrible thing I've heard these women do to other girls filled with me horror and disgust, but at the same time made me really, really hot; I wanted to be those girls, I want everyone in this house to use me, to show no mercy and abuse me as brutally as possible.

Time flies when you're having fun, or rather melodrama, and soon the sun set before either of us had realized. We decided in the end to wear Veronica's makeshift hijab just to see their reactions, we made our way to Regina's room to find it had been completely redecorated to the point where it might've been an entirely different room. The entire place had been decked out with velvet curtains, like some kind of beautiful harem room in some stereotypical Arabian palace from some cheesy old Hollywood movie, they probably were from the set of an old 1950s film. The centrepiece of the room was an insanely large, round bed big enough for a massive orgy, and at the centre was four sets of leather restraints set out in a spread eagle position, each set was specially reinforced as there were three sets of leather straps for each limb, making movement almost impossible.

The family themselves were dressed up in loose fitting, silk gowns to

My attention was brought back to my family as they, and Veronica, all started laughing at the silliness of me having a 'hijab', well it was supposed to be a sacred ritual after all.

"Are we meant to unwrap tonight's gift?" Regina teased

"Gift?! I'll have you know you couldn't afford me, I'm priceless." I said melodramatically as I fell into Veronica's waiting arms.

"Did you two have some kind wedding when we weren't looking?" Vanessa asked quizzically.

"Well that's between me and mine isn't it? Besides don't you all worry, her veins are still virginal."

"Now we know for a fact she's her ghoul, if she were still herself she'd make some ridiculous over-the-top politically correct rant about how insensitive the 'hijab' is even no one in this cares." Farah mocked.

"Hey, come on, I'm not that bad."

"Sweetie you're a student at UCLA, I'm surprised you didn't have your own personal soapbox shoved up your ass when you first got here!"

"I bet you had a lot of fun checking."

"Oh sweetie, you know us to well, and don't worry you have an adorable rectum." Vanessa added with her inappropriately dotting mother persona.

"Considering you've probably seen and played with century's worth of girls, I'll take that as a compliment."

Veronica pulled off the sheets to which I responded with a cute twirl like a mock ballerina. It got a few applause, I blushed.

"Tonight is a night each one of us will always remember, it is when we welcome a new member of our family, a very special member. I am your mother, you are my daughters, and each of you are sister to each other; but Emily will be our first literal daughter not just sharing my blood but the blood of Veronica, deeper than that even."

"We've only just done the first half of the process, even as a ghoul I can feel a connection with her, it's deeper than anything before. I was never a mother in life, but in unlife I now see, I see why what I had and Rufio felt like true love; he might've been a cad who either didn't feel it or just put it in the back of his mind enough to take advantage of my emotions, but that won't happen here. We're a family, Emily's our daughter and my progeny, and now more than ever I realize how sacred those words are."

Veronica's speech was beautiful, reinforced by the fact that I think the rest of room was genuinely moved, even Farah and Devana, and Vanessa started to weep a little, and yes vampires do cry tears of literal blood.

I have to say, I was much the same, tears were streaming down my face and I didn't notice until just now. I used to cry a lot when I was little, as I grew up I started to stop, not so much because I stopped feeling sad just numb, that's why I hadn't shed a tear from the moment I got here, except of course when I met Regina.

"This initiation is a family tradition, we extended it a bit so each member could get to know you personally, normally we're more straight to the point, we meet a newcomer as a group. Being a vampire already means knowing the supernatural, knowing the importance secrecy and relationships, but for a mortal all this is new and must be taught. I won't lie, when Veronica suggested this many of us balked at the idea, myself included, letting in a mortal even one we sire ourselves was not only a break with tradition but potentially dangerous. I have never in my life been so happy to be wrong."

And with that Regina extended her hand to me.

"Emily, won't you join us, we've prepared a lovely party for you, if you should end your mortal life tonight then you should do it knowing what the limits of that fragile little body is before you can have the real fun."

It took all the restraint I had not to just jump onto that bed like a kid cannonballing into a pool, and I failed miserably; rushing towards the centre of the bed with its straps with barely contained excitement I felt overcome with what I could describe as pure glee, thankfully everyone else this equally amusing and adorable.

My dear family crawled onto the very large bed with me, playfully prowling towards me like a pack of Sapphic Senescent Succubae.

"The X, the cross, the spread eagle. Beautiful in its simplicity, and perfect for a party of five. As you probably guessed by now all five of us will enjoy you, just like the first night you were here, only this time we'll be taking turns. Two at your feet, two at your upper body and of course one giving her full attention to your wonderful womanhood."

"Five in one night? I'm not sure I'd survive."

"That's the point, what better way to say goodbye to your mortal life and hello to your unlife than to push yourself to the brink of death, you've never experienced orgasmic pleasure unless it almost literally kills you. And once you experience that you can enjoy new pleasures and new limits."

"So everyone gets a turn, don't I get a say in this? I'm the birthday girl after all?"

"Of course you do sweet heart, you get to pick the order we go in. Except for me, I go last, the best is always saved for last." Regina said with a wicked smile.

"Huh, well that part's easy: first I want it to be Veronica!" I said as I grabbed hold of my new mother and dragged her down to the bed, embracing and kissing her with gleeful abandon.

"Aww, that's my baby girl! I go first, and that means I get to oversee everyone who comes after! Any one of you even breaks the skin or a blood vessel or even just puts the slightest bit of pressure to make it painful and I swear I will beat the unliving shit out of you!"

"Next, I want Devana, you still haven't shown me the amazing technique everyone here keeps going on about!"

"Oh sweetheart, I do ever so hope you like rough." Devana teased.

"You make it too rough and I'll claw your eyes out, and I know that's usually your thing so it'll make it even more ironic!" Veronica said confidently.

"And then, I'll want someone who'll show me tenderness, Vanessa goes third."

"Oh sweetie, I promise I'll be as gentle as if you were my own little baby lamb."

"And Farah can go last!"

"WHAT?! What did I do to deserve such indignities?!"

"After everything we've been through together I think it's only fair to let you know you've been demoted to my least favourite auntie!"

