~Friends once more~

As I sat in the yard soaking in rays of sunshine
I noticed an old friend of mine
Staring up at my neighbour's satellite dish
She seemed to be making some wish.
I wished our friendship could be as before
_ _ before it had lapsed into a chore
I still have a flower stencil she gave me
I decided to leave her be
_ _ but then I noticed on her wrist
the pyrite bracelet I had missed.
I remembered how she had faked disliking it
Just so we wouldn't get into a snit.
But her desire had mirrored mine
So instead we went to dine
On ham and rice and peas made by her mother
Then we bought a couple of appliances to give to each other
A toaster for me, a clock radio for her, kept on our shelves
Beside little green identical elves
When I looked up again from my book
She had come over to my nook
Holding forth a similar bracelet to the one she wore,
"Here," she said, "I want to be friends once more."

[April 12, 2015]
A/N: was a CV2 Contest Entry; had a couple of grammatical errors which I missed; just for fun