Iuvenis Tristitia.

I've only had one lover, comes
back for me at the rise of the sun,
when the moon comes out howling,
this lover traps me, I am blinded.

Can it some day let me be? I figured
I'd die first than let it go, I set myself
on fire and drown in their poison,
I limit my soul to this ground.

It plays me, almost firing the gun,
only shadows to dance with, how can
I expect flowers out of this draught?
I feel the thirst of death in my blood.

It's strange, the forceful way in which
I end up clinging to its emptiness, the
cold turned into comfort soon after my
dreams turned into stardust, nightfall.

A desperate sadness, I fear it's become
a part of me, a shade of doom covering
my body with inky trails of darkness, yet I
burn from within, I bare my teeth in silence.

Dirty mind in a pure body and heart, such a
corrupted brain, this world sank its fangs in
too deep, didn't stand a chance. Laughing behind
closed fists, I had been a chaos from the start.

I can taste the poison on my tongue, young and
rotten to the core, I fall for every chance of
a painful demise, I question every feeling,
I live to die, little by little, it holds my hand.

Should I hide it? Many times I've had
its different names on the tip of my
tongue, but unsavory minds and unwilling
souls are no place to rest the thoughts
of the only lover I've ever known.