"Oh baby girl, you've made the biggest mistake of your life and unlife, you think the time we've spent so far was bad? I played the nerves in your body like a harp, tonight there won't be any sophistication, just pure unadulterated torture. Oh and it won't end there, no one in this house, not even Regina will be able to protect you, for I swear every moment you live under this house I will make it my personal mission to make sure that everyday the complexion of your skin stays bright pink!"

"I wouldn't have it any other way!"

And with that I lay down on the centre, my arms and legs spread out to meet the straps, my family tied the belts around me tight enough to prevent any movement. From being a virgin to having more sex than I've ever had in my entire life, you'd think that desensitize me and even make what's about to happen seem passé, but honestly I've never been this excited.

When I was made helpless I couldn't do anything other than smile at all the wonderful smiles that were beaming down on me. They took their places around me, Devana and Farah of course took my feet and Regina and Vanessa lay at my unguarded upper body, nuzzling my breasts. And taking her place at my naked groin was Veronica, she looked like a fox with the kind of grin that just screamed 'mischievous little girl who just happens to be in her thirties.'

"You know the best part about all this, I'm looking forward to having a girl I don't have shave every damn week."

"I've seen all you guys naked, you're the last people who have the right to criticize anyone on proper crotch hygiene."

I think I hit a nerve as she took a quick but fierce bite of my bare, hairless crotch.


"I told you they hurt if you don't get off to them."

And now they did it nicely.

Vanessa and Regina were kind enough to be the ones to start on my breasts, being playful and silly they blew raspberries upon my breasts causing them to jiggle madly and making laugh like crazy. Farah and Devana went all out as well, instead of the soft techniques they used earlier this was the animalistic kind of stuff I've come to expect from them, sucking on my toes, moving their mouths up and down in order grind their teeth against them; I laughed but really I was turned on more than any other time in my life.

And here came Veronica, sweet mother Veronica, no other face has filled me with such joy as the one I mirrored as she gazed at me, right before she plunged her face straight into my welcoming genitalia. It was gentle, soft and sweet between her lips, more like a kiss than anything else; her tongue gently glided up and down the face of clit like she savouring ice cream. At first I wondered what made her so soft and restrained, not like her usual energetic self, and then I realized what she was doing: she was marinating me with her saliva, she was personally making sure my clitoris would be in tip top shape for the entire night. Now this is how a mother should take care of her child.

Without saying a word, Veronica moved from her place, Vanessa moved away from my breast allowing Veronica to take her place there, while Vanessa moved down to my foot as Devana took her turn at my genitals.

"Oh sweetheart, I've been a naughty auntie, I've withheld what should've been yours from the beginning, now I shall compensate you with interest."

Opening her mouth so wide it was almost looked like she was unhinging her jaw, Devana revealed she had an equally unusually large tongue, more like a miniature serpent that danced in the air like some kind of ethereal tendril looking to make party out of my orifices. The naughty auntie organ started by playfully wiggling its unnervingly sharp tip to tickle my perineum causing me to giggle in between the overwhelming sensations of Vanessa licking me between my toes and Veronica sucking on my nipple.

Devana's tongue snaked its way in between my labia, probing and slipping between the lips and playing with the flesh nerves between them, tickling and wiggling in a way that was even more pleasant than going straight for my clit, maybe the poor thing's lost all its feeling after all this abuse. It tickled in an amazing way, not really sexual and not really non-sexual tickling, it straddled the space between sensations, quite literally; I would've come for her right then there as all the tickling melted away as the relatively slender and subtle motions consumed my mind. And then with a quick thrust she shoved her tongue into my vagina and twisted it around like a power drill, causing an overload of the nervous system and the first orgasm of the evening.

"I do ever so hope that made up for my previous lack of attention, believe me my little sweet I'll playing and pampering you to no end after tonight."

And so the switch happened again, this time even more complicated as Devana replaced Veronica at my breast, Veronica took my foot and Vanessa took her place at my still recovering vagina. I feel sorry for Vanessa, I know there's a culture of one-up-man-ship so I can't imagine innocent little Vanessa being nearly this devilish.

"Oh sweet little niece, you won my heart the moment you walked into our home; now let's see if I can reach yours. Don't worry, I meant that in the romantic sense, but if you'd actually like to try that literally, well I commend you on your adventurous imagination but strongly recommend we wait until after you become a vampire."

Mama mia! The lovely woman placed her mouth upon my clitoris with such gentleness like she was cradling a babe; soft, loving and evenly paced her tongue tenderly lapped at my clit, normally I'd complain how this was too soft, too slow and too boring but that was the point. Such a caring soul she knew that my clitoris was sensitive and so she was as well. The gentle textures of her tongue and the warm bliss of her saliva surrounding my clit like a miniature hot springs, it was like a spa for my little love bud.

She stopped unceremoniously and allowed me to just lay there with a swollen, unsatisfied clit in desperate need of an orgasm.

"Hey, don't you go, you're supposed to make me cum! Don't just leave me for Farah!"

"Oh sweetheart, haven't you figured out by now? We're a duo, everything we do, we do together!"

"Can't the both of you just make me cum!?"

"That's the point sweetie."

"I meant I wanted you to make me cum! Isn't the whole point of this party that you all get to show off your own unique style?!"

"Oh dearest, I save that only for Farah; but maybe on a night when I'm all alone and need a bed mate, you'll learn the magic my mouth can impart on you."

Vanessa walked off allowing a now fiendish looking Farah, wringing her hands together like a cartoon villain.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here, seems a certain little lady has a clit that needs a little bit of satisfaction. What a shame no one's around to relieve you of such unbearable pressure."

Oh she was loving this.

"Dammit Farah! Get down here already!"

"Are you sure dearheart? After all aren't I your least favourite auntie? What right do I have to defile your sacred womanhood with my substandard lips?!"


"Oh sweetie, I don't want to hear anything, I just want to watch you squirm."


"This why I'll never sire, no matter what Vanessa says, clearly even a ghoul is too much to handle."


