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This story contains minor spolilers for "Inner Wolf Inner Warrior" Please read at your own risk


How woke up the second Ina stirred, ready to attend to her every need, only to discover she just shifted in the bed to be closer to Brevan.

He huffed as she snored softly, licking her fingers in annoyance as he looked at Brevan who was sleeping next to her. Why did he and Ina have to cuddle every night? Couldn't he just have her to himself for a while?

Ever since the scary men had attacked their castle and forced them to flee to this camp Ina and Brevan had been cuddling a lot! Brevan had invited them into his tent, and Ina seemed very happy when it was revealed they were sharing a bed.

They kissed a lot after a few days of sharing a tent, and the emotions between them caused How to almost constantly be pink with their happiness. Happiness he didn't feel himself.

Ina had barely paid attention to him since they had gotten here, other than introducing him to Brevan and some of the other barbarians. Brevan and his men looked like scary men, but Ina wasn't afraid at all and wouldn't let him bite them.

How wished he could, because although Ina didn't know it, Brevan was breaking her. When he entered a room her heartbeat sped up, her palms got sweaty, and her emotions ran rampant. Although Ina was happy with him, her emotions were too crazy to be normal. Plus all the touching went against everything he thought he knew about her.

Ina was a princess, whether she had a castle for not, and Brevan was a scary man who she liked… but why did that allow him to touch her as much as he wanted? How huffed in thought, looking at Brevan's hands, wondering what made them so special.

He pressed his nose to them, sniffing softly… they didn't smell different. He stuck his tongue out at Brevan's hands, before sticking it back in. He wasn't about to lick him… that was gross.

How turned away and nuzzled Ina's softer hands, Brevan was just confusing and How hated how much attention Ina was giving him… but he also couldn't do anything about it without making Ina mad.

And he would never do that. Ever.


When How woke up again, the sun was peeking into the tent and Brevan was gone.

He smiled and turned to face Ina, vibrating happily as he released he had her all to himself!

"Morning Ina. Time to up!" He said, licking her cheek softly.

She stirred and shivered as the blanket fell off of her "Morning How." She smiled at him for the first time in weeks, and How melted, feeling his little legs go weak.

Serena stood up and stretched before pulling on daytime clothes, humming to herself as she petted How's head, scratching him behind the ears. How giggled and leaned into her fingers, happy that he was finally getting attention, and Brevan was nowhere to be found.

When she finished getting dressed she opened the tent a bit more, and How was thrown backward by the sudden breeze that came into the tent.

It was cold!

How jumped in the air to warm himself up, wiggling as the cold air attacked him. Serina's laughter filled the air as she watched him wiggle and spin to warm up.

When he was finished Serena opened the tent all the way, and How's jaw hit the floor.

The world was white!

The ground was covered in white powder, and more powder appeared to be falling from the sky.

Before How could turn his brain to figuring out what this powder was, Ina moved to exit the tent.

"Ina!" How screamed, rushing in front of her to sit on her foot. She couldn't leave! What if the powder was dangerous? Or messy? She couldn't risk her life or her beauty!

"Ina stay!" He ordered, turning to inspect the powder himself to be sure it was safe.

"How" Ina smiled, attempting to comfort him "It's just snow… it's okay. It's just a different form of water"

"Snow?" He muttered, leaning down to sniff it. "Water?" His brain spun as he placed a paw on it, leaping back in surprise.

That was cold!

"Snow water cold" He observed, placing his paw back on it gingerly, noting that although it was cold, it didn't seem too dangerous. In fact, it was kind of squishy as he wiggled his toes into it, advancing until all his paws were in the snow.

The snow falling from the sky was pretty looking, he thought, as Ina walked out onto the snow herself.

"How, try this" She laughed, sticking her tongue out and letting a bit of the snow fall on her tongue, swallowing it.

His fur stuck up in alarm as he took a deep breath. Ina wasn't dumb or stupid like everyone else… she wouldn't have eaten the snow if it wasn't harmless… maybe it was food!

How's stomach grumbled as he stuck his tongue out, pressing it to the snow in front of him and jumping at the cold… until he noticed with panic that his tongue wasn't going back into his mouth!

