Dead Puppet

I'm so good with numbers and that's all I can do

But then I'm useless at everything else.

I have this part of me that wants to

Decide and answer a simple question,

But everything I choose will always be false.

In today's homework that I accomplished.

The homework which was about me.

Contented with just a blank sheet.

Contented with this life I now bear;

Living like a little marionette

Dancing on the palm of their hands

Can someone tell me why sometimes-

No always,

We feel like saying how were lonely,

And having the feeling to speak up?

But in the end, we keep it all to ourselves?

Speak up and know that you're not alone!

Can't you see? You've lost your fantasy.

The answers to that homework

Is something you'll never know

Unless you remove that mask of yours.

The smile on that mask convinces everyone

But your tears have removed the paint a long time ago.

Open your eyes and you'll understand why.

Don't let them decide on who you want to be.

Cut all of the strings attached to your arms.

Put all of those thoughts under your bed, and

Get rid of all the monsters inside your head.

Just think about it and flee from everything.

I'm here when your eyes are closed.

I'm here when you're hiding from everyone.

The writings on the blackboard are unclear

Yet they are written clearly as they can be.

Reality or fantasy, which one is it?

His hand is moving on its own,

Writing down every word being said.

He moves lifelessly like a marionette.

Who will save him from hanging himself?

Who can understand his heart?

When no one would even tell him

That everyone can see his tears?

Did we really choose the right decision;

Saying we're okay with this?

By not doing anything,

By being indifferent,

Aren't we also monsters inside his head?