"Tut tut dearest, if you want something from us you must use the word 'please'." Vanessa scolded.


"Who exactly is she asking? I already said I'm not touching her." Oh Farah, any opportunity to be an insufferable bitch.


"Fine, if this will make it better for the crybaby!"

Farah bent down in front of my groin, pressed her lips around my clitoris and blew a massive raspberry, causing my entire being to vibrate.


"Goddess! Please try and have some manners in the presence of your grandmother."

Every nerve in my body was tingling from the orgasm, I had some satisfaction in the fact that I squirted right into Farah's face but I'm pretty sure she enjoyed that a lot. My skin felt like it was vibrating with pure pleasure, I don't think I could take anymore but here came Regina, with her usual grace and reassuring smile she knelt before my throbbing pussy.

"Dearest daughter, blood of my blood, are you ready for the grand finale?"

"I don't think I can survive another round."

"Oh sweetheart, that's the whole point."

She lowered her mouth onto my vagina and she began sucking, not on my clit, but on my vagina. What she was doing felt really, really good but also really, really weird; what was she doing? It wasn't just her mouth, something else was going on, I can't describe it, it's like she sucking something out, like my entire being was being devoured, it's getting hard to breathe! Oh god, is she going to kill me? Is this what rape really feels like?!

I blacked out right then and there, I don't if I had an orgasm, I don't what that was. Was Regina intentionally hurting me? No, no she wouldn't do that. I'm starting to feel better now, energy is slowly re-entering my body, I stretched my arms only to suddenly realize that they must've removed my restraints. I opened my eyes expecting to be surrounded by beautiful, kind, loving smiled; I wasn't.

Instead Farah, Vanessa, Devana, Regina and even Veronica glaring at me menacingly, what was happening, we were having so much fun and now they all looked like they wanted to kill me.

"What. The. Hell. Is. This?!" Vanessa uttered as she dropped something on my chest.

It took me a moment to realize what it was, it was small, cold, made of metal. . . . Oh shit, they found the car keys!

"No, please, you don't understand, I can explain, this is all a mistake!"

In what seemed like an instant flurry of movement, maybe they were moving at super human speeds, or maybe my brain was just shutting down to protect myself from what I knew was going to happen next. Thankfully what happened next was surprisingly merciful, the family just grabbed me, lifted me above their heads and carried me down to the dungeon.

I guess I should be fortunate, they put me in probably the least frightening device; it was a chair with straps, so many that I wasn't able to move any part of my body, straps restrained my neck, chest, wrists, ankles, knees, biceps, every point of movement was covered. They told me this was a modified electric chair they got from a prison, they made sure to remove anything that could harm the occupant, this was a special chair they reserved when all they wanted to do was talk.

As they were tying me up Farah made a threat about what they were going to do, saying that tie me down to a slab of metal and light a fire under it, greasing it with my breast fat, and cooking me alive like sizzling beef, but making sure to I was going to be alive through the whole process. The act of eating wouldn't be merciful either, they'd do it slowly and make polite dinner conversation, claiming the last girl they did this too was less than a torso before she died.

It must've been 3 hours since they stuck me in this chair, I don't know if they were just doing it to make me stew in my own fear or if they were seriously considering what to do with me.

Not even Veronica's blood is keeping me calm, I am terrified, I'm more frightened than I've ever been since I entered this house. I've been mentally preparing myself for this since the first night, I knew that in all likelihood it would end this way, I knew that even if I got the car working and managed to drive out of here it wouldn't end, they'd find some way to get me no matter where I went and I'd end up here no matter what. But that day, with Veronica and Regina, I felt closer to them than I did anyone else in my life, I saw kindred spirits, I saw lovers, I saw family; maybe it was the blood, maybe they did warp my mind with some kind of magic, maybe it's just good old fashioned Stockholm syndrome, but I think I fell in love with them, and losing that love is more painful and more terrifying than torture or my death, if they were to just let me live and let me go I don't think I would ever stop mourning losing my place here.

God how pathetic am I, I'm like the poster child for pitiful women who fall for the bad boy and get upset when I find out he actually is a bad person.

I remember when I first started becoming conscious of my identity as Chinese and became more politically active as a teenager, I looked for the history of my people. My grandmother was a refugee from the war and that seemed like a natural place to start, I devoured everything I could find about WWII when I was a teenager, but one quote sticks in my mind. A victim of Unit 731 was able to smuggle out writings of what he witnessed, when the doctors experimented on him what always struck him wasn't their cruelty, it was the kindness of the Japanese nurses who would always smile at him when they drugged him, trying to comfort him like he was a child, knowing full well what was going to happen to him and the others.

The devil isn't a slavering beast that comes at you fury, the devil comes to with loving, kind face full of childish glee, smiling down at you like a mother treats her own child. It's that smile that never leaves the devil's face, especially once she inflicts her horrors upon you, that is true evil.

Is that how I'll die, with a loving mother smiling sweetly as she eats me alive?

The sound of the door swinging open caught my attention, the straps were so plentiful that even my head was prevented from moving. The chair was positioned with its back to the door, meaning I can't see who's coming for me, but enough space in front of me for the whole family to do whatever they wanted to whatever part they wanted.

I resigned myself to whatever was going to happen next, I know I'll scream in pain and agony but I've accepted there's no escape and there's no second chances. This is how my life ends.

Screaming, nothing but screaming for hours, I could Veronica's voice more clearly than others, she had a unique tone of shrillness to her that sent shivers down my spine. And I could hear Farah's mocking, bullying tone, which gave me goose bumps. A cacophony of voices screamed and screeched, and then silence followed by the calming presence of Regina; part of me is thankful I can't hear what's going on from down here, I'm certain they're planning on the best way cooking me, probably Farah's angry because she doesn't get to skin me and use it to make a coat.

The screams stopped, I wondered how long it was until they came to enforce whatever horrible thing they decided to with me. The door opened, I could hear only one set of footsteps approaching; Veronica, I suppose this is fitting, she brought me here so she should be responsible for putting me out of my misery.

I expected her to skin me or tear off my toes and fingers, but instead she was undoing my restraints.

