A woman stands before the crowd.

What is it that they all see?

Is it what they want to see?

Is it what they expect to see?

Why doesn't anyone ever search beyond?

The voice inside of her head,

The voice in which only she hears,

It refuses to go away.

It refuses to leave her alone.

She endures it all on her own.

The burden weighs in at the scale.

She doesn't want to peek at the numbers.

She doesn't want to care.

She can't help herself.

The numbers always go up, down, up.

Why can't the numbers go down, down, down?

The heated flames surround her.

They threaten to burn her alive.

She knows this.

She cares and yet she doesn't care.

It's what she wants and she wants what she wants.

She feels like she's fighting all on her own.

Each step she takes is a mystery to her.

She knows deep down in her heart,

She knows the reality of her situation.

It doesn't matter because knowing changes nothing.

Why can't she just be blind?

Fighting is such a tiring thing.

She wants to give up.

She wants to give in.

Control is something she never had anyway.

How can one lose something one never had?

Please, don't try and fix her.

She isn't a broken plate.

She doesn't need to be superglued back together.

Don't tell her that it'll all be all right.

Don't tell her that.

Don't ever tell her that.

She knows better.

Those dreams stopped a very long time ago.

Nothing will ever be all right.

She knows that everything will never be the same again.

She has already said her goodbyes to her Eden.

It was a very long time ago.

Don't try and force her to be better.

You'll make her feel guilty.

She knows she's hurting not just herself.

She knows she's also hurting others.

She's not doing it on purpose.

She can't help it.

It's a sickness.

A curse has devoured her whole.

She feels her strength quickly fading away.

Her light is going out.

The fight is nearing its end.

Will she rise above?

Will she sink all the deeper?

What if she doesn't come out?

What if she just lays herself down?

It's easier to give in.

It's easier to give up.

Fighting has become such a tiring thing.

Why can't she just go quiet?

She screams until the mirror shatters.

Tears smear her mascara.

Blood rolls along from her eyes.

There is just so much blood.

Blood is everywhere.

It is all over her.

Blood is all she sees.

She is blind forever.

Her eyes have been taken away from her.

Her heart doesn't have eyes either.

She closes her eyes to the world.

Her arms raise themselves up.

She allows herself to fall backwards.

A smile spreads along her lips.

She can finally rest.

Her world slips out.

Her existence fades out of the room.

Nothing bothers her.

All of the blood is gone.

The madness falls out of her skull.

The whispers have gone silent.

Finally, after years of nothing but noise in her ears,

She is flying free in the skies above.