The snow had grabbed his tongue and wasn't letting go… he KNEW it was dangerous! His paws lashed out as he fought back, using his claws fiercely as he growled, turning orange with a mix of rage and fear.

"How… How I need you to calm down. Calm down." Ina knelt down beside him, stroking him softly. She pressed her hand to his tongue, warming him up as the snow released him.

The Comforter scurried back into the tent, glaring at the snow angrily "Snow naughty!" He growled.

"It's fun How!" Ina smiled, cupping her hands in front of her "Will you come with me? Please?"

How turned blue with confusion and paced around the tent. Ina loved the snow, wasn't being hurt, and she would protect him if it didn't go well.

"Okay, Ina." He muttered, leaping over the snow and into her hands, smiling as she held him close to her soft body.


As the snow continued to fall over the campsite, some men began throwing it at one another.

They would pick it up and throw it in balls, seemingly with no pain as they hit one another. Ina began scooping up snowballs and throwing them at some of the Barbarians, laughing and having fun.

Until one was thrown back, hitting her right in the chest. Serina fell backward into the snow, waving her arms and legs up and down as she laughed.

And How saw red.

He faced the barbarian who had hit her and charged forward, attempting to gather up snow with his paws to throw it. No one hit Ina with snow or otherwise without facing his wrath!

Despite his incredible determination to form a snowball, his paws just couldn't do it! The most he could get was a little clump that shattered when he attempted to make it bigger.

He looked up to see Brevan rushing towards the barbarian who hit Ina, pelting him with two giant fistfuls of snow. As the barbarian fell down, How tilted his head, analyzing Brevan's emotions before coming to a conclusion.

"Brevan love Ina?" He muttered, finally realizing that Brevan's emotions were very strong because he wanted to protect Ina from danger… he loved her just like he did… only with more kissing and touching.

That made a lot more sense… he wasn't hurting Ina, he was just showing her he loved her!

How smiled at Brevan, before rushing towards the fallen barbarian. He might not be able to throw a snowball, but he could kick snow at the man's face!

Unfortunately, the snow had other plans, as it caved in as How scampered across it. "EEEEP!" He screamed, falling down into the hole. He jabbed his claws into the snow as he hit the frozen ground, letting the wind blow out of his body at the impact.

"Oof!" He looked upwards at the sky, noticing that more snow was falling into the hole… what if he was buried alive?!

Panic filled his veins as he turned yellow with fear, frantically attempting to climb to the top, but sliding back down with every attempt. He sucked in a deep breath and looked at the sky, yelling as loud as he could "INNNAAAA Help!"

He wiggled and bounced as he screamed louder, vibrating like mad as he called for Ina to save his life.

A hand reached down into the hole and he leapt for it happily, turning a bright pink as he hooked his claws around the fingers. As the hand pulled him up, he noticed it wasn't pretty or soft like Ina's, nor did it smell like good like hers did.

"Brevan!" How smiled as the owner of the hand came into view. Serena rushed over and hugged both of them tightly as the snowfall became heavier.

"Ina, How okay" He smiled, nuzzling her softly.

She kissed Brevan on the cheek "Thank you for saving How Brev, it means a lot."

Blushing, Brevan squeezed her hand "Anything for you, Serena, anything."

How instantly turned pink from their happy emotions and smiled at them. Now that he was done hating Brevan for everything he had done to take Ina's attention away from him, they were very cute together.


As the snowball fight ended and the barbarians headed back to their tents, How shook himself warm as Ina placed him on the bed, getting on it herself and slipping off her shoes as Brevan did the same, cuddling her in his arms.

Before the Comforter could speak and tell them both how much he enjoyed his new dynamic relationship, Brevan's and Serina's emotions spiked in a familiar way and they were kissing again before he could stop them. Ina's leg bumped him as she moved to Brevan's lap, and he rolled off the bed.

He managed to land on his feet and climb back up, noticing that they were both too busy kissing to notice that he had fallen to the ground.

He laid down on his front paws and watched them, yawning slightly as he turned his brain to a new task.

What made kissing so enjoyable?


Well, Comforters sure do know how to forgive don't they? ;)

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