"What, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like, you are the luckiest fucking cow in the whole goddamn world you know that?"

"I don't understand."

"I screamed, screeched, hollered, I begged, I cried, I even had to get down on my hands and knees and believe Farah just loved that!"

"You mean?"

"What you did was fucking stupid, but you know what I've got a soft spot for fuck ups, I guess people like us have to stick together."

"I, I don't deserve you."

"No, you really fucking don't, and once I turn you, you are damn well gonna make it up to me! Every second of attention I gave you, you're going to have to pay me back tenfold! Every day I expect you to rub my feet, perform actually decent cunnilingus, worship me like a goddess, and when I play with you there won't be any begging, any breaks, any safewords, the only words I want to hear from you are 'yes mama, I love you mama, savage me to your heart's content mama!'"

"I still don't understand, why?"

"How many times do I have to tell, when I say I'm your mama I meant it! You're not a cow, no matter what the others say, you're my blood and nothing's ever going to change that."

The last strap was undone and she carried me out of the chair, she supported me on her shoulder and carried me over to the door of the dungeon.

"Before we go upstairs, there's something you have to know. The only way I could convince them to let me turn you was if they put you through a test to prove your loyalty."

"What test?"

"I can't tell you that, but you have to promise me, after you turn you have to do the test, just do whatever they want you to and that'll be the end of this, we can all go back to being a family again."

"What's the test?!"

"Don't ask questions, just do what you're told! If you fail this, there won't be any more chances for you, and when you're a vampire you're a hell of a lot more durable than a human. That means that if you don't pass, Devana and Farah will have a lot more fun with you than they would have otherwise!"

She held me closer to her embrace as she opened the door, we were greeted by the rest of the family, all of them even Regina and Vanessa had very sour looks.

"Well get on with it already!" Farah said.

"This supposed to be a special moment damn it! Can't you be respectful just once?!" Veronica rebutted

"Veronica is right, Emily has erred, but we share part of the blame, none of us are faultless in this. Emily is Veronica's blood, that makes her our child, our family, and family deserves a second chance." Regina spoke with authority and compassion, her face stayed sour and her gaze made me uncomfortable, I covered my breasts and crotch from them out of a sense of shame.

Veronica spun me around and looked me directly in the eye, I struggled to keep her gaze.

"Don't look at them, look at me and focus only me. We're the only two people who matter in this room." She gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear. "I love you, it will only hurt for a second."

Her fangs buried themselves into the side of my neck, they were like miniature blades sticking inside me, I almost screamed if it weren't for Veronica's saliva; she was using the apertures of her fangs to inject her painkiller fluids into me. What, what the hell was going on, I couldn't feel anything, was she draining me? Is this how we're supposed to exchange blood? The painkillers aren't enough, I feel, I feel sick, dizzy, it's hard to stay awake.

"What's going on?! Is this supposed to happen?!" Veronica, she's panicking.

"Quickly, get her to the grave!"

Grave, what grave, who's talking? I felt my body being lifted up, it felt like the entire family were carrying me. Where were they taking me? I couldn't see, wait, I feel dirt?

The guest room, next to the dungeon, they had a room for coffins and soil, were they going to bury me?

Veronica appeared in front of my blurred vision, her face soft and gentle as she embraced me closely.

"It's alright sweetie, this is all part of the process, we're just going to sleep for a little while."

"Sleep? In the soil?"

"Yes, it has to be the soil, that's how this works."

"How long?"

"Three days, don't worry, we'll be asleep the whole time, it'll go by before you know what happens."

I felt dirt being tossed onto my body, the sound of shovelling was being heard. What if something had gone wrong, they didn't know anything more about how to make a new vampire than I do, what I do if Veronica screwed up, what if I'm actually going to die for real. Is this going to be my grave?!

"Just focus on me, everything will be alright, I love you, you know that right?"

"I know."

"Then just go to sleep, mama's got you, I'll even sing you a lullaby."

"How are you going to do that when we're covered by dirt?"

"I'll sing it after you wake up."

As the soil covered our bodies, the shovelling stopped before it reached our heads.

"Goodnight my sweet little girls, know that you have all our love invested in you, and when you awake we can put this ugliness behind us and live as we should, as a loving family."

Regina always has a way with words, I really, really hope that they turn out to be true.

The shovelling began again, and before we were completely submerged Veronica planted her lips on mine and then I passed out.

She was right, it really was just a moment, I awoke with a start as I felt my body crying out, like I was on the verge of starving! I dragged myself out of the grave and everything hurt, the sounds, the lights, it was like the whole was burning me.

Veronica emerged right after me and embraced me, holding me close to her breast.

"That's my girl, my sweet baby girl, my brave baby girl."

She rocked me back and forth, it helped ease the pain a little bit, but everything was coming on so suddenly like, it was like I aching everywhere, like thousands of hot needles were piercing every nerve.

"Let's get you upstairs, you need to feed, the pain will go away once we get some fresh blood into you."

Blood, yes blood, I don't care where they got it, but if it made the pain stop I'll guzzle down my own body weight's worth of it!

She helped me up and we moved up the spiral staircase, my legs felt like jelly, I was practically tripping over my own feet, I feel like I've got the worst case of vertigo. I swear when I get my vampire strength I'm tearing this fucking thing down and making them install a damn elevator!

We finally reached the main floor, god these fucking lights are murder!

The entire family gathered, my vision finally adjusted and I was thankful to see they were all smiles and happy faces, good, the last thing I need are these hateful bitches crawling my ass on top of everything else!

"Oh Farah, look at her, she's adorable! Doesn't remind you our first steps?" Vanessa cooed.

"Oh goddess, how could I forget, even a literal lifetime of wine couldn't prepare me for that hangover!" Farah actually sounded mildly sympathetic, will miracles never cease.

"Sweet little girl, ready to taste her prey, it'll be a night you'll never forget!" Devana? What was she talking about, did they get a live animal or something? I don't care, just make this fucking pain stop.

