Madness Times

Eyes so wide with terror,

My feet itch to run.

I want to run far away.

I don't want to see this horrible image.

What is it that is in front of me?

Go away, go away right now!

I wish you away with all my might.

I can't stand the sight of you.

All I smell is the metallic scent of your blood.

I want to bash your head in until I can't recognize you.

Don't show me those sorrowful eyes of yours!

I will pry them right out of their sockets.

Your tears mean nothing to me.

My heart has dried of its weeping.

All I want is you gone.

Take him away maggots!

Eat him up and don't stop even if you explode.

There will be no mercy for him.

I want him out of my sight.

I want him out of my memory.

His love stings me too much!

Crimson color fills my sight.

It is forever there in my memory.

You're covered in it all.

Good, I can't see who you are.

I never want to remember that part.

The skies above shift just like my mood.

I can't tell who I am anymore.

What have I done?

Have I snapped?

Who are you?

Did I slice you to bits?

I don't understand anything anymore.

I thought I did at some point.

I'm clueless now.

Can I hide from myself?

I wish I could.

I know I can't.

The thought is tempting.

I take the tool I used on you.

I hoist it high into the air.

Not another thought crosses my mind.

The sharp blade feels cool on my neck.

I press harder as I slice myself to pieces.

There, I am just like you.

Don't we look cool?

I think so.

Everything goes black.

I collapse onto the ground beside you.

Our blood mingles.

Finally, I'm free.

I'm free of this prison.