The Game of Love

There is this game.

It's a game of love.

There are just way too many rules to follow.

There are times when only one of us wins,

While the other one of us loses,

We just aren't able to tell the difference.

Even if we both win,

Even if we both lose,

Will we ever be able to tell the difference?

This heart of mine,

I hold out to you.

Well, tell me, what do you think?

Is it as lame as I make it out to be?

I bet you can't tell one woman's heart from another.

I bet I can't tell one man's heart from another.

Do you see me?

Are my words getting to you?

I stand right here in front of you.

I reach out to you.

You warm my heart and I'm happy.

You brighten my eyes and get me to smile.

Look deeply into who I am.

I am not who I show on the outside.

This heart of mine,

I show it to you.

I hold it out for display.

In this game of love,

Why can't we just play by our own rules?

Why must we always go with the flow?

We are turning into a couple of robots.

This candle inside of me,

It is lit brightly for you.

It is you that I want.

My love for you,

Are you blind to it?

Please, I'm begging you!

I want you to see it!

Open your eyes wide!

My eyes follow you.

I hope that you can tell,

My heart is screaming for you.

Please, don't turn your back.

I need to hear your voice.

I need to feel you there beside me.

Here I am,

Looking for you,

Searching high and searching low,

Searching all over for my beloved prince,

When will he arrive?

I want to be taken in loving arms.

I want to be held and kissed.

Why must this be such a cruel game?

I stand way too close to the flames.

These flames threaten to consume me.

I just can't stand it.

I am lonely.

It is you that I want.

I don't want to let go.