"Emily, you have come so far, but you still have one more step to take. We have prepared your test; pass it and you will be forever in our hearts, our dearest daughter." Regina, test, the test is now? I can barely think.

I'm so fucking hungry, I don't think I can keep standing, I'm so fucking hungry I need to eat right OWWWW FUCK!

"Awww!" The entire family sang in unison.

My lower lip is bleeding, there are holes poking through, my teeth, those are my fangs!

"Aww baby girl! Don't be embarrassed, I did the exact same thing when I first turned." Veronica you're really not helping!

"Now your test can begin, the end of your old life and the start of the new." I don't give a shit about what Regina's babbling about! I just want some fucking blood!

Regina dragged a girl bound and gagged out from behind her, it took me a moment to recognize her, she had ginger hair, I recognized that hair: Mel Sanchez!

"Mel? What she's doing here?!"

They removed the gag from her.

"Emily?! Is that you? What the fuck is happening, who are these psychos?! What the hell did they do your lip? Oh god are they going to kill us?!"

No, please no, not like this, anything but this, I couldn't eat a person, not a human being, not Mel!

"Emily, I know she ain't going nowhere, but if you don't eat right now you're not going to make it through the night!"

So hungry, so painful!

"Eat?! Emily are you part this shit? What are you going to me?!"

"Emily, dearest, don't let this cow deny you your new life, she's just a stepping stone on your way to something greater; she doesn't deserve you, those wastrels from your former life don't deserve you! Your soul is too special, your heart too kind to be wasted on mortality!" Always with the pretty words.


You, you made fool of me, your called me a dyke and screamed your petty tantrums at me. I'm so hungry, I need to, I want to.

Step by step, my feet moved of their own accord, my mouth opened wider and wider to expose my fangs, I couldn't even what she screaming but she was terrified. She's not a person to me anymore, she's just meat.

I plunged my fangs into her neck, like they had a mind of their own they sought out the nearest vein. She screamed and screamed and I couldn't care less, nothing has tasted or felt as good as her blood, it was like the first time I was covered in their saliva, the pain was leaving me, I felt energized, full of life, like I was in heaven, pure unadulterated bliss.

My sense of time was also returning, I think I've been draining her for at least twenty minutes, but I didn't care I wanted every last drop, and then I reached it.

I pulled back to see the results of my handiwork, Mel Sanchez was dead, the screaming harlot was little more than a rag doll, her skin completely drained of colour. Emotions swirled inside me, guilt, self-loathing, joy, acceptance, love, hate, guilt, shame, love, I want my mommy!

"OH SWEETHEART, I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!" Veronica, this is the happiest I've ever seen her.

"Emily, all is forgiven, you are our blood, our family, all grudges buried, all transgressions forgiven, you have our everlasting love and loyalty, each one of us will treasure you as our dearest love."

I don't want to be here anymore, I'm starting to feel sick.

"Emily, sweetie are you alright? Emily?! Emily!"

I lost all the strength in my legs, I fell back into Veronica's arms. I've never been more happy in my life to have fainted.

They took me up to Veronica's, our room, laid me on her bed and just said this was just the shock of the change, it must've been too much for me. As a newborn my body was still fragile, every potential weakness a vampire might suffer would affect me tenfold, so until my body fully embraced the change they wanted to keep me up here like the girl in the plastic bubble.

Three days passed, at first the whole family was kind and attentive, bringing me blood bags, Veronica keeping her promise and singing her entire repertoire of lullabies.

"Hush little baby don't say a word, mama's gonna give you the whole wide world."

Vanessa came next, ever maternal type she couldn't resist trying to cheer me up; a little baby talk here, a little cuddle there, of course it always comes back to her favourite fetish.

"Do you want to know what my favourite part of the human body is?"

I didn't respond, I just tried to play the catatonic the whole time.

"This probably won't surprise you, but its toes, yours are very cute."

She always talks like that, like a sweet loving mother figure, I wonder what she's really like under that façade.

"Partly because they're easy to fit in your mouth, and they're just plain cute with how tiny they are. But do you want to know why I really love them so much? They're just like little dolls!"

Like me right?

"Since I was a little girl I had a fascination with my toes and those of others, with friends and suitors and servants, whoever I could coerce, I would play with. I'd put on little plays with them just like with puppets."

She grasped one of my ankles, I see where this is going.

"Do you want to know what I see when I look at your toes? I see our family."

"Here's Regina, the head of the household and the largest, well, tallest technically, you know what I mean." She says as she plays with my big toe.

"Then I see my dearest Farah, tall and proud and with a wonderful figure." Now wiggling my second toe.

"And here I am, in the middle, always making sure there's always peace in the household, always trying to dry away tears and make amends." She really has an inflated view of herself, but what can I say, I do like it when people play with my toes.

"And here is Devana, I know you'd think she'd be one of the bigger toes, but she's always been a bit of an outsider, but I never doubt for a minute her love for us." And now the fourth toe.

"And here is our littlest sister, sweet little Veronica, just like your tiniest toe she is tiny in stature and always full of love and giddiness. Maybe someday I'll tell you of how I grew to love her so." And with that the last little piggie has been molested.

"Hey wait a second, what about me, you ran out of toes." I guess I couldn't resist hearing what she thought of me.

"Oh sweetie, isn't it obvious? You're down here!" With the swiftness of a predator her index finger brings a sharp fingernail to tickle the centre of my sole.

"Hehehe, hey what the heck are you doing?!"

"Isn't it obvious, look how your toes wiggle, that's us! That's the life you've brought to our family, and I can only see more love and more laughter for a long time to come!"

"Stop! You know I'm supposed to be recovering!"

"I know, but I can't help but be a little bit naughty!"

That was a nice time, it makes for a nice memory. And then Farah and Devana made their way here, they laid beside me, Devana on my left and Farah on my right, come to whisper sweet nothings in my ears.

"You know we still haven't kept our promise."

"We need to give this new body of yours a proper work out, every night we'll give you a screaming orgasm that's worth screaming about."

"Every day we'll tickle so hard that a human's lungs would explode."

"We'll lick every part of your body, over and over again, layer you with our saliva."

And so on and so on, you could guess how the rest of that day went, I just lay there and wanted to sleep and block out there voices.

And finally Regina visited me, she explained that we needed to wait before I could take her blood, that it takes a few days for vampires to mature into their new form and they were worried not to rush the process of accept Regina's blood, they were afraid it'd kill me or something.

"Tell me my sweet, tell me about this world?"

"I don't know, I don't know anything about the world."

"But you know so much my dear, share your thoughts with me."

"I don't feel like it."

"You know I don't like it when my children disrespect me like this."

"I have a question for you."

"Oh, what?"

"How do you value human life, what do you consider the value of a human life? How do you who ends up like Mel and who ends up like me?"

My unpleasantness ended up alienating me from the rest of the family, more than a week passed and no one even wanted to be near me, even Veronica didn't want to sleep in the same bed as me. Days and nights passed by and I barely noticed, I just wanted to curl up and die as the memories of what I did to Mel started to sink in.

Suddenly the door swung and an angry Veronica stormed into the room.

"You can't keep doing this, you haven't left this room since you turned, you haven't left the bed, you're stinking up my sheets!"

"You said shouldn't go near water, you said it would burn me like acid."

"That's only for the first days, your body should've matured by now!"

"What's the problem, so I'm staying in bed, it's not hurting anyone."

"You don't understand, they're getting paranoid again, they think something might've gone wrong, that the turning made you crazy or something. They're talking about booting out of the house."

"I thought killing Mel supposed to win me their everlasting love, I guess Regina's words were just bullshit after all."

"Don't you dare say that!"

"Well how do you explain this? She goes on that whole spiel about love and forgiveness and now this happens."

"You don't understand, our lives aren't all sex games and hedonism, we have real enemies out there, people mean us harm. Every member of the family has to be loyal, we can't risk someone turning on us, we're all too valuable not to be preyed upon!"

I stayed silent, I didn't want to talk to her anymore.

"You're not an easy person to love you know that?!"

"You made me kill my friend, the first I ever kissed, what did you think was going to happen?"

Veronica didn't say anything, she just stormed out in a huff leaving me to wallow in my depression.

She wasn't joking either, tempers flared and shouting matches began again and I wanted nothing to do with this family. I thought back to Mel, what did they do with her body, did they cook her up and eat her like they do with all their victims?

It was night now, the curtains were always closed so I could never be exposed to sunlight, I wondered if there was some place I could hide outside, in the gardens or on the roof and just wait for the sun to come out. Somewhere where no one could intervene, where no one could stop me from just waiting.

I moved towards the window, opened the curtains to a full lit night, the garden looked beautiful; I've been stuck in the house so long I forgot how lovely this neighbourhood looked. I opened the windows and prepared to leap out into the garden and find a hiding place, only for my nose to catch a faint scent on the wind.

Mel! Mel was nearby!

The smell was extremely faint, but it was her! I know it's her! She's still here, they must've buried her remains in the garden somewhere!

I moved down to the ground and sniffed the air like a human bloodhound, her smell was faint but my senses were so strong I could still smell her even under layers of soil. It took maybe about 20 minutes of searching before I found the epicentre of the scent under a rosebush. I tore it up from the roots and began digging like crazy, the more I dug the more her scent became more pronounced, it was strange and sickly.

It didn't take long before I reached her, she was dead, I don't know why I expected otherwise. Her skin was a glossy aquamarine, almost like it was made of marble; her flesh was riddled with holes where you could see worms and maggots writhing under her skin, feeding on her innards.

I didn't care, she still looked beautiful.

I curled up beside her and embraced her, I cried for the first time I've been here and it turns out they were tears of blood. I just wanted to lay here, to die here with her, I deserve that.

I don't know how much time passed, but for this short while I felt at peace, until the worst pain I've ever experienced stuck me in the side of my stomach.


I looked down to where the pain was coming from, a large metal blade, no a shovel head, had penetrated the side of my abdomen where blood was now flowing freely. My eyes traced the source of the shovel up the wooden handle to see my family, all of them with fury in their faces, looking down at me, with Veronica being the one holding the shovel.

"Little cunt!" She was very upset.

The whole grabbed me and pried me away from Mel's body, just like last time the entire group lifted me above their heads but unlike last time they didn't drag me down to the dungeon, instead they brought me up to the attic and dropped me on the floor to bleed, locking the door behind them.

This room had curtains so they weren't planning on letting me just burn to death when the sun came up, I guess the wound they gave me was supposed to be punishment enough for what I did. My blood seeped into the floorboards, staining the wood, I pressed my hands as hard as I could against the wound trying to get it to close and staunch the bleeding, thankfully Veronica was telling the truth and vampires are a lot more durable than humans.

The pain was like electricity at first, then I learned to just let it wash over me, the pain started to lessen and dull, the blood eventually stopped flowing and I could feel my wound close up on its own. The moon was still shining, but not for much longer, I didn't need anyone to teach me but even from in here I could smell sunlight slowly emerging from the horizon. All this time I could hear them arguing again, more fiercely this time, Veronica was getting desperate, I could hear it in her voice, the others were ganging up on her, I couldn't hear the words but I knew exactly what she they were arguing about.

I was going to save them the trouble, I pulled back the curtains and opened the windows and took a leap down to the ground. I could smell the sunlight, it was mere seconds away from rising, I ran as far from the house as a I could on the off chance that they were going to try and stop, if only to prevent a screaming, burning human being attracting the attention of the entire neighbourhood. I ran toward the end of garden, reaching a tall metal fence cutting me off from the rest of the outside world, it didn't matter because the sun was due soon, I'll be with Mel soon, I'll be far away from this place.

"There she is, get her!"

Who the hell was that? I don't recognize that voice.

I didn't have time to find an answer, before I could react I was blinded as a bag was thrown over my head, quickly by handcuffs securing my ankles and wrists, the metal burned my skin and robbed me of my strength. Oh god, what's happening now, these people aren't part of the family, what's going on, what's going to happen to me?!

I felt myself being carried off by another strong pair of bodies, they were scared and wanted me somewhere enclosed before the sun rose, I was locked up in what sounded and felt like a car trunk and felt the momentum of the vehicle rush as quickly as possible from the house.

Who were these people? Were they here to save me? Were they going to kill me?

After a while, the car came to a stop, I could hear the clanging and whirling of machines and could tell we were in some kind garage, the trunk opened and I was carried over to a chair, the handcuffs removed and I was rebound to a chair whose bondage was equally strong, though thankfully no more burning.

The bag was lifted from my head to bright lights that blinded me, the intensity was lowered and in front of me was a tall, muscular woman was long dark hair and pale skin. She was intimidating in a red leather body suit that covered her entire form, she looked at me with harsh eyes. I had no idea who she was, but I knew she wasn't human, she was like me.

"What did you do with Melony Sanchez?"


She didn't like my answer, she smacked across the cheek so hard a tooth would've fallen out if I were still human.

"The girl you and your sick slut sorority kidnapped, where is she?"

"Why do you care?"

"Because her parents miss her."

"How do you know her parents?"

"They contacted me, their daughter had been kidnapped, I tracked her down to your home, and I smell her blood all over you!"

"It wasn't me, they forced me to do it!"

That prompted another punch to the stomach that made me almost throw up my stomach contents'.

"You think I'd fall for that, I saw you, I saw you do the deed, you couldn't wait but dig your fangs into her."

She followed by burning my stomach with some kind of metal rod, I didn't know if it was a taser or something supernatural, but it caused the most intense pain I'd experienced in my life up to this point.

"You saw?"

"Yeah, those sluts you call 'mama' and 'auntie', you think I didn't know about them? You think 'we' didn't know about them? You think they can keep their sick perversions, do you know how many bodies they're responsible for in LA?"

"I can guess."

"And you're no better, you think I didn't see you in their home, naked and giddy, like some kind of puppy you let them pleasure you, you let them feed off you. Just same giddy, worthless little whore who wanted to give up her humanity in exchange for living forever in her private little heaven."

"No, no, I, I was under the influence! You didn't see what happened before, you didn't see what they did to me! I was prepared to escape and everything and then I just got kind of high."


"Please don't scream at me! You don't know what they put me through, I was being used as a sex slave for days, I was being starved so I couldn't think or fight back, I was under their watch 24/7 and then they fed me their blood! You're like me, you must've gone through the same process, you know what it's like when you're on that stuff!"

"You could've killed yourself."

"With what?! Did you not hear when I said they were watching me 24/7?!"

"You were able to get the car keys."

"You're one to talk, if you actually meant any of the things you said you wouldn't be here."

This earned another punch to the jaw.

"You ate your friend."

"And the fuck did you eat?!"

I expected another smack, but she relaxed.

"There's a way to redeem yourself you know."

"What are you talking about?"

"The blood of the one they call Regina, we know its flowing through you. We know you're no ordinary vampire, we know your 'mama' and 'aunties' aren't normal either, and we know it's all because of that freaky albino."


"We know they're something in her blood, normal vampires share blood all the time but this one is different. She's like some kind of drug isn't she, that's why you can walk out into the sunlight and shit like that!"

"What do you want from me? I can't get you her blood."

"No, but you can give us yours. Think of it, we can analyse it and learn how to kill them! You can have your revenge!"

"Who are you? Why do you care about any of this?"

"My name isn't important, what I represent is bigger than both of us."

"Represent what?"

"I represent a group, a group that wants to expunge evil from this world. Those women you spent the last week with are psychopaths, murderers, cannibals and much worse, you know this for a fact. We brought you here because even though you committed a horrible crime by killing Mel Sanchez, you can avenge her and redeem yourself. All we need is the blood in your veins, the blood of Regina."

"What group? Who are you?"

"A group that helps people, a group that keeps people safe."

"Safe? How when you're just like me, you're a vampire, you must've fed on someone otherwise you wouldn't be alive this long."

"I was redeemed, we can all be redeemed!"

"I just met you, I don't know anything about you, you burn me and scream at me and I'm supposed to trust you?"

"Can't you see, I'm trying to do you a favour, I'm trying to save your life, if you don't accept we'll just take your blood and leave you for dead!"

"Accepting offers from strange women doesn't normally work out for me."

"Heh, I don't know what to say, are you stubborn or just stupid?"

"You don't represent anyone, you don't have any power over me or anyone else. You're just some pitiful scavenger trying to prey on the vulnerable. I'm willing to wager the only reason this story of yours is so rushed is because you know it's only a matter of time before Veronica tracks you down and tears your throat out."

"Normally it's Devana who does that, but I wouldn't be surprised, she's still under the spell of 'newborn attachment' syndrome. Don't expect that to last, they're a vindictive bunch and tend to hold grudges. All of them including Veronica only offer so much love, but they have a never ending supply of hate; there's a hierarchy, that's their philosophy, and you're on the bottom, remember that."

The dark haired woman pulled a rag out of her pants pocket and pressed it against my nose and mouth, and again I go back to sleep.

Fainting, sleeping, waking, drugs, I'm getting sick of this shit, I want a long period of never sleeping, I want to be energetic, and I want to dance and fuck and beat the shit of someone weaker than me. I want to live the kind of life they have, and I want the kind of life where I'm on top of the hierarchy.

I awoke in a bed in a much nicer room, like some kind of fancy hotel room, I was relaxed for a moment until my vision comprehended the fact Regina was sitting in a seat at the opposite end of the room. My first instinct was to run and hide but at this point I've been beaten and tossed around both physically and emotionally I didn't have the energy. Where would I run, all she needed was to pull the cord next to her and the curtains would open before I could reach, well anywhere.

"I'm told you refused, not that you had anything to give her. All the same I appreciate your loyalty."

"Who was she?"

"An old friend, we have tea every now and then. She is a Lilim, one of the daughters and agents of the Lilith, the vampiric queen of California."

"So why did she want your blood?"

"Why not, I may not be the only one of my kind on earth, or in the Los Angeles area for the matter, but each of us are extraordinarily precious for the kinds of things we can teach you silly mortals about the cosmos."

"So all those things they did to me, the kidnapping, the threats, the torture."

"And you dealt with all that very well, try not to hold onto those memories though dear, these people are our neighbours and we need to live with them after all."

"How can you live in a place where you know people like this are trying to get you?"

"Because normally it doesn't go this far, I wouldn't give them my blood less I would lose the power I have here, but at the same time I acquiesce to their requests of scientific interviews and studies, but they don't need my blood. There are many others of my kind who are more cooperative with the Lilith.

"They didn't need it? Then why did they kidnap me?!"

"Because it's a game dear, the Lilith and her people are sadists, doing what they did to you was part of a greater game they play with I and mine. They take one of us, we take one of them, vampires are very durable physically, emotionally and mentally not as much, but then again that's the point, to punish."

"It was all game?!"

"An opportunistic and predatory game yes."

Why bother screaming or getting angry, this is what the world is.

"So what happens now?"

"What do you mean?"

"You're no longer human, you're a vampire now, one of us. Whether you want it or not you're part of our community, which means you have three options."

"Which are?"

"You can leave us, cut ties with us, Veronica might miss you, but for us it'll simply mean a return to the status quo. You'll be on your own, which means two things: being a vampire who has no clue about the first thing about what that means, you'll fall to predations of any number of cruel, sadistic creatures, either you will end up with someone like my family again or perhaps you run into a real vampire hunter or someone worse."

"What's the other option?"

"You end up with the Lilith and her people, wayward children are a threat to our society for a whole number of reasons and such threats. They will take you under their wing, at which point they may treat you well or they may not, their fickleness is equal to their cruelty."

Like you.

"There is a third option."

"Which is why you're here, become part of your family."

"Why else would I be here?"

"To be the one who pulls back these curtains."

"If I did that it would upset Veronica a great deal, I have no wish to break her heart; she's the only one among us who I could say is innocent."

"So does that mean you're going to take me back?"

"Only because of Veronica, I don't what kind of spell you've cast upon her but that girl pleaded with us day and night, with more dedication and passion than I've ever seen from her. Coming all this way to quash her hard work and crush her spirit, that's not something I want."

"I'm little surprised myself that she'd go that far, considering what she did with the shovel."

"You have a bad habit of upsetting people."

"Why Mel, why of all people, why did it have to even be a person?"

"She represented your past, your life before us, as a test of your loyalty she was the most logical choice."

"A logical choice? She was a person! How you can be so cold and yet talk so much about things like love!"

"And how else were we supposed to know your loyalty? After all isn't she part of the reason you stole Vanessa's car keys?"

"You threaten me, terrify me, kidnap me! What do you expect?!"

"As Veronica said, those were stupid mistakes, made when you weren't in your right mind, you acted based on fear and mistrust, a good deal of that coming from how we treated you."

"So you're admitting you were wrong in how you treated me?"

"At this point that doesn't matter to me, what matters is your loyalty now."

"And what matters to me is how I'll be treated from now on. If you're going to just abuse me and treat me like shit then I'd rather take my chances out on the streets."

"And what exactly would you do there? Would you return to your human family, to your mother? Anyone you come into contact to the Lilim would torture and kill them to preserve the secrecy of our existence, do you want to inflict such horrors upon them? If so you're more a monster than any of my girls."

"And living under the same roof as a group of serial killers with a grudge against me is better, I'd rather open the curtains myself."

"I was genuine about what I said, I want to know if you were as well?"

"Genuine about what?"

"Veronica assured me of your loyalty, she assured me of your love. On the day we all spent together you made an oath to me, you promised loyalty and to recognize my authority and the authority of your family. We are your only family, and Veronica gave you her blood."

"When I made that oath it was genuine, but you have to understand the context. I thought it was just going to get worse, I didn't think the love you offered was genuine, Veronica tried to strangle for Christ's sake! Not intentionally, she just lost her temper and tried to kill me, and would've if it weren't for Vanessa!"

"Veronica says you provoked her, she's never been diagnosed but she has all the signs of CPTSD."

"Then she's not fit to be a parent if she strangles her children to death!"

She was angry, she tried to hold it back but I could tell, I don't think she's used to a lowly mortal speaking to her this way.

"And what about me? What about my love, what about what I have to offer?"

"You said I would have a better life, a real family with real love."

"If you are loyal, if you return our love."

"The love I showed you was genuine, after I took Veronica's blood, it was all genuine. If you can read my mind, or sense something in my soul, or even if you want to torture it out of me, I'll say right now and always that my love for you was genuine. Is your love genuine? Or do I have to spend this new living in fear of the people I live in a house with? Am I going from one abusive family to another?"

"Our family is a haven, women come to us fleeing abuse, fleeing horror and suffering and death. Our family is one of love, where the pitiful become strong, learn to love and are loved in turn."

"Will it be a haven for me?"

"Will you be loyal?"

We stayed silent for a few agonizing minutes, part of me wanted to open those curtains just to end the silence.

Regina approached me with her wristed stretched out.

"Drink from me, and you will be of my blood, you will be my blood, just like with Veronica, just like all my girls. I'll be, not really your sire, but I will be a kind of secondary mother, if such a term can be applied to vampires."

I stared at her wrist, I seeing the blood flowing through her veins, even though my senses told me they weren't really blood, flesh or veins in the 'traditional' sense of those words.

"This will be our bond, our contract, our love. Sister and daughter, mother and grandmother, you will be our family and we will honour that, as long as you honour us."

"You will, and Veronica will, but what about the others?"

"They will, have faith in their love, in our love and in yours."

"How can you be sure?"

"Because we are family, and in my house that word means something."

"You are my mother, they are my aunties, Veronica's my mama."

"And that's how it'll be from now on."

Every choice was a bad one, this seemed the least worst possible.

I dug my fangs into Regina's veins, this strange almost cream tasting like substance entered my body and it made me feel all tingly; I only drank a small bit but that was enough, Regina opened the curtains and together we basked in the sun. I hope my future will be just as bright, as I step into the future with my family.


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